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1830 Aug 12 No.1 Report of Rev Mr Marsden on the state of the Island and suggests appointment of a Resident
1831 Jan 5 No.2 Necessity of the presence of a Ship of War at New Zealand
1831 Jan 7 No.3 Reply to No.2
1830 Sep 22 No.4 With returns of Trade with New Zealand

1831 Apr 13 No.5 Outrage committed on the Natives by the Master of the ship Elizabeth
Enclosure 1 Police Office Sydney 7 Feb 1831; Depositions Gordon Davies Browne of Sydney; Joseph Barrow Montefiore Esquire, Merchant of Sydney; Pery Native of Hakaroa; Arthur Kemmis Merchant of Sydney; William Brown seaman on board the Elizabeth; John Swaney carpenter on board the Elizabeth; W. H. Moore George Street, Sydney 7 Feb 1831 who has read the depositions; Alex McLeay, Solicitor 12 Feb 1831; Attorney General's Chambers 12 Apr 1831

1831 Mar 31 Gordon D. Browne of Sydney who had acquired considerable experience of the character and customs of the New Zealanders during a long residence amongst them... refers to the schooner Prince of Denmark and brings to the attention of authorities the trade in human heads.
An account of the names and tonnage of vessels entered inwards and cleared outwards for New Zealand from 15 Aug 1830 to 12 Apr 1831 inclusive
1831 Apr 14 W. G. Broughton, Church Corporation House
1831 Mar 25 Henry Williams, Paihia - refers to schooner Prince of Denmark, Captain Jack

1832 Jan 31 No.6 J. Goderich, Downing Street - Refers to Henry William's letter of 25 Mar 1831; Concurs in appointment of a Resident

1831 Sep 7 No.7 On the general state of the Islands. Appointment of a Resident
1831 Jun 9 Lieutenant Thomas McDonnell, Hokianga - refers to Marmon who had shot an Englishman named Styles; describes conditions in New Zealand
1831 Sep 1 William Yate, Missionary, Sydney - Four Church Mission Stations

1832 Mar 18 No.8 Appointment of Mr Busby
1831 Dec 23 No.9 State of the Islands. Returns of Trade. Address from certain Chiefs asking British Protection
1832 Jun 14 No.10 Introducing Mr Busby and enclosing copy of the proposed Act of Part. for punishing offences committed in New Zealand
1833 May 2 No.11 Notifying the arrival of Mr Busby and transmitting copies of the Provisional instructions with which he had furnished him
1833 Sep 28 No.12 Approving instructions given to Mr Busby
1834 Jul 3 No.13 Appointment of Mr Macdonnell Sub Resident
1834 Apr 29 No.14 Recommending establishment of a National Flag; Sketch of National Flag- selected by the Chiefs of New Zealand
1834 Dec 21 No.15 Same subject
1834 May 3 No.16 Attack on the residence of Mr Busby by the Natives
1834 Sep 23 No.17 Proceedings of HMS Alligator in consequence of the attack of the Natives on the crew of the shipwrecked vessel Harriet
1834 Dec 6 No.18 Same subject

1835 Feb 1 No.19 Represents the difficulties in which the Resident is placed; encloses the Petition of the British inhabitants for further protection - Signatories: John Brown, John Ritchie, John Watkins, R. O'Connor, James Doune Thompson, William Carter, William Lewington, Peter Webster, Robert L. Hunter, John Smith Lapps, William Abbot, Samuel Stephenson, Stephen Dodd Norris, Richard Hamilton Allan, Jonathan Snowden, George Lawson, James R. Clendon, John Wright, George Greenway, Gilbert Mair, Nelson Tooth

1835 Oct 28 No.20 In answer to the three last mentioned Dispatches. Proposes the removal of Mr Busby.
1832 Feb 18 Memorandum: Mr Busby submits that his claim to employment at New Zealand is prior to Captain Sturts
1832 Mar 02 James Busby to R. W. Hay
1832 Mar 31 James Busby to R. W. Hay writing from 30 Anne St, St Bernards, Edinburgh
1832 May 15 James Busby to R. W. Hay writing from 25 Russel Square
1832 May 28 Memorandum Mentions building a house, letter from natives to king, wearing a uniform

1831 Jun A Brief Memoir relative to the Islands of New Zealand by James Busby (late collector of the Internal Revenue of New South Wales and member of the Land Board of that Colony). Describes preparation of flax, trade statistics, sealing, whaling, spars for shipping and timber for house building, two vessels built in one of the rivers by English Mechanics, comments on the structure of Maori Society, an account of the events associated with the brig Elizabeth, references to a French visit and the possibility of a Russian settlement, missionary settlements and the advantages of establishing a British Resident.

1827 Copy of a minute of the Committee of the Missionaries attached to the Church Missionary Society's settlement at New Zealand. Discussion about forming a Maori settlement at Paramatta, New South Wales.

1833 Jun 4 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Under Secretary Hay - cover letter
1833 May 17 James Busby, Bay of Islands - describes his arrival at the missionary settlement, meeting of chiefs, reference to schooner Fortitude
Address delivered to the Chiefs and People of New Zealand after the reading of His Majesty's answer to their letter
1833 Dec 31 James Busby, Bay of Islands to R. W. Hay, Under Secretary of State, Colonial Department - Reference to Mr Sadler of HMS Buffalo

1834 Apr 3 James Busby, Bay of Islands to R. W. Hay cover letter [1] adoption by the New Zealand Chiefs of a National Flag 20 Mar 1834; [2] report relative to shipping; [3] ships Cadmus and HMS Buffalo

1833 May 13 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Governor New South Wales - Mr Grose, proprietor of the schooner New Zealander relative to the procuring of a register for that vessel, which was built at Hokianga; natives indignant at the seizure of the Sir George Murray, also built at Hokianga; ship registration and New Zealand Chiefs National Flag

1833 Nov 9 Alexander McLeay, Colonial Secretary's Office, Sydney - a Flag has been prepared here, and is forwarded to you in charge of Captain Sadler commanding HMS Buffalo

1834 Jan 13 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Colonial Secretary, New South Wales - Re flag... the general opinion here that from the total absence of red, a colour to which the New Zealanders are particularly partial, and which they are accustomed to consider as indicative of rank they would consider themselves slighted by its being proposed to them... three flags proposed suggested by Henry Williams

1834 Feb 22 Alexander McLeay, Colonial Secretary, New South Wales to James Busby Three flags have been prepared and forwarded in charge of Captain Lambert of HMS Alligator

1834 Feb 25 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Colonial Secretary, New South Wales List of shipping which have visited the Bay of Islands during the year 1833. [Case 1] Master of barque William the IVth loses control of ship to crew; [Case 2] Two sailors belonging to the English whaler Lady Amhurst who lowered a boat during the night and carried off several articles belonging to the ship, and some clothes belonging to some of the crew.

Summary of the List of Shipping which have visited the Bay of Islands during the year 1833

1834 Mar 22 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Colonial Secretary, New South Wales Re meeting to decide flag held 20 March. Invitations sent to respectable setttlers and Commanders of ten British and three American ships then in the Harbour; These, with the Officers of HMS Alligator and a portion of the Missionaries formed a party of from 50 to 60 persons. 25 chiefs and their followers attended; A vote held as to which of the three flags

1834 May 3 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Account of an attempted break into the storeroom by two men on 30 April; wife confined 36hrs earlier; Busby struck in the face by splinters of wood after shot fired

1834 May 10 James Busby, Bay of Islands to R. W. Hay Reference to a deputation and petition of residents... that not more than nine of the signatories are known to me as settlers in New Zealand or as having invested capital in the country.

At a meeting of the British Subjects assembled in the Bay of Islands - resolutions passed in response to the attack on the British Resident - John Brown, Chairman; John Ritchie, Secretary

Petition of His Britannic Majesty's subjects in the Bay of Islands - same signatories as No.19 above

1834 May 4 Residents traders in the Bay of Islands to James Busby, British Resident signed by William Powditch, John Ritchie, R. O'Connor, Gilbert Mair, Samuel Stephenson, James R. Clendon, Robert Rogers, George Greenway, J. O. Polack, John Wright.

1834 May 9 James Busby replies to residents letter
1834 Dec 3 James Busby, Bay of Islands to R. W. Hay - recovery of British subjects shipwrecked in the British ship the Harriet
1834 Oct 28 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Captain Lambert, Commanding HMS Alligator - re finding guilty parties to break in

1834 Oct 30 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Colonial Secretary, New South Wales - 20 Oct 1834 one of the Chiefs of my immediate neighbourhood, Rete, was charged by his own wife as being the principal in the break in and goods had been found in his possession; sentence - that the possessions of Rete should be forfeited to The King of England and he himself be compelled to quit the District.

1834 Nov 28 James Busby, Bay of Islands to Colonial Secretary, New South Wales Requests better resources

A List of the Ships which have visited the Bay of Islands, New Zealand during the year 1833 with a summary; Date of arrival, Whence, Name of Ship, Name of Master, Country to which belonging, cargo, date of departure, objects of voyage

1835 Nov 2 No.21 Mr Busby transmits series of his reports to the Governor during the year 1835

1835 Jan 31 No.50 Relative to a certificate of Registry granted to a vessel built at New Zealand - schooner Hanny built at Hokianga and belonging to Messrs Clendon and Stephenson; also reference to the Industry of Hokianga

1835 Mar 16 No.51 Relative to the confiscation of Rete's land to the King of England as a punishment for his offence in attacking the House of the British Resident, Mr Wright, and firing at him on the night of the 30th April 1834

1835 Mar 16 No.52 Relative to the compensation made by the Chief Pomare to a British settler in consequence of the latter having been fired at and having had the _ of his servants robbed by some of Pomare's people

1835 Mar 18 No.53 Reply to a series of complaints made to the Governor by a settler at the Bay of Islands named Polack in answer to which reply His Excellency states that he is quite satisfied with your explanation and in some points in complete refutation of Mr Polack's charges of inattention on the occasions alluded to

1835 May 11 No.54 Relative to the non-fulfilment of the engagement made by the Chiefs that they would banish Rete from the district
1835 Jun 4 No.55 Stating inability to transmit lists of shipping as formerly
1835 Jun 16 No.56 Relative to the non receipt of certain Despatches

1835 Jul 8 No.57 Relative to the conduct of a British Settler, named Greenway, whose vessel was plundered by the Natives and the death of three New Zealanders as an atonement for the same, tho perfectly innocent of the offence - two chiefs Kawiti and Kiwi Kiwi; also reference to the death of a man named Rayner at Kororareka who had left some property without having made any settlement of his affairs
Enclosure: Busby to Greenway 1 Jul 1835 followed by Greenway's reply

1835 Jul 13 No.58 Relative to the death of a British subject, John Rayner, who left some property without having made any settlement of his affairs; and the conduct of the natives and British subjects on the occasion of the property being taken possession of in the name of the King of England. Refers to a person named Lewyin who became a tenant of Rayner. Rayner had a wife to whom he was not married.

1835 Jul 13 No.59 Relative to the same subject particularly to a small vessel, named the Emma of Sydney, which had been possessed by the deceased and upon which a Native Chief has a claim. The Emma was seized by a native chief in 1833 named Pi or Epee; and was built at Sydney by William Brown in 1830; on 17 Mar 1830 Mr Lamb of Sydney was part owner (32/64ths) with Messrs Kemmis and Brown (32/64ths). William Stewart became the master of the vessel on 24 Sep 1831. Also Edward Fishwick transferred to John Rayner my "whole interest in the cutter Emma sold to me by John Stewart as Partner of the late David Clarke for the sum of £135."

1835 Jul 16 No.60 Transmitting an account of contingent repairs incurred from 1 January to 30 June 1835
1835 Aug 7 No.61 Private and confidential relative to the appointment of the additional British Resident, Lieutenant McDonnell
1835 Aug 10 No.62 Relative to the Estate of the John Rayner

1835 Aug 12 No.63 Further explanation of inability to procure information relative to the shipping which visit the Bay of Islands: And a list of the arrivals and departures at the River Hokianga between 1 January and 30 June 1835

1835 Aug 12 No.64 Relative to the safety of Hugh and Neil McLaine who were stated to have been detained in captivity by the natives of this country, and respecting when inquiry was ordered to be made by the Right Honorable the Secretary of State for the Colonies - with copies of previous correspondence on this subject to which allusion was in part made in the British Resident's letter of Mr Hay of 3 April 1834 noticed in Mr Hay's letter of 8 December 1834.
Enclosure 1: No.40 Busby to Colonial Secretary New South Wales 15 May 1834 re ship John Dunscombe; refers to Mr Tapsell an agent of Mr Jones of Sydney who is stationed at Muketu in the Bay of Plenty
Enclosure 2: Alexander McLeay, Colonial Secretary, Sydney 3 Feb 1835 - reply to Busby

1835 Sep 10 No.65 Relative to the proposition made by the Respectable settlers at the Bay of Islands to prohibit the trade in ardent spirits
Enclosure: Bay of Islands 3 Sep 1835 Meeting of settlers and the resolutions reached - signed by Henry Williams, Gilbert Mair, George Sinclair, _ Davidson, William Powditch, G. Greenway, C. Baker, John Wright, James Clendon, James Harvey

1835 Sep 11 No.65/2 Private and confidential - relative to a proposed convention with the Native Chiefs for the regulation of Trade, and the levying a tonnage duty upon ships visiting New Zealand, for the support of the British Residency in an effective condition

1835 Sep 26 No.66 Relative to the possession of the land which belonged to Rete but which was confiscated as a punishment for his crime

1835 Oct 10 No.67 Relative to further proceedings for the suppression of the Trade in ardent spirits with four enclosures shewing the opposite lines of conduct pursued by the British Resident and the additional British Resident in that matter
Enclosure: Te Horeke Hokianga 30 Sep 1835 Thomas McDonnell to Busby followed by a series of resolutions passed at a Public meeting of European and Native Chiefs held at Mangungu 21 Sep 1835 - that Captain Young and Mr Baker with Moctana a Native Chief be appointed to board and examine all vessels entering the Hokianga River; that Thomas Mitchell, George Stephenson, John Jackson and Robert Hunt be appointed as a Committee...
Enclosure: Paihia 5 Oct 1835 We the undersigned beg to request that you will call a Public Meeting of the Europeans in the Bay of Islands to discuss the necessity of suppressing the importation and sale of ardent spirits... signed by Henry Williams, John Wright, George Greenway, James Harvey, William Powditch, John Barber (Barque Jane), Charles Baker, James C. Clendon

1835 May 12 No.125 Private Coates, New South Wales to Lord Glenelg, 14 Salisbury Square, London re Her Majesty's ships Isabella and Alligator and the rescue of the crew of the Harriet and responses.

1835 Aug 29 No.528 Private Coates, New South Wales to Lord Glenelg arguing for support of the British Resident

1835 Nov 5 No.709 Henry Dowers or Dowels [?], Jamaica Coffee House to Sir George Grey. I have been to New Zealand and my information is drawn from study and personal observations on those remarks which I have submitted.

1835 Nov 2 No.22 Mr Busby transmits declaration of Independence of the New Zealand Chiefs; and expression of their desire of British Protection


1836 Feb 20 Miscellaneous No.20 Richard Bourke, Sydney: Dispute between Officers and crew of the barque Rose of Halifax in Nova Scotia
Enclosure: No.81 James Busby 6 Jan 1836 Bay of Islands: Previous to the sailing of HM ship Beagle on 30 Dec 1835 from this place her Commander, Captain Fitzroy transmitted to me a letter which had been addressed to him by 19 seamen belonging to the Rose now engaged in the Whale Fishery. The name of the legal master, Thomas C. Hall, stands third upon the Ships Articles.

1836 Mar 10 Miscellaneous No.24 Richard Bourke, Sydney: James Busby received a letter dated 14 Sep 1835 from Baron de Thierry. He recommended a meeting of New Zealand Chiefs in order to their declaring the Independence of their Country and asserting as a collective body their entire and exclusive right to its Sovereignty and their determination to maintain it. The meeting took place on 29 Oct 1835 and 35 chiefs attended.... prohibition of ardent spirits...
Enclosure: Alexander McLeay, Sydney 12 Feb 1836 Response to 2nd article of Declaration of Independence
Enclosure: Glenelg, Downing Street 26 Aug 1836 Response re Busby's actions
Enclosure: An Act for the Prevention and Punishment of Offences committed by His Majesty's Subjects within certain Territories adjacent to the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope 13 Aug 1826

1837 Sep 9 New Zealand No.86 Richard Bourke, Sydney: In consequence of a war breaking out between two tribes near the Bay of Islands... request Captain Hobson commanding HM ship Rattlesnake to repair to New Zealand to afford to British Shipping such protection as might be required... Baron de Thierry...
Enclosure A: William Hobson, HM Ship Rattlesnake, Port Nelson 8 Aug 1837 ... visited Bay of Islands and several other Ports on the eastern coast of New Zealand and in Cook's Straits... war between Pomare and Tetore... abandoned Russians at Bay of Islands... British settler robbed, females of family most brutally treated, 2 of 4 perpetrators brought to Sydney in this ship... visited Puriri and Waikaitewa on the Thames, Island of Waiheke, Cloudy Bay... weather prevented a visit to Entry Island and Marra where Mr Bell and a small party resided... on the northern shores of Cook's Straits a most powerful tribe of Natives have collected under the celebrated Warrior Ruperiha - the only other places to which the Whites resort are Cloudy Bay and Queen Charlotte's Sound... Nene, a powerful chief from Hokianga... Chief Tetore is dead... suggests the idea of establishing Factories...
Enclosure B: James Busby, Bay of Islands 16 Jun 1837 ... Titore who was one of the most influential of the Ngapuhi Chiefs in preserving order in the Town of Korararika where the Natives and British are mingled in the greatest numbers died a few days ago... depopulation of the Country been going on till district after district has become void of its inhabitants, and the population is even now, but a remnant of what it was in the memory of some European Residents... submit the outline of a plan of Government... their Flag has also been formally recognised by the British Government as the Flag of an Independent State... 151 ships visited the Bay of Islands in 1836 and 72 in the 1st half of 1837... the whole of the coast line from Cape Butt including the noble harbour of the Bay of Islands and extending as far as Wangaroa forty miles to the northward of the Bay has with trivial exceptions passed from the possession of the natives into that of British subjects... most of the valuable forests in the interior have in like manner changed their ownership; and on the Western coast an extensive territory is also claimed by British subjects...

