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Listings of Wainuiomata District Placenames on the Tararua Tramping Club website compiled by Jeremy Foster:
[1] Wainuiomata Topographical Features, [2] Eastern Hutt and [3] Orongorongo

Tracks from the Eastern Hills to Wainuiomata, Orongorongos and the Wairarapa Pre 1860s by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Baring Head / Orua-Pouanui Park Place Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Brookfield Place Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Camp Wainui Place Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Catchpool Valley Hut Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Wainuiomata River Bridge Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Wainuiomata Mountain Bike Tracks Place Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)

Homedale Tattler 1949-1950
Wainuiomata Streets Directory 1959
Wainuiomata Street Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)
Wainuiomata Central Place Name Origins by Jeremy Foster (2021)

Name Index to: Tales From the Swamp by Vicky Alexander
Inventory: Wainuiomata Development Company Papers and a brief history
Amenities: Parks of Wainuiomata
Wainuiomata Stories: Local earthquakes and Maternity Hospital
Museum objects: Ansell, Jones & Co. ship's lamp and Captain John Mowlem's Piano
Postcards: Vintage Wainuiomata Cards Collection and May Sandilands Mason Postcard Collection

DVD Catalogue
Eight hours of footage cover 43 Wainuiomata events recorded on 8 DVD's. The earliest is 1958 - centennial of the school, originally captured on 8mm film - and the most recent is the 2015 erection of the Pukeatua Bridge at the top of the Hill. The range covers sports through to incidents and promotion and includes 1986 footage of Brugger Industries. Quality rises with the development of image capture from silent 8mm film, camcorders and digital cameras. A catalogue has been produced, and it is intended that the visiting public can peruse this to request the showing of items of interest on the Museum TV during Sunday opening hours.

Museum Photograph Catalogue
Over the years this collection has been drawn from a wide variety of sources. It includes copies of photographs from the Alexander Turnbull Library, donations from settler descendants and contributions of more modern local material by museum members. A photo catalogue of more than 3,500 images also indicates those that have been digitised as part of an ongoing program. A thumbnail version of the activities section of the catalogue is now avalaible (~4.3MB).

One significant collection was given to the Museum by the family of Harry Jackson Todd (1918-1993) on condition it be passed to the Alexander Turnbull Library. This was done and a chronological inventory of the ~1500 Wainuiomata area photographs (1950s-1990s) created. Some photographs are also listed in the Museum photo catalogue.

Wainuiomata School Group Photographs
Photographs of "Wainuiomata School" Class Groups can be viewed at the museum and where known people are identified. In addition to this collection the images that were attached to the OldFriends website (ex Trademe) covering Wainuiomata area schools and kindergartens were harvested and are now listed as follows:

Arakura School 1964-1999, Fernlea School 1963-1993, Glendale School and Kindergarten 1958-1995
Parkway School 1969-1970, College 1972-2000, Intermediate 1970-1990, and Kindergarten 1986 & 1989
Pencarrow School 1966-1992 and Kindergarten 1966, St Matthews 1977 & 1983 and St Patricks 1969-1991
Sun Valley School 1979-1997 and Kindergarten 1985-1992
Wainuiomata College 1963-1998, Wainuiomata Intermediate 1974-1995
Wainuiomata School (1906, 1949-1992), and Woodhatton School 1963-1990.

The quality of these images is highly variable and we would welcome improved scans and the filling of apparent gaps.

Wainuiomata School Roll 1922
Wainuiomata Museum P1194

Back Row from left:
J. Drummond, D. Wright, V. Heathcote, L. Hansen, H. Cook, L. August, W. Jones, E. Burdan, K. Jones

Second Row Standing:
I. McCormack, M. Thompson, D. Wood, E. Burdan, M. Drummond, R. Scholles, D. Morris

Third Row Seated:
K. Whitcher, H. Jones, I. Wright, A. Wood, R. August, Miss Mabel Ellen Oswin, M. Whitcher, M. Haste, B. Burdan, J. Whitcher

Front Row on Ground:
I. Whitcher, D. Whitcher, G. Apperley, H. Whitcher, E. Thompson, K. Scholles, C. Cook, R. Jones, T. Morris, A. Jenkins