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Letters from MacEwen and Miller to the NZ Company Secretary in London

1839/183 Partners: David McEwen and Gabriel Miller
1839/184 Agree to act as agents for the NZ Company
1839/185 Alexander Kay recommends McEwen and Miller
1839/916 Two young men - Robertson & Brough of Blairgowrie

Re applications of: James Grant, Mealmiller, Bogmiln parish of Errol in the carse of Courie, Perthshire
George Baron, Dyer, High Street, Perth; James Meach, Tailor & Clothier, Dundee; Robert Hume, Saddler, Errol

1840/781 Family details for George Baron and John McIntosh and reference to James Grant
1840/785 Further re George Baron's family
1840/827 James Grant; George Baron

1840/1114 Mr Scott; George Baron
Applicants are deterred in consequence of the charge for children above seven years of age

1840/1127 George Baron; Alexander McIntosh; Thomas Henderson; Henry McFarlane

1840/1155 James Grant, George Baron, Mr Scott
Margaret McFarlane wife of Thomas Henderson, a mechanic in the employment of M. Daniel Duff machine-maker.
Also Henderson’s brother-in-law Alexander McIntosh the father of triplets.

1840/1183 Thomas Henderson; Alexander McIntosh; Henry McFarlane; James Keilor - all considered to be one party
1840/1382 George Wilkie, gardener, Dundee and John Waterston, cabinetmaker in Perth (brothers-in-law)
1840/1396 George Baron and family
1840/1427 Families of James Grant, Robert Dyer and George Baron

1840/1437 Families of David Smith and Alexander Kilgour; List of Emigrants from Dundee
Application 1534 James Kieller, wife and two children
Application 1535 Margaret Cruickshanks and one child
Application 1303 George Baron, wife and three children
Application 1304 George Baron Jnr
Application 1306 Isabella McIntosh
Application 1305 Grace Baron
Application 1307 John McIntosh
Application 1308 James Grant, wife and one child
Application 1496 Robert Dyer, wife and three children

1840/1474 Robert Dyer; Applications from:
David Smith, mason, Kirriemuir, wife and family - brother of individual who sailed in the ship Glenbervie
Alexander Kilgour, cooper, Dundee, wife and large family

1840/1619 About advertising the NZ Company

1840/1708 Alexander Moffat, 25yr old unmarried labourer residing near Forfar
Can he join the family of Charles Smith, mason, Kirriemuir. Also application of Robert Duncan, Joiner, Blairgowrie.

1840/1722 Alexander Milne and William Miller.
David Bowman asks if his brother-in-law, Peter Watt aged 16yrs, can accompany him and his family on the Lady Nugent

1840/1731 George Wilkie, Watterston and families; Robert Baxter and wife; Charles Smith (Application No.1948)
Alexander Milne, his wife Margaret Brew and two children to exchange places with Smith on the Lady Nugent?
Applications from Thomas Stratton; Peter Bruce, sawyer, Kirriemuir, wife and family

1840/1768 Applications from David Bowman, David McHardie, David Smith, Charles Smith with families - all of Kirriemuir
Reference to an Editorial article on New Zealand in the Dundee Advertiser containing extracts from the correspondence of Emigrants
Reference to Thomas Stratton and his family.

1840/1784 Alexander Kilgour; James Kieller; Margaret Cruickshank and child; James Grant; Robert Dyer
Applications from David Bowman and David McHardie and their families. Bowman is cousin of David Smith

1840/1791 Thomas Stratton, labourer and discharged soldier, wife and four children
Three individuals connected with them: Barbara Bruce (22yrs), Margaret Filby (17yrs), James Hamilton (30yrs)

1840/1810 Acknowledging receipt of embarkation orders for:
D. McHardie & Duthie, D. Smith, R. Duncan & Robertson, D. Bowman & Watt & Stewart, C. Smith, F. Ross, J. Kieller & Cruickshank
Request from David McHardie to allow his brother Alexander a free passage
Application from Robert Lyall, millwright and his wife

1840/1910 Suggests there are sufficient applications to consider engaging a ship from Dundee direct to New Zealand.
Refers to the ship Earl Durham (James Cable, Master) about to depart for Sydney and then onto New Zealand.

1840/1965 Alexander Milne taking place of Charles Smith on Lady Nugent

1840/1966 Parties leave Dundee on steamer Erin to Hull on way to London
Robert Fairweather, Thomas Stratton, Peter Bruce, Robert Duncan, James Kieller, David McHardie, David Bowman, David Smith, Finlay Ross
John Gunn's employer will not allow him to leave; Alexander McHardie (Application No.1994) cannot come
Further re Alexander Milne, Charles Smith, Waterston & Wilkie.