1840 Despatches of Sir George Gipps

1840 Jan 3 Captain Hobson's arrival on the 24th December in HMS "Druid" reported. He will be conveyed to New Zealand in HMS "Herald".

1840 Feb 9 Reports departure of Lieutenant Governor Hobson on the 19th January in HMS "Herald" to assume the Government of New Zealand. The "Westminster" engaged to carry out supplies. Encloses three Proclamations all dated 14 January - No.1 extending jurisdiction of the Government of New South Wales over New Zealand; No.2 appointing Captain Hobson, Lieutenant Governor of New Zealand; No.3 for putting a stop to land speculation in New Zealand by declaring that no title to land shall be valid unless emanating from the Crown.

1840 Feb 9 Reports appointments to various Offices in New Zealand - George Cooper to be Collector of Customs and Treasurer; F. Mathew to be Acting Surveyor General; W. Shortland to be Police Magistrate; J. S. Truman 2nd class Clerk; S. E. Grimston 3rd class Clerk. Police - one Serjeant and four Troopers of the Mounted Police Corps.

1840 Feb 9 Encloses copy of the Instructions he has given to Captain Hobson as Lieutenant Governor of New Zealand under a Colonial Commission. Commission given to the Colonial Secretary to succeed to the Government in case of the Lieutenant Governor's death. Governor Gipps Instructions as to mode of treating Aliens, their right of fishing or resorting to the Harbors not to be questioned.

1840 Feb 19 Encloses dispatch from Lieutenant Governor Hobson re proceedings on his arrival. Address from the Inhabitants of Kororarika, Bay of Islands congratulating Lieutenant Governor Hobson on his arrival and establishment of British Authority in the Island. Proclamation 30 January on Lieutenant Governor Hobson's assumption of the Government. Encloses Treaty entered into with the New Zealand Chiefs for the cession of the Islands to Her Majesty upon condition of their being guaranteed the exclusive possession of their lands and extending to them the rights of British Subjects.
Enclosure No.1 HMS Herald Bay of Islands 3 Feb 1840 - Address from 45 inhabitants of Kororarika - names listed
Enclosure No.2 Bay of Islands 4 Feb 1840 I have now to report that on 30 Jan the ceremony of reading the Commissions was performed in the presence of a concourse of persons, forty of whom subscribed the document - names listed.
Enclosure No.3 Part 1 HMS Herald, Bay of Islands 5 Feb 1840 Immediately on my arrival here I circulated notices, printed in the native language, that on this day I would hold a meeting of the Chiefs of the Confederation and of the High Chiefs who had not yet signed the Declaration of Independence, for the purpose of explaining to them the commands I had received from Her Majesty the Queen, and of laying before them the copy of a treaty which I had to propose for their consideration...
Enclosure No.3 Part 2 6 Feb 1840 Governor Hobson's account written on the day
Enclosure No.3 Part 3 Copy of the Treaty in English

1840 Mar 16 Encloses report from Captain Hobson dated 17 February reporting his further proceedings in New Zealand and the adherence of the Chiefs of Hokianga (western side of the Northern Island) on the 12th Feb to the Treaty of Cession. Attempts made by Mr Manning and the Foreign Roman Catholics, to prejudice the Natives and prevent their agreeing to the Treaty defeated.

1840 Mar 31 Reports that Captain Hobson had been attacked with Paralysis on the 1st March and that he has given a Commission to Major Bunbury to act as Lieutenant Governor in case of the death or absence of Captain Hobson. Contradictory reports given by Dr Lane of the state of the Captain's health.

1840 Apr 4 Complaint made by Captain Hobson against Captain Nias of HMS "Herald" of disrespectful conduct towards him. Return of the "Herald" to Sydney. Has ordered her back in order to cooperate with Captain Hobson for a Cession of the Islands.

1840 Apr 4 Encloses letter to Captain Hobson recommending his co-operation with Captain Nias of the "Herald" notwithstanding his late dispute with him. Encloses list of appointments made by him from New South Wales intended to form the Civil Establishment of New Zealand.

1840 Apr 5 Troops sent out. Acknowledges dispatch of Sep 1839 No.7 authorising him to send Troops to New Zealand. A detachment of 80 Rank and File with Officers, under Major Bunbury ordered out in HMS "Buffalo". Expresses his thanks for Mr Wood's (Commander of the "Buffalo") readiness in complying with his directions.

1840 May 29 Opening the Legislative Council on the 28th May. Her Majesty's authority established in New Zealand. Encloses Bills laid before the Council respecting the affairs of New Zealand.

1840 Jun 10 Reports payment of £417 1s to Captain Nias of HMS "Herald" for the conveyance of Captain Hobson and suite to New Zealand.

1840 Jun 15 Captain Hobson reporting his partial recovery from his attack of Paralysis and encloses copy of his Instructions to Captain Bunbury charged with a Mission to the Natives of the Southern and Northern Islands to obtain their cession. Precis by Captain Hobson of the measures he has taken to obtain the cession of the sovereignty of the Islands. The Treaty signed at Waitangi 5th February 1840 by the Chiefs who signed the declaration of independence, considered the sole Instrument for ceding the Island. Mr Shortland's report of the successes of his Mission to the Native Chiefs in Kaitaiki (North Island) and Speech of the principal Chief "Nopica" on signing the Treaty. Encloses letter from Captain Hobson respecting his difference with Captain Nias of HMS "Herald" and their mutual determination to abandon all animosity for the good of the service.
Enclosure No.1 Bay of Islands 5 May 1840
Enclosure No.2 Paihia 25 Apr 1840 ... The Treaty which forms the base of all my proceedings was signed at Waitangi on 5th February 1840 by fifty two chiefs twenty six of whom were of the Confederation and formed a majority of those who signed the declaration of independence. This instrument I consider to be defacto the treaty and all the signatures that are subsequently obtained are merely testimonials of adherence to the terms of that original document...
Enclosure No.3 Kororarica 6 May 1840 includes The Speech of Nopera Parakaria, Principal Chief of Kaitaia

1840 Jun 18 Has authorised Captain Hobson to draw allowance of £400 for lodging money until a Government House is built.

1840 Jul 8 Sends Governor Hobson's original dispatch to Secretary of State 23 May 1840 No.3. Includes a copy of the Proclamation dated 21 May 1840.

1840 Jul 8 Encloses correspondence between Captain Hobson and Baron de Thierry respecting his pretended claims to land in New Zealand and to the sovereignty of the Island through his Agent Mr Rendall. Enumerates particulars of Baron de Thierry's case and shews that his claims are quite unfounded.

1840 Jul 10 Reports occurrence of a disturbance at Pomaree Pa between some Seamen and the Natives in which it was necessary to call out the Military. Necessity of having a sufficient Military Force stationed at New Zealand.

1840 Jul 23 Encloses letter from the American Consul relative to the interests of American Citizens at New Zealand on its cession to Great Britain. Lands purchased by Americans. How to be treated? American Whalers 40 or 50 annually employed on the Coasts - will permit them to fish on the Coasts and cure their Oil on shore. Will their Oil be admitted as British? Aliens will be required to pay duties from 1st July 1840.

1840 Jul 24 Reports that Major Bumbury had visited all the eastern coast of New Zealand and established Her Majesty's authority - also at Port Nicholson where the Company's Settlement had been formed. French Settlement at Bank's Peninsula visited by the "Herald" - but no one found there.

1840 Jul 25 Naval Force at New Zealand. HMS "Herald" ordered to China. HMS "Britomart" and HMS "Favorite" ordered to New Zealand.

1840 Aug 6 Correspondence with Captain Nias on his communicating to him Governor Hobson's accusations against him of his intemperate conduct in New Zealand.

1840 Aug 6 Act passed 3d Victoria, cap: 28, declaring that the Laws of New South Wales extend to the Colony of New Zealand. Encloses Act 4th Vict cap: 7 appointing Commissioners for enquiring into claims to Grants of land in New Zealand.

1840 Aug 16 Opposition made by land jobbers against the Bill for enquiring into Titles to land. Claim made by Mr Busby, the late Resident, to 50,000 acres and Mr Wentworth to 1,000,000 acresz. Both heard by the Council against the Bill. Their arguments rejected. Bill passed.

1840 Aug 16 Reports attempts made by Mr Wentworth to purchase the Middle Island for £200 and his advising seven natives not to sign a transfer of that Island to Her Majesty on the same terms as those of Captain Hobson for the Northern Island. Recalls his recommendation of Mr Wentworth for a Seat in the Council and states that he has resigned the Office of Magistrate. Enclosed printed speech in the Council on the Bill for appointing Commissioners to enquire into Titles to land in New Zealand. Case of Mr Wentworth - opinion of Mr Burge and other law officers.

1840 Aug 21 Captain Nias's claim for the passage of Major Bunbury to New Zealand by HMS "Herald". Reports payment of £147 to Captain Nias though he conceives only £74 was due.

1840 Aug 24 French Expedition. Encloses correspondence with Captain Lavaud of the French Ship "L'Aube" on the refusal to acknowledge the authority of the British possession of New Zealand and our right to enquire into. Titles of land belonging to French subjects. Has suspended enquiry into these Titles until further orders.

1840 Aug 24 Encloses copy of Lieutenant Governor Hobson's Instructions to Captain Stanley of HMS "Britomart" to defeat the attempts of the French Corvette "L'Aube" to establish any settlement at Akaroa in the Middle Island lately ceded to Major Bunbury and to take possession of the land.

1840 Sep 12 Port Nicholson Settlers. Acknowledgment of the authority of the Crown. Encloses Captain Hobson's report that the settlers at Port Nicholson had received Mr Shortland, Colonial Secretary, very favourably. Encloses address by Colonel Wakefield and the other emigrants acknowledging the authority of the Crown and expressing their loyalty and submission to the British Flag.

1840 Sep 14 Encloses further correspondence between Baron de Thierry and Governor Hobson relative to his claims to land in New Zealand.

1840 Sep 23 Reports that Captain Stanley of HMS "Britomart" took possession of Bank's Peninsula in the Middle Island previous to the arrival of the French Settlers and that no attempt had then been made to take possession on the part of France. Captain Langlois claims to a large tract of land purchased from the Natives. Mr Robinson left as Police Magistrate at the French Settlement at Akaroa.

1840 Oct 6 Reports arrival of Mr Harrison and others as Deputies from the Settlers at Port Nicholson, 1500 in number and encloses copy of agreement entered into confirming their settling to the extent of 110,000 acres, but to be made in one block around Port Nicholson at the same price as paid in England, £1 per acre - leaving the Government at home to settle accounts with the Company - 75 per cent to be appropriated towards emigration. Town allotments. Inconvenience of the rule that each holder of 100 acres at £1 should possess a Town Allotment of one acre. The Town at Port Nicholson will consist of 1,100 acres whereas 50 would be sufficient.

1840 Oct 6 Encloses proposed regulations which he has sent to Governor Hobson for the survey and sale of lands in New Zealand.

1840 Oct 9 Appointment of Commissioners for enquiring (under the New South Wales Act) into the claims for Grants of land viz F. Fisher, M. Richmond and E. L. Godfrey. Encloses copy of their Commissions and Instructions.

1840 Oct 9 Reports on the qualifications of Mr Fisher, Captain Richmond and Col. Godfrey whom he has appointed Commissioners and their fitness for those Offices.

1840 Oct 18 Major Bunbury Mission to the Southern Chiefs of New Zealand. Encloses his report dated 28 June vide Governor Hobson's Dispatch No.7 15 Oct 1840.

1840 Oct 19 Encloses Captain Stanley's (of HMS "Britomart") report of his proceedings at Akaroa. Possession taken of the Port previous to arrival of French Emigrants. Arrival of the French Frigate "L'Aube" with 57 emigrants. Arrangements made for their landing. The introduction of six guns from the French vessels prohibited. Statistical return of the Ports in New Zealand visited by HMS "Britomart".

1840 Oct 20 Encloses further correspondence with the Deputies from the Port Nicholson settlers relative to the terms upon which 110,000 acres of land around Port Nicholson are conceded to them.

1840 Nov 5 Has fixed the salaries of the Commissioners for enquiring into Titles to lands at New Zealand at 30s per day with addition of 10s per day to Mr Foster as law adviser to the Commissioners.

1840 Dec 6 Return of HMS "Favorite" to Sydney for provisions. Encloses Captain Dunlop's report on the French Settlement at Akaroa. Captain of French Corvette declares that he has no instructions further than that he is on the Coast for the protection of the Whale Fishery.

1840 Dec 17 Encloses his letter to Governor Hobson stating measures he has taken for selling land at a fixed price of £1 per acre. Doubts the policy of introducing the system into New Zealand.

January to April 1844

1844 Jan 11 No.1 Financial state of the Colony. Rough outline of Bills on Imperial Treasury. Has, as directed by Despatch 24/43 drawn for £2,850 in eight Bills and intends to draw for about £2,000 mon. Terms (correspondence) on which they have been negotiated. Enclosed list of Bills drawn by his Predecessor out of Vote (£7,545 15s) of Imperial Parliament. Assets and Liabilities of Colonial Treasury on 29 December 1843. Encloses statement of liabilities about £24,000 including about £12,000 due on account of Immigration and chargeable on land fund. Ordinary revenue in 1843. Encloses statement of about £26,000 including £6,000 arrears. Additional advance will be required for 1844/45 from Imperial Treasury.

1844 Jan 11 No.2 Arrived at Auckland on the 23rd December 1843 per "North Star" and landed and assumed the Government on the 26th December 1843. For particulars vide newspapers enclosed. State of public feeling and prospects of the Colony. Also opinions &c of local press. Complaints against present system of taxation and expenditure. State of country roads. Land system and alleged official jobbing. Government land sales and purchases. Mr Shortland's administration. Crown right of Pre-emption over Native Lands &c. Disputes with Natives and New Zealand Company. Addresses from European and Native land claimants and Governor's replies. Unemployed emigrants and reduction of expenditure. Governor's departure for Wellington. Major Bunbury left to administer the Government. Services of Mr Commissioner Spain. Approves land question - final settlement of necessary for tranquility. New Zealand Company and early claims. Intends if Company's agent will not fairly compensate for encroachment on lands, to do so out of Government funds and ensure repayment by making confirmation of grants contingent thereon. Negotiation with Company at Auckland progressing satisfactorily. Colonial Secretary Mr Shortland's resignation and provisional appointment of Dr Andrew Sinclair as his successor. Will forward Mr Shortland's letter of resignation and report on non-summoning of a Legislative Council or of an Acting Colonial Secretary during Mr Shortland's administration of the Government. Encloses his address on opening the session of the Legislative Council on 10 Jan 1844 - recommends amendment of Supreme Court, Jury and land claims Ordinance, notifying his intended visit to Wellington attending to Wairau Massacre, settlement of land claims, surveys, proposed laws for establishing and enforcing natives rights and privileges...

1844 Jan 12 No.3 Bills drawn by Governor on the British Treasury direct instead of through the Commissariat Chest. Explains the cause...

1844 Jan 15 & 16 Confidential Mr Shortland's case - complains of the disorganised state of the Colony, the difficulty in obtaining returns and information, neglect of business and encloses correspondence explanatory of Mr Shortland's resignation of the Colonial Secretaryship, on the ground of Governor Fitzroy's want of confidence in him... Estimates of revenue and expenditure for 1844 and Dr Sinclair's appointment as Acting Colonial Secretary. Will report on his merits and qualifications. Ordinances passed Legislative Council - Supreme Court, Jury and Land claims amendment - the latter to legalise acts of a Land Claims Commissioner. Embarks on 15 Jan 1844 for Cook's Straits. Land claims Cook's Straits Commander Godfrey's report enclosed.

1844 Jan 16 No.4 Bills on British Treasury. Has drawn for £1,630 in eight bills (Nos 9 to 15) on terms specified in his Despatch No.1/44. Refers to Despatch 3/44.

1844 Jan 18 No.5 Accounts of Treasurer 1 Jul to 31 Oct 1843 and Storekeeper 1 Jan to 31 Oct forwarded for final audit as required by Circular 1 Nov 1841.

