1863-1864 Maori Chief's Visit to England and Queen Victoria
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Images in the collection of Eunice Elizabeth Mewis Chambers - Granddaughter of William Jenkins
Horomona Te Atua - published on page 91 of Hariru Wikitoria
Huria Ngahuia - published on page 93 of Hariru Wikitoria
Hariata Haumu - not currently known to be published
Kamariera Wharepapa - published on page 84 of Hariru Wikitoria

Some People Involved
William BRENT (1805-1888), Elizabeth COLENSO (1821-1904), Charles Oliver Bond DAVIS (1817-1887)
Henry HALSE, William JENKINS (1813-1867), George William Wales LIGHTBAND (1834-1909), Mr LLOYD 
George MAUNSELL (1838-1909), Mr MILLNER, Revd James STACK, Charlotte Julia Dorotea WEALE (1829-1918), 

BOOK 1985: Hariru Wikitoria. An illustrated history of the Maori tour of England 1863 by Brian Mackrell
BOOK 1987: And Not to Yield by Thora Parker (great grand-daughter of William Jenkins)
BOOK 2011: Rangatira by Paula Morris (featuring Paratene Te Manu)

1863-1864	William Jenkins' Autograph Book
1863 Feb 05	Names of New Zealand Chiefs visiting England
1863 Feb 05	Typescript 'diary' of Reihana Taukawau
1863 May 18	William Jenkins Diary of Maori Chiefs visit to Queen Victoria to 6 Feb 1864
1863 Jun 01	Visit from the Natives of New Zealand as recorded in The Scotsman
1863 Jul 18	Illustrated London News - Native Chiefs from New Zealand
1863 Aug 08	A Chief recounts the visit to the Queen on 15 July
1863 Oct 03	The New Zealand Chiefs in Birmingham
1863 Oct 07	The Maori Chiefs in Birmingham
1863 Nov 26	George William Wales Lightband Diary of Maori Chiefs visit to England to 12 Jul 1864
1864 Jan 16	Letter to Superintendent Nelson from Birmingham
1864 Feb 26	Letter to Superintendent Nelson re emigration to NZ
1864 Mar 02	Flier advertising a lecture to be held on New Zealand
1864 Mar 11	Farewell Presents to the Maori Chiefs - A little "hitch"
1864 Mar 22	The Maori Chiefs in England
1864 Mar 26	Mr Jenkins and the New Zealand Chiefs
1864 Oct 05	Daily Southern Cross - 'Surat' from London
1864 Oct 28	Daily Southern Cross - Melancholy suicide of Samuel Wakeman
1864 Nov 26	Daily Southern Cross - New Zealand Chiefs in London - Return of Wiremu Pou
1864 Dec 12	Nelson Examiner & NZ Chronicle - Mr Jenkins' Visit to England
1864 Dec 15	Daily Southern Cross - Mr W. Jenkins and the Maoris
1864 Dec 16	William asks to resume duties as Native Interpreter