1840/1973 George Wilkie, John Waterston, Alexander Duthie, David McHardie
1840/1986 We have been waited on by upwards of a dozen heads of families in regard to emigrating to the Colony...
1840/2013 NZ Company will not despatch ship from Dundee; Are "Cor Renlters" by trade allowed a free passage?

1840/2032 Applications from Alexander Farmer Snr, Agricultural Labourer, and Alexander Farmer Jnr, Shoemaker - both of Cupar
Certificates for James Lyon, David Couttie, George Peacock, Robert Lyall - all of Forfar
William Scott residing at Eastfield, parish of Auchterhouse, Forfarshire

1840/2157 Brothers David and William Speedy and their families; from Methven and Stormont, Perthshire.
Emigrants per the ship Olympus from Dundee: Robert Lyall, Alexander Milne, William Miller, John Gunn, Alexander McHardie, William Whitecross, Donald Connacher, James Sim, John Nicoll, William Shepherd, John Kilgour, John Wears, David Couthie with James Roger and David Ogilvie.

1840/2173 William Moore, Teacher, Finhaven

1840/2186 Alexander Farmer Snr attested to by Mr Graham surgeon of Cupar
John Robertson aged 53yrs, Agricultural labourer, wife and three children of Fomalia near Methven, Forfarshire; can measure land

1840/2223 William Whitecross, John Wears, John Nicoll, Thomas Higgie, Messrs Umpherston and Kerr, Millwrights
Emigrants from Dundee per ship Olympus 01 Dec 1840: Robert Lyall, James Sime, William Shepherd, John Kilgour, David Couttie
Donald Connacher will leave Dundee on Wednesday with Steamer direct for London

1840/2248 Wears, Whitecross, Nicoll
Alexander Robertson, shoemaker; Donald Alexander, William Craighead, James Wilkie, Alexander Bruce

We have been applied to by two young unmarried men who are anxious to go out to the Colony under engagement with any party who has purchased land in the capacity of agricultural labourers. They are highly recommended... [no names given]

1840/2368 Alexander Robertson, Donald Alexander, William Craighead

1840/2449 Alexander Farmer Snr, James Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, George Farmer, John Farmer, Robert Farmer
Alexander Farmer Jnr went by Leith & Hull - embarkation order trusted to care of Mr Mears at the Depot Deptford.
Left on 23rd by steamer direct for London: William Speedy, David Speedy
Parties not ready in time: Alexander McHardie, John Wears, Alexander Robertson, Alexander Bruce, Donald Alexander, William Craighead

1840/2638 HF Alston's report on the ship Olympus including plan of accomodation for Emigrants
1841/221 James Wilkie, James McPherson, William Craighead, John Menzies

1841/281 James Macpherson, Alexander Robertson, George Wilson
Ann Robertson (No.2232) married a brother of James Macpherson (No.2231)
George Taylor (No.2328) left on Sunday with the Courier Smack to London but didn't collect his Embarkation Order
Donald Alexander (No.2169) unable to pay his passage money to London
Reference to Nicoll and Whitecross

1841/317 William Macpherson, George Wilson; Nicoll and Whitecross
1841/329 George Wilson may not have taken his embarkation order
1841/333 George Wilson's embarkation order has been found
1841/368 Applications from: Peter Campbell, Thomas Milne, William West

1841/402 Peter Campbell's employment attested to by George Reid, foreman to Messrs Brown & Milne, Card Manufacturers, Dundee
Thomas Milne, blacksmith - connected by marriage - Mrs Campbell and Mrs Milne being cousins
Application: William Mather, wright, Arbroath

1841/450 John Walker, farmer, Dairsie near Cupar refers to Peter Campbell; Thomas Milne
1841/720 Referring to letter from Mr Rodger

1841/1232 John Hogg, William Mather, David Smith, George Darling, Alexander Dalgetty
Applications from James Miln and Alexaner Henry - wish to go on same vessel
Application: William Buick, wright, Ardroath - is a connection of John Hogg - wish to go together
John Maver, wright, Forfar and two children - accompanied by David Smith and Alexander Dalgetty
We may remark generally that the term at which parties in Scotland take their houses for another year is Whitsunday (old style), and it would save the parties before referred to a whole years rent of their houses were they to receive orders for the vessels to sail for the Colony in June.

1841/1358 David Smith, Alexander Dalgetty, George Darling, William Mather, William Burk, John Hogg, James Milne
1841/1514 Of the parties who have left this quarter no letters have yet been received from the Colony
1841/3197 In 2-3 days will supply names of individuals applying for free passage
1841/3212 Robertson McGregor, Joseph Paton, Duncan Robertson, Joseph Duncan, Christina Smith - a connection of Duncan's

1841/4058 Robert Duff, wheelwright, Pitlochrie, Perthshire - unmarried - can he go if accompanied by his niece aged 17?
We send enclosed copy of a letter which has been received by a Mrs Baird here from her sister-in-law the wife of William Hay who went out to the Colony in the ship London in July 1840. The tone of the letter seems good, and we shall make public such parts of it as may have a tendency to do good on the _ of parties intending to emigrate. If you recollect, Baird as well as the other Emigrants of our selection for the London were superior to the common run of mechanics. [Baird's letter is not with this one].