1844 Jan 27 No.6 Arrival at Wellington 6 Jan 1844. Will enter immediately on settlement of land claims and shortly proceed to Nelson - Naval Protection &c. Wairau Massacre - Enclosed Chief Protector Clarke's report condemning conduct of New Zealand Company agents and Nelson settlers towards Natives, and recommending appointment of a mediator to the latter, and an enquiry into proceedings of the surviving aggressors. Mis-statements of New Zealand Company as to opposition of local government to its claims - adequacy of Native Reserves - Company's land purchases - native outrages & repression thereof &c

Major Bunbury, Acting Governor
1844 Jan 27 Departure of Governor Fitzroy on 17th for Wellington; Affirmation of the Government as Administrator during the Governor's absence; Enclosing memorials from New Plymouth settlers and application of New Zealand Company's agent for protection against Native outrages. Apprehended hostilities, condemns offensive proceeding of Magistrates towards Natives, defends proceedings of Commissioner Spain. Has applied for an additional force of 100 men. Meeting of Natives to be held on Governor's return to Auckland.

1844 Jan 27 Acknowledges despatches... New Zealand Gazette Nos 1 to 4
1844 Feb 12 Box of Despatches forwarded (via Valparaiso) per Bangalore for Colonial and other Departments.
1844 Feb 12 Disturbance at Taranaki. Forwards despatches, also particulars of attack of natives on the farm Mr J. G. Cooke JP
1844 Feb 12 Disputed land claims and purchases in the neighbourhood of Auckland. Particulars of protests of Native Chiefs enclosed.

1844 Feb 26 Rescue of a Native Chief (under sentence and imprisonment) by a party of Natives at Auckland and subsequent surrender of the Prisoner. Warrants for apprehension of three of the offenders suspended till Governor's return. Particulars of this outrage enclosed.

1844 Mar 26 No.6a Bills drawn on British Treasury for salaries. Has drawn for a further sum of £945 15s. Refers to his despatch 11/44.

1844 Apr 10 No.7 Government establishment at Russell. Reports in favour of its continuance and increase thereof and promises a further report in reply to Despatch 23 Apr 1843. Kororareka settlement included within Township of Russell and officially designated by the name of "Russell" and made the Port of Entry for Bay of Islands. Intends to remove the Gaol and Bonded Storehouse from the Town to the Port.

1844 Apr 10 No.8 Stamp Duties - on warrant appointing Mr Shortland as Colonial Secretary already remitted. In reply to Despatch 6/43. Refers to Acting Governor's despatch 28 Sep 1843.

1844 Apr 11 No.9 Acknowledges Despatches 17 to 21, 30, 32 to 40; Duplicates 2 to 4, 6 to 10, 22 to 31 and duplicate circulars 15 & 30 August, 11 Sep 1843. Mr W. Fox, acknowledges Despatch 12 October.

1844 Apr 15 No.10 Aborigines. Success of Government measures for ameliorating their condition, assistance to sick and beneficial influence of "Maori" Gazette. Reports of Chief Protector Clarke and Dr Fitzgerald enclosed. Returns: Of the number of Natives sick in the District of Port Nicholson 23 May to 23 Aug 1842 and 1 Sep to 30 Nov 1842 - records the nature of the disease, number affected, adults (male/female), children under 12 (male/female), number cured, number under treatment, numbers of births and deaths and remarks. Extract of Letter from Dr Fitzgerald to the Lord Bishop of Auckland 16 Aug 1843.

1844 Apr 15 No.11 Further report on financial difficulties. Explains his reason for issuing with advice of Council £6,000 in promissory notes of £50, £10, £5 and £ each payable within two years (30 Apr 1845) at five per cent and £945 15s in Bills on British Treasury, both amounts in aid of salaries &c up to 5 Apr 1844. Parliamentary Grants, Revenue, Expenditure &c. Colony unable to bear expence of Government Establishment or the reduction thereof. Increase required in Military, Naval, Medical & Protectorate Departements. Suggests and strongly recommends application to Imperial Parliament for a vote of £20,000 to pay off existing debts and an annual grant of £10,000 for three years in aid of Revenue. Estimates of proposed expenditure and ways and means and statements of assets and liabilities. Will correct and forward when corrected and laid before Legislative Council.

1844 Apr 15 No.12 Governor's tour and proceedings since 15 Jan 1844. Land disputes. Wairau Massacre &c. Submit result of his inspection of the settlements of Port Nicholson, Wellington, Nelson, Kapiti and Waikanae. Prevalence of bad feeling between settlers and natives through the unsettled land question and success of his efforts to check the former and adjust the latter. Encroachment of settlers on native lands. Misunderstanding as to extent of native reserves.

Enclosure A: Te Aro 10 Aug 1843 Letter to the Governor from the Chiefs of Te Aro - Mohi Ngaponga, Parai, Ropiha Moturoa

Enclosure B: 26 Jan 1844 Letter to the Governor from William Tako, Chief of Kumutoto and signatories Nga Tata, Pakau, Koenoka, Rupena, Paratene, Ewaru, Pirimika, Hohaia, Tipene, Timo, Tame, Te Tane, Anaru, Ko Iwi, Honi Parani, Paramena, Ngaweka, Tiru, Mou, Aperahama

Enclosure C: Minutes of conference at Major Richmond's Monday 29 Jan 1844 - present - Governor Fitzroy, Commissioner Spain, Major Richmond Chief Police Magistrate, Mr Hamilton Private Secretary, Protector Clarke, Protector Forsaith, Colonel Wakefield, Dr Evans

Enclosure D: Nelson 12 Oct 1843 Letter to Chief Constable at Nelson from four JPs detailing events at Wairau.
Enclosure E: Minutes of the proceedings at Waikanae on 12 Feb 1844
Enclosure F: Nelson 11 Jan 1844 Mr Tuckett's account of certain circumstances preceding the Wairau affray

Enclosure G: Wellington 24 Feb 1844 Letter from Governor Fitzroy to Captain Sir Everard Home Bart on his departure with HMS North Star from New Zealand

Enclosure H: Wellington 23 Feb 1844 Proceedings at a sitting of the Court of Claims before Mr Commissioner Spain regarding Te Aro - speech of the Governor.

Enclosure K1: Governor Fitzroy - explanation behind the waiving of the Crown's Right of Pre-emption over 150,000 acres of land in New Munster where selected by the Company's Agent for the proposed Scotch settlement; and to leave it to him to effect the purchase with assistance from Government.

Enclosure K2: Wellington 27 Feb 1844 Copy of the Instructions for purchase of 150,000 acres of land in or near the Wairarapa or Wyderop Valley and of not more than 200,000 acres elsewhere under the Superintendence of John Jermyn Symonds, Police Magistrate without regard to figure or continuity of blocks - to Colonel Wakefield and Commissioner Spain.

Enclosure L1: Auckland 22 Feb 1844 Memorandum from Andrew Sinclair - "Major Bunbury has just received information that the Maoris intend to make an attack on the Soldiers this day at seven o'clock and has given directions that His Honor the Chief Judge be informed of it. He requests to have the keys of the Church from the Rev Mr Churton, in order to make use of that building for the Ladies and the children &c as a place of security in case of necessity."

Enclosure L2: Government House Auckland 26 Feb 1844 Major Bunbury (acting during Governor Fitzroy's absence) enclosing an extract from the Minutes of the Executive Council regarding the rescue, by a party of natives, of a prisoner from the Court House, on whom a sentence of three months imprisonment with hard labour had been passed. The prisoner was surrendered again the following day.

Enclosure L3: Minute of a Meeting of the Executive Council convened by Major Bunbury 21 Feb 1844 in consequence of the rescue by natives of the Nga-ti-wa-tua tribe of a Native Chief named Temania - includes [A] Request for a Warrant from Felton Mathew; [B] Deposition from Percival Berrey, Sheriff of the Central District; [C] Deposition from James Smith, Chief Constable of Polce at Auckland; [D] Deposition from Alexander Black, carpenter residing in Auckland; [E] Letter from Mr G. Clarke to Te Tawa; [F] Letter of reply from Te Tawa 21 Feb 1844

Enclosure M: Address by Governor Fitzroy to Native Chiefs and others assembled at Government House 9 Mar 1844

Enclosure N: Extract Minutes of the Executive Council Friday 22 Mar 1844 Establishment of a Land Office in immediate connection with the Surveyor General's Department.

Enclosure O: Minutes of a meeting of Native Chiefs by appointment at Government House on Tuesday 26 Mar 1844 outlining the conditions under which Europeans would be allowed to purchase land. [1] That one tenth of all land purchased is to be set apart for, and chiefly applied to your future use... [2] The produce of that tenth will be applied by Government to building schools and hospitals... The management of these reserves will be entrusted to a Board or Committee consisting of the Governor, the Bishop, the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Crown Lands and the Chief Protector of Aborigines.

Enclosure O1: Extract Minutes of the Executive Council Monday 25 Mar 1844 respecting the Regulations for the exchange of land. Includes copy of the Government Gazette - Vol IV No.10 Auckland Tuesday Mar 26, 1844

Enclosure P: Extract Minutes of the Executive Council Friday 22 Mar 1844 - An arrangement for sanctioning the purchase of land direct from the Aboriginal Owners; Monday 25 Mar 1844 - The arrangements for enabling the Aboriginal Owners to sell their lands to certain persons.

Downing Street 30 Nov 1844 Reply to Despatch No.12

12 Dec 1844 Forwarding despatch from the Governor of NZ to Sir John Barrow Bart that adverts to the assistance which he received from Captain Sir Everard Home

1844 Apr 15 No.13 Effects of Mr William Edward Humble who died intestate on the Mandarin on his way from England to New Zealand in 1841. He was the son of Edward Humble. Includes reference to land details and an inventory of effects sold at auction. Enclosed particulars as to disposal of as required by Despatch No.18/43.

1844 Apr 15 No.14 Abraham John Dombrain, son of John Dombrain, died intestate 24 Aug 1842. Forwards particulars of his Death and disposal of his effects in reply to Despatch No.7/43. Includes statement by John Moore, Printer; Report of Thomas Outhwaite, Receiver of Intestate Estates

1844 Apr 15 No.15 Fines (three of £100 each) imposed on the Edwin T. Cook, Master of the American Whaler the "Nile", lying at Port Russell, for making false reports inwards and outwardsy, and for smuggling a box of tobacco. Particulars of this case enclosed. Impolitic to enforce the Customs Laws too rigidly in cases of American Whalers. Suggests remission of two of the fines. No blame attributable to Magistrates in this case. Contrary opinions of Acting Collector and Attorney General. Statements by John Guise Mitford, Sub Collector of Customs for the Port of Russell; Thomas Pringle, Landing Waiter and Tide Surveyor for the Port of Russell; William Wheeler, Acting as Steward of the "Nile" of New Bedford; Horatio Alexander Cato, Steward on board the "Nile"; Henry William Dudley charged with misshipping tobacco; Simeon Coffee, Boatswain on board the "Nile"; Joseph Antone, Boatsteerer in the ship "Nile"; James Dyke, servant of Mr Dudley; William Washington, lodger in Moco's Pah on the beach

1844 Apr 18 No.16 Minutes of Executive Council half year ending 31 Dec 1843 enclosed
1844 Apr 18 No.17 Quarterly returns &c for 1843 of Immigrants. Prices of provisions, wages &c. Capital required. An over supply of labour.

1844 Apr 18 No.18 Ordinances Nos 1 to 3, 1844. His reasons for not expanding their operation. Supreme Court Ordinance No.1/44 contains amendments. Jury Amendment Ordinance No.2/44 provides for the admission of Jurors without property qualification and of Aboriginal Natives as Jurymen. Land claims Ordinance No.2/44 passed to expedite settlement of land claims.

May to September 1844

1844 May 25 No.19 Native Fears at Remuera and subsequent Conferences at Government House on 13th and 24th May - account of. Refers to his Despatch No.12/44 and Acting Governor's 27th Jan 1844. Proposed purchase by Government of land near Kawhia; amendment of laws affecting Natives; non-imprisonment of Chiefs; substitution of Fines for imprisonment; Rival claims to Motiti Island near Tauranga; Governor's offer of mediation accepted; Depredations on Papakura Settlement and tender of compensation by Native Chiefs &c; Names and estimated numbers of principal Tribes present at Remuera 11 May 1844

1844 Jun 4 No.20 Instructions to Major Richmond as Superintendent of Southern Division. Enclosures on continuation of Despatch No.12/44. Memorandum on neutral policy towards Natives.

1844 Jul 1 No.21 Government Gazette half year ending 30 Jun 1844

1844 Jul 14 No.22 Address to Governor Fitzroy on his arrival and assumption of the Government (and his replies thereto) from Inhabitants of Auckland, Wellington, New Plymouth and Bay of Islands. Grievances of Settlers - Financial difficulties; Non-settlement of land claims; Policy towards Natives; Trade restrictions; Transportation; Outrages; Protectors proceedings; Legislation for Natives; Beacon; Duties.

1844 Aug 20 No.23 Minutes of Legislative Council during third Session. Encloses without protests and observations thereon.

1844 Aug 20 No.24 Estimates for 1844-45. Probable expenditure £35,991 and Revenue £36,000. Doubts ability to raise more than £15,000 from Colonial sources and will therefore require an additional advance from British Funds to meet anticipated deficiency of revenue in 1844-45. Customs duties (£20,000) continued and Impost duties increased five percent from impossibility of levying a land tax and opposition to direct taxation. Inapplicability of Custom House System to New Zealand and necessity for eventually adopting a system of free trade and direct taxation.

1844 Aug 20 No.25 Legislative Council met on 15th may and adjourned on 18th July/47. Outrages in Bay of Islands and New Plymouth by Natives under Chief "Heke" arising out of an alleged breach of Native Customs by a Native Woman married to a Settler named Lord. Encloses particulars of and of measures adopted for Defence of the Settlers. Destruction of the Government Flag Staff at Russell.

1844 Sep 11 No.26 Minutes of Executive Council half year ending 30 June 1844. Grants of land increased.

1844 Sep 11 No.27 Bills drawn on British Treasury Nos 18 to 23 for £1,500 on account of salaries provided for by Parliamentary Grant under Secretary of State's Despatch No.24/43. Submits list of.

1844 Sep 14 No.28 Native dispute in the neighbourhood of Tauranga as to the possession of Motiti Island. Encloses letter from Protector Shortland shewing nature of arrangement for settling this dispute and also the tenacious tenure of land in New Zealand. In continuation of Despatch No.19/44.

1844 Sep 14 No.29 Ordinances passed 3rd Session of Legislative Council Nos 1 to 21 of 1844. Will forward an explanatory despatch with the requisite number of copies.

1844 Sep 14 No.30 Native outrages Bay of Islands. In continuation of Despatch No.25/44. Encloses result of Conferences with Natives at Waimate in connection with destruction of Signal Staff by Chief Heke and apologetic letter of the latter.

1844 Sep 14 No.31 Acknowledges Despatch Nos 3 & 18/44

1844 Sep 16 No.32 New Zealand Company affairs at Cook's Straits. Will personally superintend settlement of as soon as possible. In reply to Despatch No.15/44. Legislative Council summoned for 19 Sep 1844 to pass three important Ordinances to Abolish Customs, levy a property rate and raise and organize a Militia.

1844 Sep 16 No.33 Reporting alteration in the arrangment of the Post Office department in New Zealand

1844 Sep 28 Confidential Bankruptcy and general distress and measures adopted for relief thereof. Furnishes particulars. Refers to his Despatch No.11/44 and draws attention to Bankrupt state of the Colony. Stoppage of money payments and land and legal business. Unpaid salaries. Decrease of customs and general revenue. Poverty of Bay of Island and Southern settlers. Capabilities and Political importance of the Colony. New Zealand Company - distress and confusion through its stopping payment. Will Visit Cooks Straits in a few days. Customs establishment abolished. Ordinance passed for that purpose. Defends the measure. Pernicious effect of Customs restrictions and want of free trade. Disturbances in Bay of Islands attributed to baneful influence over Natives of Frenchmen, Americans, Roman Catholic missionaries, R. C. Bishop (M. de Pompallier) and Mr Mayhew (late American Consul). Proposes to check this influence of foreigners by issuing small salaries and occasional presents to Principal Chiefs in the more settled and frequented districts. Capabilities of the Colony - its commercial, moral, political importance - extent and value of its mineral and productive wealth; discovery of tin near the Seas, profitable cultivation of Silky Flax, probable renewal of Whale Fishery, abundance of good land and timber. Natives inclined to labour for wages. Capital much required. Debentures - alleges that the issue of as a legal paper currency has saved the Bank from breaking and the Colony generally from much misery. Property Tax Bill passed. Minutes of Legislative Council and Ordinances enclosed. Session opened 19th and closed 28th September 1844. Speeches of Governor on opening and closing the Sesstion. Militia Bill - rejection of. Supreme Court Rules - Ordinance 1/44 and discussion thereof. Property Rate Ordinance No.2/44 and discussion thereof. Newspaper extracts - successful and amicable settlement of native disturbance at Bay of Islands; Abolition of Customs at Russell; Free Trade and its effects; Reductions of expenditure &c

1844 Sep 29 No.34 Abolition of Customs Duties and substitution of one per cent rate on property and income. In continuance of Despatch 16 Sep 1844, submits his defence of this unauthorised measure and encloses property rate Ordinance No.2/44, points out probable advantages of free trade to the Colony and anticipated increased revenue. Expects to be able to meet out of Property Rate proceeds expences directed to be defrayed out special local rates. Land tax - probable imposition of next Session of Legislative Council. Customs Officers recommended for compensation for loss of Offices. Salaries to be paid up to 31 Dec 1844. Sub-Collectors will be allowed to act as Property Rate Collectors and Post Officers. Harbour and Quarantine Regulations 1st October 1844 enclosed. Spirits - Natives dislike, and not likely to become addicted to drinking throught their (spirits) cheapness. Memorandum by Mr Stephen &c.

