Hutt Valley Genealogical and Historical Research Data
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Timeline: Hutt Valley 1822-1855
Timeline: 884 High Street, Lower Hutt 1843-1958

Land over time: Mata Cheese Factory Wainuiomata

Hutt Roll - a listing of early residents
Hutt Obituaries

Early Marriages
Named Hutt Valley Residences

New Zealand Society of Genealogists Hutt Valley Branch Collection
Upper Hutt - see

Hutt Valley 2003, Hutt River, Petone Foreshore 2002-2003
Kaitoke Regional Park Weir 1999, Whiteman's Valley Snow 2003, Hutt Locomotives

Birth, Death and Marriage Registrars
Government Employees 1866; 1868; 1881
Korokoro School
Lower Hutt Ancient Order of Foresters - Court Bloomfield No.7879, Aurora Street Petone
Rev Jonathan INNES (1809-1864)
Oddfellows Hall Petone
Riverside Dairy Company - Woburn Dairy Farm, Gear Island, Wainuiomata
Wellington Farmers Club, Wilford Settlement, Willow Bank Estate

1840s Hutt Valley NZ Company Surveyor Plans
1840 Hutt Valley Timeline
1840 Wellington District Deaths 1840-1847
1842 Burgess Roll - Hutt people
1843 Nov 01 Letter Reporting intention of Natives to occupy Land on the Hutt
1843-1844 Correspondence relating to Hutt Native Affairs
1844 Surveyor Field Notebook No.37 Hutt Valley References 1844-1845
1844-1849 Jury Lists
1845 Sep - 1846 Apr New Munster General Outwards Correspondence
1845 Oct 24 William Swainson seeks permission to exchange town for country lands

1846 58th Regiment Muster Roll 01 April to 30 June and History of the Regiment
1846 Removal of Natives from Hutt Cultivations in February Related papers
1846 Native outrage upon settlers at the Hutt Report dated 1st of March
1846 Mar 16 Return of items destroyed and plundered by the Insurgent Natives
1846 Boulcott Farm Lieutenant George Hyde Page Report of dated 16 May
1846 Boulcott Farm Police Magistrate Arthur Edward MacDonogh Report of dated 17 May
1846 Boulcott Farm - the family of Private William ALLEN (1825-1846)
1846 Boulcott Farm Thomas HOSEMAN Coroner's Inquest and Probate
1846 Boulcott Farm Edward INGRAM newspaper accounts 1846
1846 Boulcott Farm Thomas HOSEMAN newspaper accounts May & June 1846
1846 Boulcott Farm Thomas HOSEMAN & Edward INGRAM burial discussion
1846 Mar -1847 Jan New Munster General Outwards Correspondence
1846 May 16 to May 31 Hutt Militia Journal
1846 May 20 Hutt Company of Militia
1846 Sep 02 Hutt Company of Militia

1847 May 04 Cattle damage roads in the Lower Valley of the Hutt
1848 Hutt Section 25 Conveyance Edward Daniell to George Augustus Selwyn
1850s Register of NZ Company Country Section Selections Hutt Valley Nos 1-191
1857 Early Public Works
1860 Wellington District - Militia Ballot
1863 May 07 Coroners Inquest for James Riddle, Wainuiomata
1867 Hutt Rifle Volunteers
1868 Stockades and Report
1868 Hutt Cadets and Hutt Rifle Volunteers
1869 Hutt Rifle Volunteers
1870 Hutt Rifle Volunteers, Taita RVs,
1871 Hutt Rifle Volunteers, Taita RVs, Fernground RVs
1872 Fernground Rifle Volunteers
1873 Hutt Rifle Volunteers, Fernground Rifle Volunteers
1874 Hutt Rifle Volunteers
1874-1885 Lower Hutt Local Board Minutes
1876 Stuartville Lower Hutt
1876 Lyon & Blair's Almanack - Hutt District
1879 to 07 Sep 1899 Hutt River Board Minute Book
1880 Lower Hutt Local Board / Town Board Rate Book Names 1880-1886 and Sections 1880-1886
1881 Jun 26 Earthquake and Fern Grove Lower Hutt
1885-1890 Hutt County Council Outwards Letter Book Inventory of Recipients
1890+ William DONNELLY Foreman of Works, Hutt Borough Council - reports
1890 and 1892 Lower Hutt Borough - New Buildings
1891 Lower Hutt Town Clerk Outwards Letter Book No.1 (1891-1894)
1892-1893 Wellington Benevolent Institution - List of persons in receipt of relief 1892-1893
1894 Lower Hutt Town Clerk Outwards Letter Book No.2 (1894-1897)
1900s List of Hutt Valley Vintage Postcards
1900-1902 Boer War men whose next of kin had Hutt addresses
1905 Lower Hutt Volunteer Fire Brigade and Fire Board Records Inventory (1905-1976)
1905 Lower Hutt Town Clerk Outwards Letter Book No.9 (1905-1906)
1905 Land Commission - Epuni Hamlet
1915-1931 Mabey Road, Lower Hutt
WWI Nurse Alice Mary Rowntree NZANS 22/500
WWI Volunteer Sister Harriet Rountree
1917 Hutt County Register of Aliens 1917 and Background Information
1918 Petone Temporary Hospital
1922 Hutt County Council Vehicle and Heavy Traffic Correspondence
1922 Jun Taita Public Hall - Initial Donors
1928 Hutt County Council Motor Driver's Licences and Registration 1928-1936
1928 Purchasers - Kingston Park Estate Epuni, Lower Hutt