1841/4222 Omitted to send embarkation order for William Moore and his family

1841/4630 Robertson McGregor, Joseph Duncan, Joseph Paton, James Middleton, Duncan Robertson, William Moore
John Taylor, printer, Perth and wife both 39yrs old - five children - eldest 16yrs, youngest 8yrs

We have succeeded in recovering a letter by William Hay, carpenter, who went out in the London. We would have preferred sending the original, but the parties are naturally averse to part with the letter, looking on it as the only memorial of the friends who are far away. We are hopeful that we shall recover others. We may mention that Hay is the husband of the woman a copy of whose letter we lately forwarded to you and this letter will explain some allusions in the former one which were rather obscure. [Hay's letter is not enclosed with this one]
Two applications to come - one from Hay's brother-in-law and the other from a friend.
Duncan Robertson and his wife left on Monday morning.

1841/6495 John Taylor the printer
1841/6743 Asking about when next ship will be despatched
1842/344 Dissolution of the MacEwen & Miller partnership

NZ Company Emigration Superintendent to McEwen & Miller, Dundee

Page 89 - 21 Nov 1840
The application of David and William Speedy for a free passage to New Zealand have been received and approved, and are registered to go by the Lord Wm. Bentinck which will sail the 1st of January.

Page 95 - 25 Nov 1840 Lyall, James Sime, William Shepherd, John Kilgour, David Coutlie
Parties above named are all arrived and are now at the Depot. The Directors have allowed a passage by the Olympus to Thomas Higgie and wife and a Berth will be reserved for them. You are just in time for a Berth in the January ship for Wears and for Whitecross & Nicoll. Berths in the February ship and under the circumstances their names will be transferred from the Olympus to their vessels accordingly.

Page 116 - 17 Dec 1840
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 14th instant and in compliance with your suggestion I transmit you the embarkation orders by the Lord Wm Bentinck for: Alexander Robinson and George Wilson; Donald Alexander; William Craighead - and I hope you will be enabled to sent them up even if all the others of your selection for whom orders were sent you should be prepared to go on the present occasion. Pray ascertain as soon as possible which of the parties will be prepared to be here by the 28th or not later than the 30th.

Page 126 - 28 Dec 1840
The application of John Fenton is approved of for the ship to sail on the 1st February. This embarkation order will be sent in due time. Alexander Farmer and family have all arrived at the Depot.

Page 129 - 01 Jan 1841
Gentlemen, I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 28th ult. and I am sorry of the disappointment occasioned by the large number of Emigrants who were not able to appear in time for the Lord William Bentinck, under the circumstances I have now replaced the names of - Alexander Robertson and wife; George Wilson and William Craighead & wife on the list of emigrants by the Katherine Stewart Forbes to sail on the 1st of February. Alexander McHardie, John Wears, wife and family and George Taylor, wife and family are placed on the list for the first ship following the Katherine Stewart Forbes. Embarkation orders will be forwarded you in due course and no alteration can be made with respect to the ships to which the parties are approved as above.

Page 136 - 11 Jan 1841
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 7th instant and I beg to acquaint you that Embarkation orders were transmitted you on the 8th instant for William Whitecross & wife; John Nicoll & wife; James McPherson & wife, Ann Robertson; Alexander Robertson & wife; John Fenton & wife; George Wilson by the Katherine Stewart Forbes. William Craighead arrived just in time and sailed in the Lord Wm Bentinck. Be so good as to send a fresh application for John Menzies and the Embarkation order shall be sent you immediately with any other suitable Parties that you may have selected. Herewith you will receive Embarkation orders for James Wilkie & wife and George Taylor & wife. A supply of application forms will be sent you tomorrow.

Page 159 - 29 Jan 1841
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 27th instant stating that William McPherson & wife and George Wilson would leave Dundee on that day. It leads to much inconvenience when the information arrives at so late a period of Parties, who were expected to arrive according to their Embarkation orders, being from whatever cause prevented. It appears from your letter that Nicoll & Whitecross are not to be expected. You have not mentioned Taylor & wife, Wilkie & wife or Fenton & wife and these five disappointments when the Ship is on the eve of departure, causes a great inconvenience, which a more timely notice would have prevented. As soon as the time for the sailing of the next ship is determined, I will inform you.