October 1844

1844 Oct 5 No.35 Bills drawn on British Treasury for £902 17s 6d in six bills (Nos 1 to 6) on account of salaries payable out of Parliamentary Grant. Encloses list of. Refers to Secretary of State's despatch No.24/43 as authority.

1844 Oct 12 Introducing Mr William Brown a member of the Legislative Council and a merchant. He goes to England in his own ship - the Bolina of 500 tons laden entirely with New Zealand produce; namely copper, manganese, timber, oil, flax and dye-woods.

1844 Oct 14 No.36 Proclamation 10 Oct 1844 removing restrictions on the limited sale of land by natives to private persons. Encloses and defends issue of. Also encloses his Memo. Minutes of Executive Council and opinion of Protector Clarke in favor of this measure. Treaty of Waitangi enclosed. Conspiracy against the Government. Reports that several persons have subscribed towards largely rewarding any agitator writing to excite the Natives to rebel against the Government's sole right of pre-emption (not understood by Natives) over Native Lands under Treaty of Waitangi.

1844 Oct 14 No.37 New Zealand Company's purchase of land from Port Nicholson natives. Encloses particulars of his Conference with the Natives shewing difficulties attending any extensive purchase of land in New Zealand and his advocacy of Company claim. Evil influence of Europeans &c and cupidity of Natives. Te Aro £300, Kumutoto £200, Pipitea £200, Tiakiwai £30 - as payment by the New Zealand Company as full payment and full satisfaction and absolute surrender of all our title to all our claims in all our lands viz all the places of Port Nicholson and neighbourhood AND on the other hand the Pahs, the cultivations, the sacred places and the places reserved will remain alone for us. Schedule of Districts: Watts Peninsula, Evans Bay, Town District, Ohiro District, Kairore, Kaiwarawara, Upper Kaiwarawara, Te ra witi, Oterango, Ohaua, Makara, O'Hariu, Kinapora, Harbour, Horokiwi Road, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Lowry Bay, Pakuratahi, Wainuiomata. Block reserved for Natives Kaiwara

1844 Oct 15 No.38 Blue Book for 1843. Forwards and explains his delay in transmission and inability to furnish a full report on the conditions and prospects of the Colony till next year.

1844 Oct 15 No.39 Report on State and Prospects of the Colony with a Memo on its Products. In continuation of Despatch No.38/44. Attributes financial difficulties and distress to false speculation. Capabilities of the Colony to maintain a large European population. Land disputes &c.

1844 Oct 16 No.40 Ordinance No.4/44 for authorising issue of Debentures and making them a legal tender £15,000. Reports and defends. Colony recovering from its financial difficulties. Bank saved. Government debts limited to a few half salaries. Sale of Debentures at public auction stopped.

1844 Oct 19 Confidential Further disturbances at Bay of Islands arising out of the accidental wounding of a Native Woman by some Constables while engaged in apprehending an Englishman named Bryars and the seizure by the natives of Mr Wright's horses on refusal of the Magistrates to award compensation for the injury. Forwards particulars. Amicably settled. Again draws attention to evil influence and intrigues of Americans and French against British Authority - letters from Native Chiefs enclosed with his replies. Naval and Military protection. Great want of. Applies for a Regiment and two ships of War. Objections to a Militia.

1844 Oct 21 No.41 Movements of Governor and Naval Force. Transmission of despatches. Proposes that originals be sent direct and duplicates via Sydney.

1844 Oct 22 No.42 Ordinances 7d and 8d V. Nos 1 to 21 and two private passed 3rd Session 1844 and 1 and 2 passed 4th Session 1844. Encloses and reports on. Supreme Court amendment Ordinance No.1/1844 Sep 3rd. Jury Amendment Ordinance No.2/1844 Sep 3rd. Requires no property qualification and prepares for admission of Aboriginal Jurymen. Land Claims amendment Ordinance No.3/1844 Sep 3rd. Debetures Legal Tender of Ordinance No.4/1844 Sep 3rd. Appropriation of Revenue 1844-5 Ordinance No.5/1844 Sep 3rd. Estimates for 1844-5. Encloses Minutes of Council and protests of unofficial members against the estimates. Customs amendment Ordinance No.6/1844 founded on Secretary of State's Despatch No.48/42. Additional duties levied. Opposition of unofficial members and inhabitants of Auckland against this Act and his proposed taxes on land and houses. Imprisoned debtors relief Ordinance No.7/1844 Sep 3rd. Court of Requests substituted for County Courts Ordinance No.8/1844 Sep 3rd. Native Reserve Trustees Ordinance No.9/1844 Sep 3rd appoints and regulates Board for management of Property received for Education and advancement of the Aborigines. Auction duty abolished. Licence fee increased Ordinance No.10/1844 Sep 3rd encloses Chief Judges report on working of Ordinance No.10/42 Sep 2nd. Municipal Corporations Ordinance No.12/1844 Sep 3rd founded on Secretary of State's Despatch No.1/44. Expects none will be willingly established without moderate grants of (Coast- unprofitable to the Crown from shortness, one year, of leases) lands from the Crown as an endowment. Distillation. Repeal of Prohibitory Law Ordinance No.13/1844 Sep 3rd. Cattle Trespass amendment Ordinance No.14/1844 Sep 3rd. Summary proceedings Ordinance No.15/1844 Sep 3rd. Unsworn testimony - admission of Ordinance No.16/1844 Sep 3rd founded on Secretary of State's despatch 30/43. Harbor Regulations amendment Ordinance No.17/1844 Sep 3rd founded on Secretary of State's despatch 81/42 encloses copies of old and new regulations. Natives - Legal Exemption of Ordinance No.18/1844 Sep 3rd. Dog Nuisance abatement Ordinance No.19/1844 Sep 3rd. Licencing amendment Ordinance No.21/1844 Sep 3rd passed to encourage establishment of Inns much required. Union Bank of Australia Private Ordinance No.1/1844 Sep 3rd founded on Secretary of State's despatch 8/43. Naturalisation of German Settlers Private Ordinance No.2/1844 Sep 3rd founded on Secretary of State's despatch 57/42. Great numbers have left the colony through disappointed expectations. Supreme Court Rules Ordinance No.1/1844 Sep 4th. Property Rate and Customs Abolition Ordinance No.2/1844 Sep 4th. Memoranda and reports on above Ordinances bound up here.

1844 Oct 22 No.43 Complaint of Mr Fox, New Zealand Company agent at Nelson against proposed declaration of Barristers on enrolment in Supreme Court. Mr Fox's explanation enclosed. Wairau Massacre - encloses two memorials from Nelson settlers to Secretary of State and House of Commons complaining of Governor Fitzroy's proceedings in this and alleged illegal interference with the settlement thereof. Printed and manuscript lists (signatures) of names along with indications relating to the 290 names not found in the Jury List, 35 names of children under age, five non-residents and five Germans.

December 1844

1844 Dec 10 No.44 Purchase of land at Otago in the Middle Island by the New Zealand Company's agent. Encloses particulars of and plans. Sketch shewing New Edinburgh purchase and Reserve for Natives and A Survey of part of the Harbour of Otago by I. W. Barnicoat and W. Davison - surveyors to the Expedition for selecting the site of the New Edinburgh Settlement. Qualifications as a site for a Settlement. Moderate harbour, coal &c. Suggests introduction of Immigrants and purchase of Native lands and sale thereof. Includes Deed document and names of the signatories - being the Chiefs and men of the Ntaitahu Tribe.

1844 Dec 16 No.45 Mr P. D. Hogg's letter thanking for appointment as Chief Collector of Revenue with an allowance of five per cent on collections and applying for re-appointment to Customs Department. Enclosures and supports application.

1844 Dec 18 No.46 Aborigines. Encloses reports of Protectors &c on the general condition and disposition of the Natives from Feb 1843 to Aug 1844.
Enclosure 1: Mongonui 10 Feb 1843 Commissioner Edward Lee Godrey to Colonial Secretary

Enclosure 2: Protector's Office Auckland 23 Feb 1843 Mr Clarke, Chief Protector of Aborigines to Colonial Secretary - encloses report by H. Tacy Kemp dated 10 Feb 1843 from Kaitaia mentioning Nopera Panakareao with regard to the claims of Pororua who was the Chief from whom the settlers derive the purchases.

Enclosure 3: Wellington 30 Dec 1843 Mr Clarke Jnr to Chief Protector of Aborigines
Enclosure 4: Protector's Office Auckland 31 Jul 1844 Chief Protector of Aborigines to Colonial Secretary

Enclosure 5: Protector's Office Auckland 12 Aug 1844 Chief Protector of Aborigines to Colonial Secretary - encloses letter by Edward Shortland dated 2 Aug 1844 from Tauranga enclosing a translation of a letter from William Thompson.

Enclosure 6: Protector's Office Auckland 15 Aug 1844 Chief Protector of Aborigines to Colonial Secretary - encloses report of George Clarke Jnr, Wellington 29 Jun 1844 on the conclusion of the investigation of the New Zealand Company's claims. Includes a lot of correspondence to and from Colonel Wakefield.

1844 Dec 19 Confidential Report on state and prospects of the Colony. Five enclosures. Improvement therein. Land Purchases from Natives. Customs restrictions. Abolition of his measures for limited sales of Native Lands, and for introduction of Free Trade. Registry of Shipping. Has met technical difficulty through closing of Custom Houses by signing Registration Certificates after Acting Collectors Certificate. Land Regulations of 10 Oct 1844, favourable working of, also form of applications for land and further regulations for waiving Crown Right of Pre-emption thereon. Movements of Governor. Memoranda on the settlement of the Taranaki Land dispute and his (the Governor's refusal to confirm Mr Commissioner Spain's award to New Zealand Company against the claim of the Nga-ti-awa Tribe who were not parties to the sale to the Company in 1840. Also shewing non-forfeiture of territorial rights by New Zealanders on becoming slaves (by capture or otherwise) of another Tribe. Protection - Disturbances at Russell. Encloses particulars of another outrage by Natives at Russell and confidential reports of Mr Spain (containing opinion of Rev O. Hadfield) shewing necessity (concurred in by Government) of providing the Colony with an over-awing force of Troops and War Ships to enable it to demonstrate to Natives of Wellington &c the Power of British Government to enforce obedience to its Laws and thereby preserve the Peace of the Colony, promote its welfare, and develop its valuable resources. Militia Force - most strongly deprecates establishment of while bad feeling and jealousy subsists between Natives and Settlers. Resources of the Colony - Its products (silky flax, wood, leather &c) mines and want of Capital to develop their riches. Auckland - its excellent position for agricultural, commercial and mining purposes, healthy situation. Encloses list of produce shipped from the Port since establishment of Free Trade Regulations. Debenture Currency has relieved distress. Despatches not received of later date than April 1844.

1844 Dec 19 No.47 Public Accounts forwarded - Treasurers & Storekeepers for Nov and Dec 1843 and Treasurer's for Jan, Feb & Mar 1844.

1844 Dec 21 No.47 Services as Surgeons at Akaroa and Auckland of Monsieur Arnoux, Chief-Surgeon, French Ship Le Rhin and of Dr Davies as late Health Officer and Colonial Surgeon. Reports and enclosures. Memorial of the latter for arrears of salary.

1844 Dec 31 No.48 Returns enclosed for four quarters of 1844 of appointments, altered salaries and allowances and Stipendiary Magistrate. Dr A. Sinclair - approves his services as Acting Colonial Secretary and thoroughly recommends him for confirmation in the appointment. Mr David Rough alleged to have been deprived of his Salary as Harbour Master, Auckland through a misapprehension of his duties. Has, on recommendation of Surveyor General appointed him Superintendent of Public Works. Surveyors employed to expedite settlement of land claims. Encloses minutes of Executive Council and in explanation of their appointment. Police Magistrate, Nelson - further particulars as to appointment of. Mr Sinclar v. White. Mr Sinclair's conduct unsatisfactory. Delays his report promised in Despatch 12/1844. Encloses Mr Sinclair's application for Government employment as Crown Prosecutor at Nelson. Local Audit Board - explains appointment of Attorney General v. Collector of Customs. Mr W. Leech, Chief Clerk - recommends his appointment as Auditor General.

1844 Dec 31 No.49 Return of special payments in 1844 for ship building - Governor's passages to Settlements to settle disputes with Natives. Interest on Loans. Discount &c on Bells. Colonial Vessel Albert - necessity for construction. The first specimen of Auckland Naval Architecture 21 tons £147. Memo by Mr Gardner.

1844 Dec 31 No.50 Vouchers for £86 payable Acting Commissioner Robertson for passage expences of Governor and Suite per Hazard in 1844. Suggests reference to Admiralty if expence is disapproved of and draws attention to inapplicability of Colonial Regulations, cap 4. Sec 4 Articles 2 to 8 to Passages of New Zealand Authorities in ships of War. Proposes a lower scale of Table money to Commander or Officers payable by Governor''s authority and subject to final authority of Secretary of State.

1844 Dec 31 No.51 Returns of Special payments in 1844 incurred to complete agreements of his Predecessors with Natives for purchase of land. Objects to and has not made similar agreements.

1844 Dec 31 No.52 Dishonored Bills drawn by his Predecessors. Encloses return of Special payments on account of.

1844 Dec 31 No.53 Returns and Reports Nos 1 to 8 enclosed.
Enclosure 1: A report of survey on furniture in Government House held on the 29th December 1843
Enclosure 2: A return of Surveyors employed and surveys completed in New Zealand for the year 1843
Enclosure 3: A return of land reserved, sold, and granted during the year 1843
Enclosure 4: A return of land leased during the year 1843
Enclosure 5: A return of members composing the Legislative Council during the year 1844
Enclosure 6: Report of an examination of the Colonial Chest on the 28th December 1844
Enclosure 7: Report of immigrants arrived at New Plymouth per Himalaya on the 23rd December 1843
Enclosure 8: Quarterly Immigration returns

Schedule of all Despatches transmitted by the Governor to the Secretary of State for the colonies during the year 1844

January to March 1845

1845 Jan 1 No.1 Acknowledges Despatches 17-19 & 21/44 and Circulars 14 & 15 24 May 1844
1845 Jan 1 No.2 Government Gazette for half year ending 31 Dec 1844
1845 Jan No.3 Minutes of Executive Council for half year ending 31 Dec 1844
1845 Feb 10 No.4 Acknowledges Despatches 22-35/44

1845 Jan 6 No.5 List of Bills drawn for £905 6s on account of salaries of public officers from Parliamentary Grant under authority of Secretary of State Despatch 24/43 Nos 1 to 6

1845 Jan 17 No.6 List of Bills drawn on Treasury for £2,450 on account of salaries and contingencies of Government Establishment defrayed from Parliamentary Grant under Secretary of State Despatch 13 Mar 1843 Nos 1 to 17

1845 Jan 25 No.7 List of Bills drawn on Treasury for £400 on account of expences for relief and protection of New Zealand Company settlers at Wellington, Nelson and New Plymouth and incurred under authority of Secretary of State Despatch 15/44. Explains (Despatch No.8) circumstances under which he drew those Bills and expended £1400 for relief of the settlers.

1845 Jan 20 No.9 Observations on a recently appeared comet by Mr John Collingwood Haile of Surveyor General's Department. Includes a sky chart dated 16 Jan 1845 showing: a Centaurus, a Crux, Procyon, Sirius, Canepus, Aldebaran, S. Pole, Indus, Microscopium, Piscis Australis, Phenix, Fomalhaut, Apparatus Sculptores. See Daily Southern Cross 8 Feb 1845 The Comet

1845 Jan 25 No.10 Leave of absence granted, for twelve months, to Mr Felton Mathew, Police Magistrate at Auckland. Mr J. J. Symonds appointed to act as Chief Police Magistrate and Deputy Post Master General

1845 Feb 10 No.11 Report, required by Secretary of State Despatches 2 & 26/44 relative to Americans' Titles to land in New Zealand and alleged high rate of duties levied on American spirits imported by American merchants prior to assumption of British Sovereignty in New Zealand. Has been prepared and will be forwarded early. Delay in transmission explained.

1845 Feb 16 No.12 Steam Vessels. Presses for and reports facilities in the Colony for supplies &c required for them, provided the Machinery &c is sent out. Colony unable to bear expence. See reply to Despatch 32/44.

1845 Feb 21 No.13 Memorial enclosed (shewing the feelings and grievances of the Old Settlers before the conflicts with Natives) on the general state of the Colony. Memorial of the Merchants, Traders, Mechanics and Settlers residing in the Northern District 258 signatures. The memorialists (258) apply for a sufficient Armed Force for protection of British settlers, an Imperial Government Loan, and abolition of Native Protectorate System.

1845 Feb 22 No.14 Correspondence with Mr Commissioner Spain and summary thereof relative to his (Mr Spain's) proceedings in 1844 and settlement of Taranaki land question &c &c. Encloses in continuation of Despatch 12/44 with various papers relative to settlement of land questions at Taranaki or New Plymouth.

1845 Feb 24 No.15 Memorial from Port Nicholson settlers relative to purchases of land from Natives. Memorial from the Resident Land Owners of Port Nicholson resulting from a meeting held at Barrett's Hotel, Wellington 21 Nov 1844.

