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1841 An account of the Settlements of the New Zealand Company from personal observation during a residence there by the Hon. Henry William Petre - 2nd Edition. Free Google E-book.

1841 Information respecting the settlement of New Plymouth in New Zealand from the testimony of eye-witness together with Terms of Purchase for Lands, Regulations for Labouring Emigrants & compiled under the Direction of the West of England Board of the New Zealand Company. Free Google E-Book.

1842 New Zealand and the New Zealand Company being a consideration of how far their interests are similar in answer to a pamphlet entitled How to Colonize: The interest of the country, and the duty of Government by Theophilus Heale. Free Google E-Book.

1842 Latest information from the Settlement of New Plymouth on the coast of Taranake, New Zealand comprising letters from settlers there; with an account of its general products, agricultural and commercial capabilities &c published under the direction of the West of England Board of the New Zealand Company. Free Google E-Book.

1843 Letters from Settlers & Labouring Emigrants in the New Zealand Company's settlements of Wellington, Nelson & New Plymouth from February 1842 to January 1843. Free Google E-book.

1845 Adventure in New Zealand from 1839 to 1844 with some account of the beginning of the British Colonization of the Islands by Edward Jerningham Wakefield, Esq.

1849 Colonial Surveying with a view to the Disposal of Waste Land in a report to the New Zealand Company by Felix Wakefield. Free Google E-book.

1953 Archives of the New Zealand Company - Dominion Archives

1965 Nelson: A History of Early Settlement by Ruth M. Allan

1988 Petone: A History by Susan Butterworth

1989 Fatal Success: A History of the New Zealand Company by Patricia Burns

1996 English emigration to New Zealand 1839-1850 an analysis of the work of the New Zealand Company by Paul Hudson - British Thesis Service - Microfilm 0978 National Library

1997 Nelson: A Regional History by Jim McAloon

1998 The Interpreter: The Biography of Richard ‘Dicky’ Barrett by Angela Caughey

1999 Waitangi Tribunal Report: Whanganui River Report – Wai 167

2002 A Sort of Conscience: The Wakefields by Philip

2003 Waitangi Tribunal Report: Te Whanganui A Tara Me Ona Takiwa – Wai 145

2004 Making Waves: Captain Jock McGregor – Shipmaster, Wanganui Pioneer by Felicity Campbell

2007 Port Nicholson’s First Town: The Story of Britannia by the River 1840 by Warwick Johnston

2008 Waitangi Tribunal Report: Te Tau Ihu O Te Waka A Maui Volumes I and II – Wai 785

2010 Waitangi Tribunal Report: Wairarapa ki Tararua Report Vol I. – Wai 863
2010 The First Colonist - Samuel Deighton, 1821-1900 by Mike Butler

2011 No Simple Passage: The journey of the ‘London’ to New Zealand 1842 – a ship of hope by Jenny Robin Jones