Page 166 - 11 Feb 1841
The application of John Phillips for a free passage to New Zealand for himself, wife and family has been received. Phillips & wife are much beyond the prescribed age and a free passage can only be granted to the family on condition that L40 be paid for the passage of the Parents. If this can be complied with let me know, and they shall be registered to go by the next ship. The applications of George Dading and wife; John Menzies, wife & sister are approved of and their names registered for the next ship. The time of sailing is not yet fixed. Embarkation orders shall be sent you in due time.

Page 169 - 13 Feb 1841
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 10th instant with applications from Peter Campbell, wife and family; Thomas Milne, wife and brother; William West, wife and family and niece. Campbell and West are neither of the age or calling to make them desirable Emigrants and their families are too numerous. I perceive that each of them have three children between the ages of 7 and 1 and they have each three other children under 14 years old. If they have been accustomed to agricultural labour the Directors might be induced to grant them a Passage, but the Passage money for the children must be paid, and if they are only shoemakers their applications will be rejected. Thomas Milne's application is approved. The Directors have determined to send out a few Emigrants by the Tyne and I shall be glad to know as early as possible which of your applicants can be prepared to be in London by the 2nd March that Embarkation orders may be sent you accordingly.

Page 175 - 22 Feb 1841
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 20th instant and to inform you that the number being complete for the March vessel it will be too late to add any to the list after the receipt of the letter you purposed writing this day. The chief objection made in my letter of the 13th with regard to the Peter Campbell's application was on account of his trade (shoemaker) and numerous family and I do not think the Directors would grant him a passage unless he is capable of agricultural labour. William Mather's application is approved. As soon as the Directors have appointed the time for the sailing of the next veseel I will inform you.

Page 187 - 01 Mar 1841
I have to acknowledge receipt of your letter of the 26th February enclosing Peter Campbell's certificate and I have now to acquaint you he will be registered for a passage, but as I told you in my letter of the 22nd the Directors have not taken up another ship and therefore he must not leave home with the notion of going out by the Prince Rupert as she will have only 25 steerage passengers and all the berths are full. A large body of Emigrants will proceed to the second Colony in the month of August.

Page 225 - 30 Mar 1841
Several parties have applied from your neighbourhood to be engaged in the Surveying Department of the Preliminary Expedition of the second Colony of New Zealand and I have now referred them to you that you may ascertain their character and fitness for the service. I enclose for your guidance copies of the advertisement and the agreement and I am to beg you will be careful to select only those who are real agricultural labourers or woodmen and such as are strong and healthy young men.

Page 231 - 01 Apr 1841
In reply to your letter of the 30th ult enclosing one from Mr Rodger to yourselves, I am to inform you that the Directors have not at their disposal any employment of the sort described by Mr Rodger.

Page 289 - 22 Apr 1841
I send you herewith some forms of application for Free Passage for the parties you mention. A large body of Settlers are going to leave this Country in August next, when about ten ships will be despatched together for the second Colony carrying out 1200 Emigrants. I do not know if any will be sent out before this, but if there should, I will let you know.

Page 298 - 30 Apr 1841 (Circular to agents)
The Court of Directors having resolved to send two ships to Port Nicholson, one to sail from London on the first, and another on the 15th June. I am to request you will immediately ascertain and return to his Office the names of such parties as have applied to you for a free passage to New Zealand who will be prepared to be at the Depot preparatory to embarkation on Saturday the 29th of May. On the receipt of your answer embarkation orders will be sent you, and to ensure punctuality it is advisable when practicable that on delivery of the order you should take a deposit of L10 or L20 to be returned on embarkation but to be forfeited in case of failure.

Page 311 - 07 May 1841
With reference to my letter to you of the 30th ult. requesting you would inform me what number of emigrants you could have ready to be at the Depot on 29 inst. for embarkation per Arab. I should be glad to hear from you on the subject with the least possible delay. At the same time I would thank you to inform me whether Alexander Henry and James Miler whose applications arrived today, would be desirous of going by this opportunity.

Page 315 - 10 May 1841
I have to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 7th instant and I transmit your embarkation orders for John Hogg, William Mather, David Smith, George Darling and Alexander Dalgetty from whom you have received a letter of obligation to be at the Depot on the day named in the Embarkation Orders.

Page 336 - 19 May 1841 (Circular to agents)
I am directed to request you will take the trouble to enquire among the relatives of the Emigrants sent out by the Company from your neighbourhood to New Zealand, whether they have received any letters from their friends since their arrival at Port Nicholson and if so, the Directors would be gratified by their allowing you to forward here for their perusal such communication as may have been received and which will be safely returned to them.

Page 343 - 22 May 1841 (Circular to agents)
Not having heard from any of the parties for whom embarkation orders were sent you for the Ship Arab I will thank you to inform me per return of Post, whether I may rely on all of them being at the Depot on the 29th instant.