1845 Feb 24 Confidential Critical condition of the Colony and hostility of natives under Chiefs Heke, Mata, Rauperaha &c at the Hutt, Wanganui, Matakana &c and urgent necessity for our increased regular force to over awe the Natives and check baneful influence of Europeans over them _. Encloses reports & proclamations and shewing the above since December 1844. Robbery of Mr Hingston's property. Enclosure No.4 Copy of a letter (9 Jan 1845) from Justice H. S. Chapman relative to a "Taua" or war party of Taupo Natives coming down the Wanganui River - includes an account of Chapman's journey from New Plymouth to Wellington commencing 1 Jan 1845 with the crossing of the Waiaua River at Opunake and a detailing of circumstances at Ihupuka Pa (Waitotara) where Te Heu Heu and his taua sought utu.

1845 Mar 22 No.16 Claims of Captain A. Bliss and owners of the Matilda English whaler to compensation and reward for expences on account of and assistance afforded to 219 refugee settlers from Bay of Islands to Auckland after the destruction of "Russell" Town by the Natives. Submits and strongly supports.

1845 Mar 26 No.17 Outrages of Natives on British Settlers and Property in the Bay of Islands under Rebel Chef "Heke" and others. Forwards particulars of the destruction of "Russell" Town (Kororareka) by Natives under Heke and evacuation of that settlement by the British and points out urgent necessity for an over-awing Naval and Military Force. Applies for two Regiments of the Line, two Men of War, and a large War Steamer for two or three years, and afterwards one Regiment, one Man of War and the War Steamer. Complains of inattention to his applications for additional protective force. Services of Police Magistrate Beckham, the British Settlers, Soldiers and Sailors and Captain McKeever. Approves sketch of Russell (Kororareka) Town enclosed. Panic among the Settlers. Distribution of Troops between Russell and Wellington and non-concentration of Military Force at Russell. Defends Memo relative to application- of Governor Fitzroy for additional protection &c.

1845 Mar 26 No.18 Mr Polack's claim to compensation for losses through Natives destruction of Russell Town. Encloses and supports Mr Polack's application.

1845 Mar 26 No.19 Mr Clayton's application to be appointed British Consul at the Feejee Islands as requested (enclosed) by the Chief thereof. Enclosed with Mr Clayton's sketch and short account of the Islands and products thereof. Lost all his Property through destruction of Russell.

1845 Mar 26 No.20 Letters forwarded from two Chiefs of Friendly Islands to HM of British Protection through Rev W. Lawry.
1845 Mar 26 No.21 Acknowledges Despatches and Circulars. Blank Blue Book Returns for 1845-46
1845 Mar 26 No.22 Militia Ordinance No.1/45 enclosed. Will be brought into immediate operation

1845 Mar 26 No.23 Government Gazette, forwards first six numbers for 1845. Minutes of 5th Session of Legislative Council to 22 Mar 1845. Forwards proposed estimate of revenue and expenditure for 1845-6. Forwards Bills - Property Rate Amendment, General Dealers, Appropriation 1845, Highway, Crown Grants, Naturalization of German Settlers

1845 Mar 30 No.24 List of Bills drawn on Treasury for £420 on account of salaries and contingencies of Government Establishment provided for by Parliamentary Grant. Submits in continuance of Despatch No.6/45 Bill Nos 18-19 & 23.

January to March 1846

1846 Jan 2 No.1 Reports the nature of his operations against the Rebel Chief Heke and the way in which he has been able to avail himself of another Native Chief (Macquarie)

1846 Jan 6 No.2 Reports on the strength of a fortified villate (Kawiti's) which appears nearly impregnable from the long and narrow approach to it and the difficulty of dragging the Guns &c up the Hills. Encloses the military report of Colonel Despard detailing his operations against the Rebel Chiefs up to January 5 inclusive.

1846 Jan 6 No.3 Reports further on the operations against the Rebel Chiefs and his prospects of conquering them

1846 Jan 9 No.4 Encloses a report from Colonel Despard on the Military Operations carrying on against the Rebel Chiefs, describing the Stockades and other works constructed for attacking the Pah of the enemy.

1846 Jan 13 No.5 Encloses long and detailed reports of the operations against the Rebels which terminated by taking by assault the strong fortress Kawiti's Pah and the complete defeat of the Rebel Chiefs. Encloses correspondence with the Naval and Military Commandants, enumerates the different individuals who have particularly distinguished themselves and lists of the killed and wounded.

1846 Jan 19 No.6 Encloses a Memorandum on the best mode of conducting the Military operations of New Zealand describing the Military qualifications of the Natives, the manner in which they construct forts, which are of great strength and difficult to approach, they are exceedingly brave and well armed.

1846 Jan 19 No.7 Encloses a schedule of the Despatches addressed to the Colonial Office in the year 1845

1846 Jan 22 No.8 Reports that the Rebels having sent a friendly Chief to announce their entire submission he had granted them a free pardon, explains his motives for so doing and encloses some public notifications on the subject.

1846 Jan 22 No.9 Acknowledges Despatch No.4 Military August 8. Considers the Cannon proposed to be sent out to light for the service, recommends 24 pounders.

1846 Jan 26 Separate Encloses a copy of Governor Fitzroy's letter to Colonel Despard 6 Jun 1845 in which it is stated that the lands of the Rebels would be forfeited and given to the loyal Chiefs. Explains his motives for not having fulfilled this engagement.

1846 Jan 26 Separate The present is to introduce Captain Sir E. Home Bart RN who has been long on the Station and possesses much information

1846 Jan 27 Separate Considers it necessary that some change should be made in the Constitution of the Colony. The creation of Municipal Bodies with powers for passing bye laws would not be sufficient, suggests that a Lieutenant Governorship should be created for one portion of the Islands, this would rapidly promote prosperity.

1846 Jan 29 No.10 Encloses minutes of the Executive Council for the half year ending December 31
1846 Jan 29 No.11 Encloses minutes of the Legislative Council for the half year edning December 31

1846 Jan 29 No.12 Acknowledges Despatch Military No.3 July 28. The reinforcements from India having arrived and the Rebels having submitted the North Star Captain Graham will return to England. Recommends that the Driver should be relieved as her Boilers are defective.

1846 Feb 2 No.13 Refers to his Despatch No.4 November 23. Explains the measures he adopted for paying off the Government Debentures of a few shillings each which were circulating as legal tenders by means of an Ordinance which was disallowed. Encloses a letter from Messrs W. Swainson, T. Coates and A. Sinclair the Commissioners of Audit disapproving of the Governor's proceedings on the occasion, complains of the tone of these Gentlemen's letter and encloses his reply to them conveying very strong reproof for their very improper interference.

1846 Feb 4 No.14 Refers to his Despatch No.8 January 22. Encloses letters from the two Rebel Chiefs Heke and Kawiti, addressed to the Governor.

1846 Feb 5 No.15 Reports perfect tranquility in the Bay of Islands as also at Auckland. States his intention of going to Port Nicholson and the extent of reductions he is about making in the Government Establishments.

1846 Feb 5 No.16 Encloses a letter from Messrs T. Heale, F. Whitaker and W. Donnelly, unofficial members of the Legislative Council, tendering the resignation of their seats, which he has accepted. Considers their motives as proper.

1846 Feb 5 No.17 Encloses a plan of the fortified Village of Kawiti
1846 Feb 5 No.18 Encloses copy of his application for a passage in a Man of War to the Southern Settlements on a visit in Duty

1846 Feb 4 No.19 States that measures are being taken by some parties to induce the belief that his measures will be disapproved at home. Captain Fitzroy is still in the Colony. Requests that an early announcement may be made of the approbation or disapprobation of his policy.

1846 Feb 7 Separate Encloses a letter received from Mr Spain relative to his appointment as Commissioners of Land Claims. He has declined entering into Mr Spain's case as it is now pending with the Secretary of State having been sent home by his predecessor.

1846 Feb 7 Separate Encloses a letter from Mr R. Fitzgerald to the Secretary of State containing charges against Captain Fitzroy and Dr Sinclair with regard to irregularities in grants of land to various individuals.

1846 Feb 7 Separate Refers to the preceding Despatch on the irregularities of grants of land. Explains a case of great irregularity on the part of Captain Fitzroy in having given directions for having the Deeds prepared for completing a grant of land, to a private society, after he had ceased to administer the Government and during the absence of Governor Grey at the seat of the Rebellion.

1846 Feb 9 No.20 Encloses his correspondence with Kawiti and Heke between 27 November and 4 December with his own Memorandums on the same. This document was intended to be sent forward before but accidentally lost sight of at the time.

1846 Feb 12 No.21 Reports his arrival at Wellington and the practicability of dislodging the Natives from certain land belonging to Europeans in the Valley of the Hutt.

1846 Feb 13 No.22 Encloses a complimentary address from the inhabitants of Port Nicholson to Governor Grey, with his reply. Signed by: Ngatitoa Tribe - Te Rauparaha, Te Warauhi Nohorua, Rawiri Kingi Puaha, Henry Martyn Te Wiwi, Robert Hurumutu, Thompson Te Rauparaha, Noble Te Taiepa, Paea; Ngatiawa - William King Wite, Wata Te Herepounamu, Riwai Te Ahu; Ngatiraukawa - Te Watanui, Zachariah Te Reinga, Solomon Toremi

1846 Feb 14 No.23 Reports the result of his interview with one of the Chiefs on the subject the withdrawal of Natives from the land occupied by them, but belonging to Europeans - they are willing to evacuate the land but expect compensation for their Crops.

1846 Feb 17 No.24 Encloses a letter he has received, signed by fiftenn of the most influential of the Native Chiefs, expressing a desire for the complete establishment of the Queen's Laws and Government, feels satisfied that this is the exclusive and spontaneous feeling of these Chiefs, copy of the Governor's reply.

1846 Feb 17 No.25 In reference to his Despatch No.23 Feb 14. Reports the progress made towards abandoning by the Natives of the disputed land in the Valley of the Hutt.

1846 Mar 8 No.26 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Reports an incursion by some of the Natives into the Valley of the Hutt and their escape after plundering 17 houses. Explains the measures he adopted in consequence.

1846 Mar 11 No.27 Reports the retirement of the Natives from the disputed land. Describes a stockade which the Natives had abandoned, its position being perfectly impregnable and fully justifies the cautious measures he had adopted.

1846 Mar 13 No.28 Encloses his application to Captain Graham RN for a passage to Wanganui in HMS Castor in consequence of some excitement having occurred among the Natives.

April to May 1846

1846 Apr 7 No.29 Having received a report of a Man and Boy being murdered by the Natives he took steps to have the murderers given up, but without success, upon which he proceeded in the Driver to Porirua with Troops. Explains his reasons for deciding on taking possession of the District of Porirua which he describes as a commanding position.

1846 Apr 9 No.30 In reference to the preceding Despatch encloses his letter to Colonel Hulme respecting taking Military possession of the District of Porirua with a detachment of 220 men under command of a Field Officer. Encloses also a Memorandum describing his motives and his instructions for the Officer in Command.

1846 Apr 14 No.31 Acknowledges Despatch No.9 July 17. Reports that Mr Moeller having gone to South Australia the Papers and Documents for him had been sent there.

1846 Apr 14 No.32 Refers to Secretary of State's Despatch No.49 November 21, 1843. No objection to Mr Dillon Bell as Prussian Consul

1846 Apr 14 No.33 Acknowledges Despatch No.28 August 15. Encloses his Proclamation relative to the conditions on which it is intended to grant lands to the New Zealand Company but to no other person. Reports that he has made to the Company an unconditional grant of 400,000 acres at Otago.

1846 Apr 16 No.34 Encloses a Memorandum explaining the reasons for Military possession of the District of Porirua being taken and the necessity of incurring certain expenditure in the construction of a Road which is necessary to be done without delay. Encloses a plan of the locality and an estimate of the expenditure £1,430. Shows the native path to the Hutt.

1846 Apr 19 No.35 Refers to Governor's Despatch No.63 September 13. Reports having visited Wanganui to investigate the claim of the New Zealand Company to 40,000 acres of land in that District and that he has employed Mr J. Symonds to make a purchase of the land from the Natives.

1846 Apr 22 No.36 Reports his intention of visiting the northern parts of the Island and encloses his confidential instructions to the Naval and Military authorities during his absence, also a secret Memorandum on the line of policy on which he considers it advisable to act with regard to the Natives friendly or unfriendly.

1846 Apr 22 No.37 Reports that having made all his arrangements for the southern districts, he is about to embark on board the Driver for Auckland.

1846 Apr 27 No.38 Reports his arrival at Auckland and that he found the District in a state of tranquility
1846 Apr 29 Separate Reports that Captain Hay RN is on his way to England and refers to him for information on the state of the Colony

1846 May 2 No.39 Encloses an application from Mr T. Beckham, Police Magistrate, claiming £266 15s as compensation for his property destroyed by the Native Rebels in March 1845.

1846 May 4 No.40 Encloses an account of land sales and suggests employing £170 of it on immigration

1846 May 7 No.41 Complains of a very heavy charge being made at the Custom House for duties on his personal baggage and effects, on his arrival from South Australia.

1846 May 9 No.42 Encloses copy of his application for a passage on board of the Driver to enable him to visit the Bay of Islands

1846 May 10 No.43 Refers to his Despatches Nos 30, 34 and 36 April 9, 16 & 22. Encloses a plan in illustration of the Military operations referred to in the aforesaid Despatches.

1846 May 10 No.44 Reports that the Colony is in a perfectly tranquil state and that the Native Chiefs express a wish for the Governor to visit their different localities in order that they may be able to state their wants and greivances. He intends visiting them.

1846 May 10 No.45 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr G. Clarke claiming to be repaid what he considers an overcharge in the purchase of land and complaining of the changes in the Protector of Aborigines Department having compelled him to resign his Office. Reports fully on Mr G. Clarke's case and does not recommend it to favourable consideration. Includes a Plan of Auckland showing Commercial Bay, Point Britomart, Church, Government House, Mechanics Bay, Native Reserve, Hobsons Way and Sections selected by the Collector of Customs, Protector of Aborigines, Attorney General, His Honor the Judge and the Chaplain

1846 May 12 No.46 Enters into an explanation of his views on the best arrangements to be made for the finances of the Colony, considers the resources may be made adequate to the necessary expenditure by a well arranged Tariff of Custom duties. A Native Police might be very advantageously employed so as to be able in three or four years to reduce the Military Force to a considerable extent.

1846 May 14 No.47 Encloses his correspondence with the Commander of the Forces relative to the Military Force required in the Colony. Recommends 2,500 men and considers an ample force at first calculated to prevent petty wars, but considers that in four or five years one Regiment might be sufficient.

1846 May 20 Separate Reports on his visit to the Northern Districts and that Rawiti the Native Chief had paid him a visit on board the Driver the whole of the Chiefs have also come forward to make their submission with the exception of Heke who has not had time to arrive, is of opinion Heke will not come but his influence has declined.

1846 Feb 7 Separate The correspondence on Mr W. Spain's case is bound up at the end of this volume.

June 1846

1846 Jun 2 No.48 Acknowledges Despatch No.38 October 15 in reference to Governor Fitzroy's confidential Despatch of the 9th April 1845. States that on his arrival he found himself influenced by current reports unfavourable to Dr Pompallier and the Roman Catholic Clergy, but that he has since found on investigation that these reports were unmerited by the Roman Catholic Clergy and had been propogated by malicious and interested individuals.

1846 Jun 3 No.49 Encloses copy of a letter, 24 Mar 1845, from Mr G. Clarke, late Protector of Aborigines, in order to show the irregular and improper manner Mr Clarke conducted the business of his office.

1846 Jun 5 No.50 Encloses a letter from Mr T. Heale to the Secretary of State as an appeal against the decision in the case of the Manakau and Waitemata Association. Encloses also a request of the Executive Council on the subject. Complains of Governor Fitzroy having indirectly interfered in giving out official Papers long after he had given over the Government.

1846 Jun 9 No.51 Refers to Governor Fitzroy's Despatch No.36 October 14, 1844 relative to the improper means used to extort the Proclamation 10 Oct 1844 for waiving the Crown's Right of Pre-emption on certain lands on payment of one penny per acre. Encloses a list of individuals who have obtained Certificates for waiving the Crown's right of pre-emption over 90,000 acres of land. Refers to Secretary of State's Despatch separate June 27, 1845 and states that he does not intend to issue any grants of land under these Certificates without precise instructions. Enumerates a variety of reasons for considering this measure as unjust, illegal and impolitick.

1846 Jun 12 No.52 Encloses a long communication received from Mr Clarke on his giving up Office as Protector of Aborigines. Governor's remarks on Mr Clarke's paper and its references to the proceedings of Government.

1846 Jun 17 Separate Acknowledges Circular December 23 announcing the appointment of Mr Gladstone as Secretary of State for the Colonial Department. Calls attention to the peculiar circumstances connected with his Government, trusts his measures will meet approbation.

1846 Jun 17 Confidential Acknowledges confidential Despatch December 5. Reports that great inconvenience occurs in the Military operations by the European Settlers improperly giving information to the Natives and spreading false reports.

1846 Jun 18 No.53 Refers to his Despatch No.51 June 9. Reports the course he is pursuing with regard to parties having purchased lands from the Natives in expectation of the Crowns right of pre-emption being waived, encloses public notifications on the subject dated June 15. Finds it difficult to suggest any means for an equitable adjustment of these claims.

1846 Jun 18 No.54 Refers to his Despatch No.51 June 9. Encloses a copy of his communication to several individuals noting Government Offices, who had availed themselves of the Proclamation for waiving the Crown's right of pre-emption on lands - the parties to whom the communication was made were Messrs Coates, Porter and Elliot.

1846 Jun 19 No.55 Encloses a letter from Mr T. D. Greenwood accompanying a Memorial to the House of Commons from purchasers of land from the New Zealand Company praying that measures may be taken to enable them to obtain legal redress against that Company.

1846 Jun 19 No.56 Acknowledges Despatches No.55 December 2 and No.1 December 31, relative to Governor Fitzroy's complaints against Mr Williams, American Consul, and Mr Mayhew. Encloses some correspondence in response to this subject.

1846 Jun 20 No.57 Encloses the reports of an attack made by the Natives on one of the Military Outposts at Port Nicholson, with lists of the killed and wounded. Represents the necessity of increasing the Military Force to 2,500 men it being at present under 1,100 men, explains the course he intends to pursue with the Military at his disposal.

1846 Jun 20 No.58 Encloses a report from Mr Richmond, Superintendent, on the measures adopted for protection against the rebellious Natives in the Southern Division, together with his reply to the same.

1846 Jun 20 No.59 Reports that at Port Nicholson there are two Tribes of Natives who are not in possession of a sufficient quantity of land from the Native Reserves, accounts for this in various ways and states his reasons for having purchased some land for £350 from the New Zealand Company to complete the quantity of land required by the aforesaid Tribes. This relates to the purchase of Hutt Section 19 Waiwetu.

1846 Jun 20 No.60 Refers to the preceding Despatch and to No.23 February 14. Reports the particulars of arrangements which he has made with different Native Chiefs for the adjustment of differences on account of the lands claimed by them.

1846 Jun 20 Private Refers to his Despatch No.52 June 12 relative to Mr Clarke's complaint against the Governor. Explains the circumstances which have occasioned him to remain with the Army on repeated occasions and encloses correspondence on the subject.

1846 Jun 20 No.61 Encloses a report from Captain Russell on the progress making in the construction of the Roads, remarks on the employment of Natives. The employment of an increased number of Natives on the Roads has been sanctioned. The report names the Natives and their Tribes.

1846 Jun 21 No.62 Refers to his Despatch No.27 March 11. Encloses a letter written by one of the Rebel Chiefs showing the success of the measures adopted for cutting off the retreat of the Rebels in the Valley of the Hutt.

1846 Jun 21 No.63 Represents the evils that must result from adopting the system of waiving the Crown's right to pre-emption. Proposes to allow Europeans to purchase lands from the Natives on paying to Government a fee of sixteen shillings per acre and a confirmation Grant to be given if the whole amount of purchase money and fees is paid within a month, the fees to be appropriated to the road making and other public works and expenses.

1846 Jun 22 No.64 Encloses his application for a passage to Wellington on board the Driver with a Military Detachment

1846 Jun 23 No.65 Acknowledges Despatch No.43 November 3. Encloses a list of land claimants who have received Grants exceeding the maximum of 2,560 acres. Reports at considerable length on these excessive grants of land and the authority on which they have been made. Encloses correspondence with Coll. Godfrey on the subject, also the form of a Grant of this description and a Memorandum of Mr Sinclair, Colonial Secretary.

1846 Jun 23 No.66 Encloses a letter from Mr T. Taylor relative to a disputed claim to land in the Island of Kanwan the contending parties being Messrs J. F. Beattie, Kennedy, Heale and Whitaker. Encloses the report of the Attorney General on the question and requires instructions.

1846 Jun 24 No.67 Encloses copy of the Title Deeds made by Mr T. S. Polack for three Groups of Islands purchased by him from some of the Native Chiefs under the authority of the penny an acre Proclamation. Encloses the report of a Committee of the Council on the case and requires instructions. Expresses his strong disapprobation of this transaction and his fears that it may involve the Government in expensive contests.

1846 Jun 24 No.68 Refers to his Despatch No.65 June 23. Encloses seven claims for grants of land amounting in all to 12,376 acres being an excess over the award of the Commissioners of 3,638 acres, among these claims put forward by the Rev T. Kemp are included a portion for the following members of the Missionary Society, Messrs W. Williams, Shepherd, Clarke, Baker, Hamblin and Davis. He has declined to issue these Grants to Mr Kemp until he receives instructions.

1846 Jun 24 No.69 Refers to his Despatch No.35 April 19. Reports that Mr J. J. Symonds has failed in his negotiation with the Natives for the purchase of land required for the New Zealand Company at Wanganui, in consequence of another Native Tribe having established a valid claim to the land. Includes Symonds Report including a Plan of Wanganui.

1846 Jun 25 No.70 Encloses a report from Mr J. J. Symonds upon the condition of the settlers at Wanganui. Enclosed is a memorial from some of the Settlers on the unprotected state of Wanganui and the inefficient state of the Police Force signed by Samuel King, P. Wilton, John Nixon, F. H. Campbell, Wm. G. Bell and Wm. G. Bell Jnr.

1846 Jun 25 No.71 Encloses the Auditor's report with the required explanations on the Treasury Accounts
1846 Jun 25 No.72 Reports that the dangerous state of the Driver Steamer had caused a delay in his departure for Wellington

1846 Jun 25 Private Encloses a list of parties claiming land grants beyond the maximum grant of 2,560 acres also of those who claim the waiving the right of pre-emption. States that it would occasion great waste of blood and money to maintain and protect the parties in these claims, requires instructions.

July to October 1846

1846 Jul 2 No.73 Encloses the reports of the Military Authorities with the particulars of an attack, from an ambush by the Natives. Considers Captain A. W. Reed's movements injudicious and that his retreating before the Natives will have a bad effect. Hutt Valley - includes accounts by William Bertram White, Ensign Hutt Militia and Captain A. W. Reed, 99th Regiment.

1846 Jul 9 No.74 In reference to the preceding Despatch, states his anxiety to strike some decisive blow against the Rebels to counteract the contempt they express for our power. Encloses the report of Mr McKillop on the Rebels Pah and the practicability of taking up a strong position against it and bringing up Guns to bear on it, he waits till he has a sufficient force for the attack.

1846 Jul 10 No.75 Refers to his Despatch No.70 June 25. Encloses some letters from the Native Chiefs relative to the purchase of land at Wanganui by the New Zealand Company, states his intention of reopening the negotiation with the Native Chiefs and expects to succeed with them.

1846 Jul 20 No.76 Reports on investigation he personally made into the proceedings of Native Chiefs near to Porirua and states his reasons for doubting the fidelity of some who had appeared as friendly, considers now that they to a certain extent cooperating with the Rebel Chiefs.

1846 Jul 20 No.77 Encloses some letters from Native Chiefs respecting the movements of the Rebels who are being joined the Natives from various quarters. These were published in the New Zealand Spectator and Cook's Strait Guardian 4 Aug 1847 under the title Governor Grey's Measures with regard to Rauparaha. Enclosure 1 Te Mamaku, Porirua (Translation) to Hori Kingi, Te Tahana, Wiremu Te Tauri, Tamati Naka, Hori Kaiaroto, Raharuhi (Native Chiefs of Wanganui) 25 May 1846; Enclosure 2: Governor Grey, Wellington to Rt Hon W. E. Gladstone 20 Jul 1846; Enclosure No.3: Maketu (Translation) to Rauparaha 9 Jul 1846

1846 Jul 21 No.78 Represents the necessity of a rapid and decisive step being adopted to check the Rebels, but does not consider it prudent with the inadequate force at his disposal to adopt such measures, explains the position in which he finds himself and the plans he intends to act upon.

1846 Jul 23 No.79 Reports having formed an expedition against the Rebels but the weather prevented the landing of the Troops at the point destined for it, states the operations performed and that he had seized on some of the Native Chiefs whom he had reason to suspect.

1846 Jul 29 No.80 Refers to the preceding Despatch and reports that the Rebel Chief Rangihaeata has quitted his Pah - states the changes of his own movements in consequence in order to intercept his retreat.

1846 Aug 8 No.81 Encloses his application for a passage in a Man of War to direct his movements against the Rebels
1846 Aug 17 No.82 His passage being urgently required at Auckland he has applied to the Naval Commandant for a passage, encloses copy of his letter.
1846 Aug 31 No.83 Reports his arrival at Auckland where everything was in a state of perfect tranquility and prosperity

1846 Aug 31 No.84 Encloses Despatches from Major Last detailing the military operations against the Rebels in the southern district. Speaks highly of the gallant conduct of Major Last, Captain Stanley and the whole of the Officers both Civil and Military.

1846 Aug 31 No.85 Encloses a Schedule of his Despatches to the Secretary of State for the half year ending June 30
1846 Aug 31 No.86 Encloses minutes of the Executive Council for the half year ending June 30

1846 Sep 4 No.87 Encloses a return of the revenue from Customs duties for the years 1841 to 1845, also a return Expenditure of the Northern Division of the Colony for the quarter ending June 30.

1846 Sep 5 No.88 Acknwoledges Despatch No.2 January 3. Encloses a letter from Lieutenant St. Aubyn acknowledging receipt of a letter from the Secretary to the Admiralty.

1846 Sep 14 No.89 Encloses a long statement on the subject of the difficulties concerning the title deeds of certain lands in the vicinity of Port Nicholson which had been granted to the New Zealand Company. Acknowledges Despatch No.14 March 21 and explains the measures he has adopted for removing the difficulties.

1846 Sep 16 No.90 Encloses an application from Mr H. Clarke to be allowed a pension in consequence of an injury from a gunshot wound received whilst performing his duties. There are no funds from which to pay any such pension. Encloses correspondence respecting the appointments of Mr H. Clarke as also of his brother Mr G. Clarke.

1846 Sep 16 Private Acknowledges Mr Gladstone's letters of 30 January and 17 March. Expresses his satisfaction at finding his measures are approved.

1846 Sep 17 No.91 Calls attention to the meritorious services of George Williamson an Artillery Officer and requests that his name may be brought under the notice of the Master General of the Ordnance.

1846 Sep 17 No.92 Calls attention to the valuable services of Lieutenant W. C. Yelverton RA and Mr McKillop RN. These gentlemen have performed services of considerable danger with great skill and ability.

1846 Sep 18 No.93 In continuation of his Despatch No.84 August 31. Encloses Despatches and correspondence (giving full details of the complete dispersion of the Rebels) from the different Civil, Military and Naval authorities.

1846 Sep 18 No.94 Acknowledges Despatch No.1 January 1. Considers it perfectly practicable to raise a body of Native Troops. Encloses a letter from a Native Chief offering as Native Police one hundred and twelve young men who are ready to volunteer.

1846 Sep 19 No.95 Encloses a letter from the friendly Chief Walker Nene suggesting an interview between him and Heke. Explains his reasons for attaching some importance to the meeting of these two Chiefs and has requested Captain Graham to see it carried into effect.

1846 Sep 19 No.96 Encloses returns of Revenue for the quarters ending 31 March and 30 June. Considers the ordinary revenue may be calculated at £21,000 per annum exclusive of land revenue. Native labour is in continual increasing demand.

1846 Sep 27 No.97 Recomments that the valuable services of Captain H. R. E. Wilmot RA should be brought under the notice of the Master General of the Ordnance. Recapitulates the various services in which Captain Wilmot has been successfully engaged.

1846 Sep 29 No.98 Encloses a Memorial praying that the Government sanction may not be given to any grants of land purchased under the terms of what is called the penny an acres Proclamation. Encloses his answer to this Memorial.

1846 Sep 30 No.99 In reference to the preceding Despatch encloses a Memorial from certain parties who have purchased land under the authority of the Proclamation of October 10, 1844 and praying for the issue of their Crown Grants in consequence. Encloses copy of his reply to this Memorial.

1846 Oct 6 No.100 Encloses a list of persons employed by the Government in favour of whom the Crown's right of pre-emption has been waived on portions of land at the rate of one penny per acre.

1846 Oct 6 No.101 Encloses a letter from Captain Marlow RE suggesting the introduction of Convict Mechanics for the public works. Does not approve of this suggestion and states his reasons for recommending a party of 100 Sappers and Miners.

1846 Oct 7 No.102 Encloses his opening speech of the Legislative Council October 5

1846 Oct 7 No.103 Acknowledges separate Despatch May 26. Explains his views on the proposed changes in the Constitution of the Government of the Colony. Considers that Representative Institutions might at once be introduced in the middle of the Island, but there are certain points that can only be decided on the spot. Explains his reasons for considering that the Northern portion of New Zealand is not yet in a state for the representative system.

1846 Oct 7 No.104 Refers to his Despatch No.63 June 21 on the resumption by the Crown of the right of pre-emption. Reports that no excitement has ensued on the subject. Explains his views on the propriety or legality of the waiving of these rights by the Crown.

1846 Oct 16 Private Refers to his private Despatch June 25 relative to the employment of the Troops for the protection of certain large land claimants. Encloses a report from Major Arney relative to a mutiny of the Troops at Porirua on account of the severity of their duties with the want of Barracks and no Colonial allowance granted.

1846 Oct 17 No.105 Refers to his Despatch No.95 September 19. Encloses Captain Graham's report on the proposed interview with Heke and other Native Chiefs. Certain evil disposed Europeans are endeavouring to incite rebellion with the Natives.

1846 Oct 17 No.106 Reports the state of the Colony to be satisfactory with the exception of the evil disposed Europeans alluded to in the preceding Despatch.
1846 Oct 17 No.107 Encloses replies to the queries of the Auditors

1846 Oct 19 No.108 Refers to his Despatches Nos 95 and 105 September 19 and October 17. Encloses Captain Graham's report of his having brought about a complete reconciliation between Heke and the other Native Chiefs.

1846 Oct 23 No.109 Reports the trial and conviction by Court Martial held at Porirua of a Native Prisoner named Martin Ruta Te Wareaitu, who had been concerned in the murders during the rebellion, states his reasons for having allowed the sentence of death to be carried into effect. Encloses the proceedings of the Court Martial.

1846 Oct 23 No.110 Encloses the proceedings of a Court Martial on the trial of a Native Chief, Te Rangiatea, who was proved to be a dangerous Lunatic and was ordered to be kept confined in Gaol.

1846 Oct 23 No.111 Refers to his Despatch No.79. Reports the arrest of Rauparaha the Rebel Chief and that proof had been obtained of his treachery

1846 Oct 28 No.112 Encloses copy of his Despatch to the Governor of Van Dieman's land stating the valuable services of Mr Samuel Boyd a Sergeant of Artillery and recommending that his services should not be overlooked.

1846 Oct 30 No.113 Acknowledges Despatch No.26 April 20 requiring an opinion on the claims of Dr Davis. States that he has great difficulty in forming an opinion on this subject, which took place so long before his time and was unfavourably reported on by his Predessor.

November to December 1846

1846 Nov 6 No.114 States that a report of the New Zealand Company dated May 29 has just reached him in which his policy is totally misrepresented and stating that he endeavours to set tribe against tribe of the natives. Refers to his Despatch and explains that his policy is the very reverse of this.

1846 Nov 6 No.115 Encloses an Ordinance N.1 Naturalization of Individuals

1846 Nov 6 No.116 Encloses an Ordinance No.2 Constabulary Force. Reports this to be an experiment to introduce a portion of Natives among the Police. Encloses an estimate of the expense.

1846 Nov 7 No.117 Encloses an Ordinance No.3 Supreme Court amendment
1846 Nov 7 No.118 Encloses an Ordinance No.5 Duties of Coroners
1846 Nov 7 No.119 Encloses an Ordinance No.6 Wine for Military and Navy
1846 Nov 7 No.120 Encloses an Ordinance No.8 Customs amendment

1846 Nov 12 No.121 Acknowledges Despatch No.23 April 17 and refers to his separate Despatches February 7. Encloses some further communications from Mr Fitzgerald relative to his charges against Captain Fitzroy and Dr Sinclair.

1846 Nov 14 No.122 Acknowledges Despatch No.24 April 18. Replies to enquiries relative to Mr S. M. Scroggs, who has left New Zealand for Otago

1846 Nov 14 No.123 Encloses some correspondence respecting the allegations against Mr Spain. Explains his reasons for not allowing its publication in the Gazette.

1846 Nov 14 No.124 Encloses an Ordinance No.12 Rules of Court
1846 Nov 14 No.125 Encloses an Ordinance No.18 Arms, Gunpowder &c

1846 Nov 14 No.126 Encloses an Ordinance No.14 Customs Entries. Refers to his Despatch No.46 May 12 and explains his views on the resources of the Colony.

1846 Nov 14 No.127 Encloses an Ordinance No.16 Magistrate's Courts. Explains his motives for establishing these Courts, the growing intercourse with the Natives in trading transactions with Europeans render such Courts desirable.

1846 Nov 19 No.128 Reports having closed the Session of the Legislature November 18

1846 Nov 24 No.129 Acknowledges Despatches Nos 6 and 13 February 20 and March 21 and refers to his No.66 June 23. Encloses correspondence with Messrs Whitaker & Heale relative to land purchased from the Natives. Explains at very considerable length his views on these purchases considers them illegal and states the measures he has deemed it necessary to adopt in order not to confirm the transactions.

1846 Nov 24 No.130 Encloses an application from Mr T. S. Polack for compensation for premises belonging to him which were destroyed during the rebellion. Refers to Governor's Despatch separate 26 March 1845 on the subject.

1846 Nov 25 No.131 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from Messrs Whitaker and Heale relative to a grant of land made to them by Governor Fitzroy, in the Island of Kanwan, which grant has been annulled by the Supreme Court.

1846 Nov 25 No.132 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State praying that the penny an acre Proclamation may be recognised. This Memorial has only about 50 signatures. An Ordinance has passed the Legislature intended to finally settle these cases. The Memorialists obect to this Ordinance.

1846 Nov 25 No.133 Encloses a correspondence with Mr P. Imlay relative to his claim to purchase land from the Natives under the penny an acre Proclamation. Explains his views on the nature of these kind of operations which appear to be illegal and unjust.

1846 Nov 26 No.134 Encloses a Memorial from Mr G. T. Clayton claiming compensation for certain losses sustained by him during the disturbances. States that this case has already been under consideration.

1846 Nov 27 No.135 Encloses an Ordinance No.15 Police Magistrates. Explains the nature of this Ordinance and the reasons for passing it
1846 Nov 27 No.136 Encloses an Ordinance No.19 Native Land purchases

1846 Nov 28 No.137 Encloses a Memorial complaining of various Ordinances passed by the Legislature and praying that the Native Land purchases Ordinance may be disallowed.

1846 Nov 28 No.138 Represents that great excitement prevails with reference to the question of purchasing lands from the Natives by Europeans, explains his views on this subject and requests he may be furnished with a distinct assurance from H. M. Government if his measures are approved of.

1846 Nov 28 No.139 Encloses a Memorial from Mr C. Fulton claiming compensation for loss of his Office

1846 Nov 29 No.140 Encloses a report from the Law Officer on the course to be pursued in prosecutions for seditious language and the difficulties attending such proceedings.

1846 Dec 1 No.141 Refers to his Despatches Nos 29, 76 and 79, April 7, July 20 and 23. Enters into a very long discussion on the treacherous conduct of the Rebel Chiefs and explains his reasons for causing some to be arrested though he is unwilling to bring them to trial. Encloses some letters in support of his proceedings. The Rebels are urged on by some European agitators.

1846 Dec 1 No.142 Refers to his Despatch No.131 November 25. Encloses an application from Mr T. Halls claiming lands in virtue of a waiver of the Crown's right of pre-emption.

1846 Dec 14 No.143 Encloses his application for a passage on board of a Man of War to visit the Islands

1846 Dec 15 No.144 Refers to his Despatch No.129 November 24. Reports the intention of Messrs Heale and Whittaker to appeal against the sentence of the Supreme Court on their case and encloses the papers in reference to it.

1846 Dec 17 No.145 Reports the state of the Colony to be satisfactory and flourishing in the Northern District. The Revenue surpasses his anticipations. He is now embarked for his visit to the Southern Districts.

1846 Dec 19 No.146 Reports his arrival at Wellington and that from what he has been able to collect the Southern District appears to be in a quiet satisfactory state.

1846 Dec 18 No.147 Encloses a Memorial from Messrs Williamson & Crummer making out a claim to a Grant of land under the penny an acre Proclamation. Their claim is inadmissable as the land in question is in the Island of Motu Tapu and was the property of the late Mr T. Maxwell who has left it to his children, who are half castes.

1846 Dec 18 No.148 Encloses an Ordinance No.22 Land claims compensation. Refers to a number of his Despatches relative to the penny an acre Proclamation and states that this Ordinance is intended to provide the means of satisfying all the claims originating with this Proclamation.

1846 Dec 28 No.149 Refers to his Despatch No.146 December 19. Confirms, from his own observation, the report of the satisfactory state of the Colony. He has been informed by the principal agent of the New Zealand Company that extensive powers of Government are about to be conferred on the Company. He has in consequence suspended some of his measures until he hears further on the subject.

January to March 1847

1847 Jan 3 No.1 Refers to his Despatch No.123 November 14. Encloses two more letters in reference to the allegations of the New Zealand Company against Mr W. Spain

1847 Jan 4 No.2 Encloses copy of his application for a passage for himself and suite from Wellington to Auckland
1847 Jan 8 No.3 Encloses a comparative statement of the Customs Revenue for the quarters ending 6 January 1846 & 1847 shewing an increase of £1,792.
1847 Jan 8 No.4 Encloses the minutes of proceedings of the Executive Council for the half year ending December 31.
1847 Jan 8 No.5 Encloses the minutes of proceedings of the Legislative Council for the half year ending December 31.
1847 Jan 8 No.6 Encloses a schedule of his despatches to the Colonial Office during the year 1846.
1847 Jan 9 No.7 Encloses a copy of his application for a passage for himself and suite to the Bay of Islands

1847 Jan 19 No.8 In reference to the preceding despatch, encloses a letter from the Bay of Islands which induced him to go there and watch the movements of Heke and his armed followers. Reports the result of his visit there and the demonstration he made by his sudden appearance.

1847 Jan 19 No.9 Encloses reports of disturbances said to be about to take place at Wangaru, on enquiry these reports turned out to be unfounded, but considers it necessary to mention them in order to show the difficulties he encounters either by attending too much or too little to such reports.

1847 Jan 23 No.10 Acknowledges Despatch No.28 April 28. Remits £11 5s 6d for the fees on the Commission of Major Richmond. The amount had been long since paid into the local Treasury.

1847 Jan 25 No.11 Refers to his Despatch No.127 November 14. The establishment of Magistrates Courts works well and satisfactorily to the Natives. Reports the result of the operations of the first month of the Magistrate's Court at Auckland.

1847 Jan 25 No.12 Encloses copy of a Circular from Rangihaiata to all the Chiefs of the Waikato District inviting them to join in new rebellion, this information was obtained from the Rev Mr Whiteley, the answers of the Chiefs are all loyal and satisfactory and there exists no doubt of the authenticity of the facts.

1847 Jan 26 No.13 Refers to his Despatch No.1 January 3. Encloses letters from Mr W. Fox and Colonel Wakefield in continuation of the controversy with the New Zealand Company.

1847 Jan 27 No.14 Encloses copies of his correspondence with General Sir M. O'Connell relative to land claims of the New Zealand Company and the civil services of Colonel McCleverty towards settling them, the arrangements made by Sir M. O'Connell have totally defeated this object for which Colonel McCleverty was sent out from England.

1847 Jan 27 Separate Letter of introduction of Captain Hayes, of HM Steamer "Driver" who is about to proceed to England. Refers to Captain Hayes for much useful information with regard to the Colony.

1847 Feb 2 No.15 Refers to his Despatch No.11 January 25. Encloses returns of the working of the Magistrates Courts for the second month of this establishment, they operate beneficially for the Natives.

1847 Feb 4 No.16 Encloses a long address presented to him by the inhabitants of Auckland congratulating him on the success of his administration of the Government, also copy of his reply to the same.

1847 Feb 4 No.17 Complains of his Predecessor having published in England comments on the Protection of Aborigines. Considers it necessary to enumerate the measures he has adopted for benefiting the condition of the natives. He has established a Native Secretary through whose Office all native correspondence passes, he is in fact Colonial Secretary for Native Affairs. Savings banks have been established and the natives readily avail themselves of them. Four hospitals for Europeans and Natives are in course of preparation, three of them will shortly be completed. The Laws as they existed were of no service to the Natives, he has caused alterations to be made to adapt them to their use, he has caused the duties of Crown Prosecutor to be performed by the Law Officers, a standing Counsel for the Natives has been appointed paid from funds applicable to native purposes and all natives are referred to him. The Supreme Court sits four times a year instead of twice and Magistrates Courts have been established which produce great benefit to the Natives. Half Caste children are protected from being left in utter destitution by Europeans. He has promoted Native employment on the Roads which he considers very beneficial.

1847 Feb 5 No.18 Refers to the Book published in England by Captain Fitzroy, quotes some passages from this Book reflecting upon Governor Greys proceedings, explains the course he adopted and defends himself from Captain Fitzroy's attack.

1847 Feb 6 No.19 In reference to his Despatch No.17 February 4 on the administration of Justice to the Aborigines, states the case of a Native Chief named Newton Te Pakaru having a suit against a European, which cost him several months of time and two journeys of 104 miles each, he obtained a verdict for £120 12s 6d but the defendent ran away and left him not merely the loss of the above sum, but in addition a Bill of costs amounting to £45 14s.

1847 Feb 9 No.20 Reports having received from different quarters the most satisfactory accounts of the tranquil state of the Colony and considers the disturbances to be entirely at an end.

1847 Feb 10 No.21 Encloses a memorial to Lord T. Russell from Mr W. Swainson soliciting a pension
1847 Feb 11 No.22 Encloses the returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c for the quarters ending June 3 & September 30

1847 Feb 12 No.23 Refers to Secretary of State's Despatch No.42 November 3, 1845. Explains the nature of Dr Johnson's claim to certain land on which he held a mortgage, but which was seized by Government on account of Mr Cooper who was a Government defaulter.

1847 Mar 25 No.24 Encloses copy of his application for a passage on board a steamer to the Southern Districts, to withdraw Martial Law and grant certain pardons.

1847 Mar 25 No.25 Reports his return from the Southern Districts having completed all his arrangements there. The Colony is altogether in a most prosperous state. Wheat is produced in large quantities and mills are erected, the Revenue is most prosperous and no extensive outbreak will ever again take place.

1847 Mar 2 No.26 Reports at considerable lenght the result of his interviews with different bodies of the natives on the subject of the land claims of European subjects. Captain Fitzroy has caused very great difficulty in coming to terms with the natives, in consequence of his having reversed a decision of Mr Spain, the Commissioners who had been appointed for the purpose of investigating these land claims. States the nature of the arrangements he has been able to obtain and that the natives had come into the terms with the exception of one family which he thinks will shortly follow.

1847 Mar 4 No.27 Reports the particulars of an attempt of imposition on the Governor by a Native Chief in a case of land claim, with a view to exemplify their natural disposition of deception.

1847 Mar 26 No.28 Refers to his Despatch No.14 January 27 on the measures adopted by Sir M. O'Connell to defeat the object Government had in sending out Colonel McCleverty to settle the land claims of the New Zealand Company. Reports the measures he has adopted in consequence, describes the locality of two large tracts of land which he has purchased from the Natives and the amount he has agreed to pay for each of them.

1847 Mar 29 No.29 Encloses a report on the quality of New Zealand coal, which is very favourable as to fitness for Steamers, it is abundant.

1847 Mar 29 No.30 Encloses the resolutions of a general meeting with a letter from Mr C. Dillon the Chairman objecting to the delegation of any Powers of Government to the New Zealand Company.

1847 Mar 29 No.31 Refers to his Despatch No.15 February 2. Reports on the beneficial results of the establishment of Magistrate's Courts and the result of their advantages to the Natives. Encloses a return for four months of one of these Courts specifying the number of trials decided on also the amount of money recovered.

April to June 1847

1847 Apr 1 No.32 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts to the 30 June, also the Store and Provision accounts to August 31.

1847 Apr 1 No.33 Encloses returns of Revenue and Expenditure for the half year ending December 31, also a letter from the Auditor explaining the causes of delay and the measures adopted for obviating them.

1847 Apr 5 No.34 Acknowledges Despatch No.37 July 2 respecting the land claims of the New Zealand Company and refers to his No.26 March 2 announcing the measures he has adopted on the subject in order to overcome the difficulties. Encloses a Memorandum of the course to be pursued in this business. States that there are very extensive tracts unoccupied, of the most fertile land.

1847 Apr 7 No.35 Refers to his Despatch No.28 March 26. Encloses a letter from Colonel Wakefield relative to the land claims of the New Zealand Company and disapproving of the tracts bought from the natives by the Governor. Comments at very considerable length on Colonel Wakefield's letter and encloses copy of his answer.

1847 Apr 9 No.36 Refers to the preceding Despatch and enters into further details of the New Zealand Company land claims and the difficulties that surround them. Encloses a letter from Colonel McCleverty on the same subject and the difficulties stated by Colonel Wakefield.

1847 Apr 9 Separate Letter of introduction for Captain Otway RN who is proceeding to England. Refers to him for local information.

1847 Apr 14 No.37 Encloses the reports of Captain Graham and Captain Otway who had in their ships visited the Northern Districts in order to ascertain the state of the Country. Everything appears to be quiet with the exception of the trespasses of the cattle of the Europeans on the growing crops of the Natives, to remedy this inconvenience he intends to send a Resident Magistrate temporarily to the Northern District in order to visit the Native Settlements.

1847 Apr 15 No.38 Acknowledges Despatch No.16 November 9. The Debenture for £753 14s 4d was duly made out for Mrs Hobson and together with interest amounting to £107 8s 7d was paid over to her agent.

1847 Apr 15 No.39 Encloses comparative statements of the Revenues of Auckland and Russell for the half years ending March 31 1846 and 1847. The Revenue of the Colony was estimated last at £22,000, whereas it will turn out £36,000.

1847 Apr 15 No.40 Encloses the returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c for the quarter ending December 31.

1847 Apr 17 No.41 Refers to his Despatches Nos 65, 66 & 68 June 23 & 24. Reports the consequences arising from grants of land beyond the maximum of 2560 acres having been made by Captain Fitzroy and the resistance on the part of the natives to the parties obtaining possession. The Island of Hanwan was also granted by Captain Fitzroy, it contains valuable mines and the whole island was granted to a European. A powerful tribe claims the Island and demand redress. He considers such grants as illegal and has decided on having this legality tried by the Supreme Court.

1847 Apr 19 No.42 Refers to his Despatch No.148 December 18. Encloses some of the Certificates issued by Captain Fitzroy waiving on the part of N. M. the right of preemption on certain lands, encloses a statement of his reasons for considering these certificates as illegal, as also copy of his letter to the Attorney General requiring him to bring the subject before the Supreme Court, and the Attorney General's reply.

1847 Apr 21 No.43 Acknowledges Despatch Nos 4 and 5 November 24, Military announcing the intention of having 2000 Troops and 500 Fencibles stationed at New Zealand. Encloses are report from Captain Graham on the strength of the Naval Force and the description of ships required for the service of the Colonies. Recommends making it a separate Naval Station and not forming a part of the Indian Station.

1847 Apr 21 No.44 Encloses the report of Colonel McCleverty on the conflicting land claims at Port Nicholson existing between the Europeans and Natives and explains his own views on the different suggestions of Colonel McCleverty for the adjustment of these claims.

1847 Apr 23 No.45 Encloses an Ordinance No.4 regulating the appointment and duties of Sheriff

1847 Apr 26 No.46 Encloses papers in reference to certain counter claims to land between Mr Couper who has possession and the New Zealand Company. The Attorney General considers Mr Couper to have established his prior claim, in consequence of which a Crown Grant has been issued.

1847 Apr 29 No.47 Encloses returns of all lands surveyed, sold, leased or otherwise disposed of in the year 1846

1847 May 3 Confidential Acknowledges Despatch private 27 November with the proposed new Constitution. Reviews at considerable length the proposed new Constitution and considers it not at all adapted to the circumstances of the Colony, it confers all the power on the European population, estimated ag 4,582 and altogether excludes the Native population amounting to 100,000. The naturalized Germans would also be excluded from privileges.

1847 May 4 No.48 Encloses papers in reference to irregularities said to have taken place on the "Jane Gifford" emigrant ship in the year 1842z.
1847 May 4 No.49 Encloses a memorial from Captain O'Connell relative to his desire to hold a staff appointment.

1847 May 4 No.50 Acknowledging Despatch No.9 August 13. Explains the circumstances under which he ordered the Mail Bags to be opened at the Bay of Islands instead of their being sent on to Auckland which would have caused a delay of a month.

1847 May 4 No.51 Reports on interesting trait in the character of a Native

1847 May 4 No.52 Encloses report from Major Marlow RE on the success of his employment of Aborigines in skilled labour in the Royal Engineers Works, he has 67 of them employed as Masons and they have without any assistance erected good walls &c they can all read and write in their own language, they save money from their wages, and buy live stock for breeding from with their savings.

1847 May 5 No.53 Acknowledges Circular August 22, 1846. Encloses the required return on Light Houses
1847 May 11 No.54 Encloses abstracts of the returns of Revenue and Expenditure of Russell and Auckland for the quarter ending March 31
1847 May 11 No.55 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts for two quarters ending December 31, accompanied by the Auditor's Certificate

1847 May 11 No.56 Refers to Secretary of State's Despatch No.23 March 20, 1843. Encloses correspondence in explanation of the sum (£183) which Mr Fitzgerald was ordered to refund in consequence of the Auditor's queries.

1847 May 11 No.57 Refers to the preceding despatch. Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr R. Fitzgerald and other papers in reference to the sum ordered to be refunded by Mr Fitzgerald.

1847 May 11 No.58 Encloses reports of murders and outrages committed by Aborigines, supposed to be an extended conspiracy as they occurred on the same day at a distance of 90 miles from each other and signal fires were seen burning on the Hills, five out of six of the murderers have been taken by the Native allies and handed over to the authorities. Enclose copies of his instructions to the military and other authorities.

1847 May 13 Confidential Refers to the preceding Despatch and to his confidential of May 3. The system of extensive land grants and the penny an acre Proclamation cause great excitement among the natives. Considers great care to be required in the introduction of the new Constitution and explains his own views on the nature of a constitution suitable to the existing circumstances.

1847 Jun 2 No.59 Encloses copy of his application for a passage to the disturbed Districts for himself and Troops
1847 Jun 23 No.60 Encloses his application for a passage to Auckland

July to August 1847

1847 Jul 1 No.61 Refers to his Despatch No.58 May 11. Reports the result of his visit to Wanganui where the murders and disturbances had taken place, the natives attacked the Settlement which was successfully defended by Captain Laye. The five murderers that were taken have been convicted by a Court Martial and four of them executed. Reports the further proceedings which took place on the occasion and considers the disturbances at an end.

1847 Jul 1 No.62 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses the report of Captain Laye of the attack of the Aborigines on the Settlement of Wanganui and recommends the gallant conduct of Captain Laye to be brought under the notice of his Grace the Commander in Chief.

1847 Jul 2 No.63 Encloses a schedule of his Despatches to the Colonial Office for the half year ending June 30.

1847 Jul 5 No.64 Refers to his Despatch No.42 April 19. Encloses the opinion of the Judges on the waiving the right of preemption on the part of the Crown being illegal and void.

1847 Jul 6 No.65 Refers to his Despatch No.58 May 11. Encloses the proceedings of a Court Martial by which the five murderers were tried, convicted and executed. The settlement being at the time under Martial Law considers that Captain Laye took the only course open to him in having the five prisoners tried by Court Martial for the barbarous murder of a Lady and four children. Encloses the proceedings of the Coroner's Inquest on these murders.

1847 Jul 6 No.66 Reports the measures he adopted to ascertain if the Friendly Tribes might be depended upon in the event of necessity, when a party of active young men came forward and embarked with him at four hours notice.

1847 Jul 6 No.67 Refers to his Despatch No.141 Dec 1 [1846]. Reports the circumstances which induced him to liberate the Native Chief Rauparaha who had been under arrest since July 1846, considers he had been punished sufficiently and that his influence no longer existed. His release has given great satisfaction to the Natives and is considered as an act of generosity.

1847 Jul 6 No.68 Encloses a resolution of the Executive Council in compliment to Captain Graham RN on his being about to return to England.
1847 Jul 6 No.69 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts for the quarter ending September 30 with the Auditor's Certificate.
1847 Jul 6 Separate Letter of introduction for Captain Graham RN and refers to him for local information
1847 Jul 7 No.70 Acknowledges Despatch No.23 December 23 with the new Consitution, the Queen's instructions and the Governor's Commission.
1847 Jul 7 No.71 Encloses the protest of the Bishop of New Zealand against a portion of the Secretary of State's Despatch No.23 December 23.
1847 Jul 7 No.72 Encloses returns of the Revenue and Expenditure of the Northern Division of the Colony, it continues rapidly to increase.

1847 Jul 7 No.73 Refers to his Despatch No.71. There exists at this moment a greater amount of tranquility and prosperity throughout the whole of the Colony than ever hitherto existed.

1847 Jul 7 No.74 Encloses an Ordinance No.10 establishing standard weights and measures
1847 Jul 7 No.75 Requests he may be supplied with copies of the standard weights and measures with as little delay as possible
1847 Jul 8 No.76 Encloses copy of his application for a passage to the South and West Coast

1847 Jul 2 No.77 In reference to Secretary of State's Despatch No.16 Aug 12 1845. The joint Offices of Post Office and Police Magistrate are incompatible, Mr F. Mathew refused the appointment of Post Master with £250 salary.

1847 Jul 23 No.78 Considers the Colony to in a most satisfactory state.
1847 Jul 27 No.79 Encloses copy of his speech to the Legislative Council on his opening the Session on the 26 July

1847 Jul 31 No.80 Encloses reports from Captain Russell and Mr Fitzgerald on the results of the Natives being extensively employed in making roads and other public works and showing the success attending their employment in skilled labour.

1847 Aug 2 No.81 Acknowledges Despatch No.45 March 1 with the report of the Church Missionary Society. Corrects misrepresentations in that report relative to tracts of land purchased by the Church Missionary Society from Natives said to contain an under proportion of worthless land, the very reverse of this is the case and the Missionaries availing themselves of their influence over the Native Chiefs purchased large tracts of land for mere nominal considerations, in coroboration of this encloses one of their deeds of land sale to Mr G. Clarke, the Missionaries were told that these land sales were the origin and cause of the War.

1847 Aug 4 No.82 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses a statement of the articles given for the 5,500 acres of land purchased from the Natives showing that by a false account was only £990 though declared to be £3,000.

1847 Aug 7 No.83 Acknowledges Despatch No.4 February 10. Explains that he never intended to state that the land claims of the Missionary Society were obtained under the penny an acre Proclamation.

1847 Aug 9 No.84 Reports that Mr Polack had purchased from Natives three groups of islands, which was in part paid for by supplying arms to the Rebels and Mr Polack afterwards sent in a claim against HM Government for £1,600 said to be the value of his property destroyed by the rebellion.

1847 Aug 19 No.85 Encloses copy of a letter relative to the land claims of the Missionary Society also of his reply
1847 Aug 19 No.86 Encloses a requisition for a supply of medicines for the Civil Hospital
1847 Aug 19 No.87 Encloses an application from Colonel Wynyard to be relieved from the Customs duties charged on his effects

1847 Aug 20 No.88 Reports that great excitement prevails on the subject of the proposed new Constitution, also on the Waste Lands arrangements and the reports of the intentions of HM Government in regard to taking possession of them.

1847 Aug 21 No.89 Encloses the report of Colonel McCleverty on the collision between HM Troops and the Rebels at Wanganui on the 19th July.
1847 Aug 22 No.90 Encloses the report of Major Richmond on the state of the Native population in the Southern Districts.

1847 Aug 25 No.91 Acknowledges Despatch No.14 Military March 12, requiring more information concerning two Courts Martial. Explains the circumstances under which he had proclaimed Martial Law, encloses his Proclamations and other documents in reference to the subject.

1847 Aug 30 No.92 Refers to his Despatch No.81 August 2. States that the Bishop of New Zealand in September 1845 had by letter remonstrated with the Missionaries on obtaining grants of land beyond the maximum allowed.

September to November 1847

1847 Sep 1 No.93 Refers to the preceding Despatch and encloses his correspondence with the Bishop on the subject of land claimants among the Missionaries for excessive tracts of land purchased from Natives for merely nominal considerations, the subject is causing the greatest excitement, he considers these purchases illegal and explains the measures he is adopting to bring the controversy to a close.

1847 Sep 3 No.94 Reports on the rapid progress making by the natives in civilization. Encloses a return of ships owned by natives in the northern part of the colony, at present 45 in number but rapidly increasing. Encloses a report from Governor Eyre on civilization.

1847 Sep 3 No.95 Refers to his Despatch No.89 August 21. Encloses reports from Colonel McCleverty and Major Wyatt on the termination of the disturbances at Wanganui. Consider the District to be now in a state of peace and intends to act accordingly.

1847 Sep 3 No.96 Refers to his Despatch No.88 August 20. Encloses a report on the Northern Ports which appear to bear a settled aspect and tranquility is likely to be maintained, the land claims however continue to create excitement amongst the natives, particularly the claims of the Missionaries, the boundaries of which they wish to have defined and they request that some competent person should be appointed for that purpose. The report of Government taking all lands not cultivated has circulated rapidly and caused discontent.

1847 Sep 4 No.97 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts for the two quarters ending March 31, accompanied by the Auditor's Certificate.

1847 Sep 14 No.98 Refers to his Despatch No.77 July 21. Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr F. Mathew and replies to Mr Mathew and replies to Mr Mathew's complaints therein.

1847 Sep 15 No.99 Encloses the report of the Colonial Auditor on the Auditor's queries on the accounts of Mr G. Cooper, as acting Treasurer.
1847 Sep 18 No.100 Encloses copy of his application for passage in a Steamer to select a spot for the establishment of the Corps of Pensioners.

1847 Sep 22 No.101 Encloses a memorial from Mr A. McDonald on the interest on debentures. Considers that Mr McDonald has misconceived the existing arrangements relative to the interest on the outstanding Debentures, explains the nature of these arrangements and the reasons for not complying with the prayer of the Memorial.

1847 Oct 1 No.102 Encloses a report from Governor Eyre on the tranquil state of affairs in the South, the Rebels having suffered much are desirous of being on good terms with the Europeans. Calls attention to the vast importance of the lines of road constructing by the natives alone, bridges over the rivers, mountains wound round &c. They are works of magnitude and importance and insure the future prosperity of the Colony.

1847 Oct 1 No.103 Encloses an Ordinance No.3 to prohibit the sale of spirits to Natives
1847 Oct 2 No.104 Encloses an Ordinance No.5 for regulating the slaughtering of cattle in certain places
1847 Oct 2 No.105 Encloses an application from Governor Eyre for an exemption from the duty £29 10s which has been charged upon his Baggage.

1847 Oct 8 No.106 Acknowledges Despatch No.35 February 2. Refers to the instructions relative to the new Constitution and require further explanation on what appears to be an important point.

1847 Oct 9 No.107 Encloses a return of the cases tried at the Magistrate's Court at Auckland in the quarter ending September 30, these Courts continue to work satisfactorily.

1847 Oct 26 No.108 Encloses a letter from the Rev R. Maunsell protesting against the instructions which accompanied the new Constitution and the Secretary of State's Despatch No.23 December 23.

1847 Oct 30 No.109 Captain Kenny of the New Zealand Fencibles has stated that the men of this Corps will expect the precise terms on which they have been enrolled to be complied with one of the conditions being that they should be put in immediate possession of their Cottages. It would require near four years to build the 500 cottages and a saving of £30,000 will be made by the plan he intends to adopt which may be accomplished in six months.

1847 Nov 6 No.110 He has received reports of the Colony being in a perfect state of tranquility, the only question that agitates the natives being the claim to all uncultivated lands by Government, reports of which have been set in motion, but even in this they only meant to Petition the Queen against the measure.

1847 Nov 6 No.111 Acknowledges Despatch No.52 March 20. Encloses the particulars of the Coroner's Inquest held on Sergeant John Hicks.
1847 Nov 8 No.112 Encloses a return of Troops serving in the Colony Nov 1.

1847 Nov 8 No.113 Refers to his Despatch No.17 February 4. Reports that two of the new Hospitals are finished and in operation, encloses a letter of grateful thanks from a Native Chief who had undergone a painful operation in a Hospital.

1847 Nov 11 No.114 Acknowledges Despatch No.5 November 24 and No.13 Military March 8. Reports that there exists no Government land in the vicinity of Auckland for the location of the New Zealand Fencibles.

1847 Nov 11 No.115 Encloses a tabular statement of the land claims under the penny an acres proclamation with the waiving the Crown right of preemption, accompanied by a report explaining the circumstances.

1847 Nov 11 No.116 Refers to his Despatch No.109 October 30 and to Secretary of State's No.13 Military March 8. Encloses plans and estimates for the intended Cottages for the New Zealand Fencibles showing that those he proposes to construct will occasion a saving of £48,185 7s on the amount requisite to construct them according to the Ordnance plan.

1847 Nov 13 No.117 Encloses a letter addressed to the Queen by the Native Chiefs relative to the new Constitution and the purchase of their lands.

1847 Nov 15 No.118 Reports having recently discovered a practice of lands having been bought from Natives under the penny an acre Proclamation and Officers in the Government employ having acted as agents in such transactions. Encloses proof of Mr C. O. Davis and Mr E. Meurant having so acted.

1847 Nov 20 No.119 Encloses a report from Governor Eyere on the arrangements entered into between HM Government and the New Zealand Company with reference to the disposal of Crown Lands.

1847 Nov 25 No.120 Encloses an Ordinance No.16 establishing a Colonial Bank of issue, also a protest by Mr W. Brown against the Ordinance.
1847 Nov 25 No.121 Encloses an Ordinance No.12. Protection of footpaths.

1847 Nov 25 No.122 Refers to his Despatch No.65 June 23, 1846. Reports on the cases of some Government Officers having as land claimants obtained more than a maximum grant particularly in the cases of Mr F. Mathew, Mr G. Cooper, Mr Webster and Dr Johnson, requires instruction.

1847 Nov 29 No.123 Encloses an Ordincance No.4. Management of Savings Banks.
1847 Nov 30 No.124 Encloses comparative statements of the Revenue at the different Ports in 1846 and 1847.
1847 Nov 30 No.125 Encloses his Proclamation November 24 announcing that the new Constitution is to come into operation on the 1st January.

December 1847 and Lieutenant-Governor Eyre Jan 1847 London

1847 Dec 1 No.126 Reports having received the papers on New Zealand that were printed for Parliament. Complains of the Church Missionary Society having caused a copy of his private Despatch to the Secretary of State to be printed in a violent opposition paper.

1847 Dec 2 No.127 Refers to the memorandum of Captain Fitzroy with the New Zealand papers printed for Parliament. Defends himself against the imputations of misrepresentation contained in this memorandum and encloses some of Captain Fitzroy's certificates of the Queen's waiving the right of preemption and quotes the Chief Justice's reasons for pronouncing them illegal as they convey the right to an individual to the exclusion of all others.

1847 Dec 4 No.128 Acknowledges Despatches Nos 41 and 76a Feb 10 and June 25. Encloses the Attorney General's report and his own minute to the Legislative Council on the settlement of the land claims under the 10s and the penny proclamations. Enters into a long review of the instructions contained in the above despatches explaining the difficulties that have occurred in carrying them into effect, as also the measures he has deemed it advisable to adopt on the occasion.

1847 Dec 7 No.129 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts for the quarter ending June 30 accompanied by the Auditor's Certificate.

1847 Dec 8 Separate Letter of introduction for the Rev W. Cotton and refers to him relative to the Missionary Society and particularly as to what are the feelings of the Clergy in New Zealand upon that subject.

1847 Dec 9 No.130 Encloses an Ordinance No.10 promoting the education of Youth.

1847 Dec 14 No.131 Refers to his Despatches No.52 May 4. Encloses further reports of the successful result of skilled labour performed by the Natives, the whole of the labour of the Royal Engineer Department is performed by Natives, 104 are at present employed belonging to 21 different tribes, they are good Masons and Builders. List: Names of native workmen employed by the Royal Engineer Department showing their length of service, the tribes to which they belong and occupational remarks - Ngatimahuta, Ngatitipa, Ngatimahanga, Ngatimaniapoto, Ngatiapakura, Ngatitoupiri, Te Waitotara, Ngatiawa, Taranaki, Ngatitiata, Ngatiwukawa, Ngatikauawai, Ngatitiroa, Ngatihaua, Ngapuhi, Te Wharehoe, Ngatimatakore, Ngatihenetu, Ngatihineperu, Ngatiruanui, Ngatiterou, Ngatiteomanga, Ngatiparetaheke, Ngatihaiuekonehu, Teniotakaheke, Ngatikura, Ngatiwhakaue, Ngatimonoki, Ngatimaru, Ngatiwhaeraputa, Ngatihinioui.

1847 Dec 15 No.132 Acknowledges Despatch No.72 June 8. Refers to the Ordinance No.16 for establishing Magistrate Courts and represents the beneficial effects produced by them, they are freely resorted to and with confidence by the Natives, encloses returns of the number of case tried by the Court of Auckland, being a total of 211 cases and the amount recovered from Europeans by the Natives is £490 - gives date, names of complainants and defendents, nature of the complaint and the results of adjudication.

1847 Dec 24 No.133 Encloses a memorial to the Treasury from Mr M. Whyslaw praying to be allowed for debentures to the amount of £310 said to be destroyed during the disturbances. Considers that evidence of the Debentures having actually been destroyed should be adduced also the numbers and value of the different Debentures.

1847 Dec 24 No.134 Encloses a memorial to the Secretary of State expressing confidence in the Governor's equity and judgement and trusting that HM Government may not be misled by the misstatements of the large land claimants - many signatories.

1847 Dec 24 No.135 Encloses a memorial from the children of the following Missionaries, Messrs Clarke, King, Williams, Kemp, Shepherd, Hamlin and Davis, complaining of the measures adopted by the Governor in reference to their claims to land. Enters into a long statement of facts connected with the claims of these Missionaries and the measures he intends to adopt with regard to them by instituting proceedings to have them set aside. Refers to his previous correspondence on the subject.

1847 Dec 27 No.136 Refers to his Despatches Nos 85, 93 and 96, August 19, September 1 and 3. Reports that having failed in his attempts with the Missionaries to adjust their land claims he intends instituting legal proceedings for revoking the grants in excess of the Commissioner's awards, the grants are undefined the boundaries are imaginary and contain two or three times the number of acres stated to have been granted.

1847 Dec 28 No.137 Acknowledges Despatch No.71 May 31. Explains at considerable length the circumstances under which five Prisoners under sentence of a Court Martial acting under Martial Law transported to Van Dieman's land, the legal doubts on the subject were not overlooked, encloses the Attorney General's opinion on them, as also an indemnity Ordinance, the peculiar state of the Country in rebellion rendered the measure necessary.

1847 Dec 28 No.138 Encloses an Ordinance No.13 indemnifying Officers acting under Martial Law.
1847 Dec 29 No.139 Encloses copy of his application for a passage for himself and suite to the Southern District.
1847 Dec 30 No.140 Encloses the Treasurer's accounts for the quarter ending September 30 accompanied by the Auditor's Certificate.

Lieutenant Governor Eyre - 62 Lower Brook Street
1847 Jan 2 London Renews his application for the usual allowance £800 for passage money, explains his reasons for considering himself as Lieutenant Governor entitled to more than the Superintendent of Port Phillip.

1847 Jan 15 London Requests he may be allowed to draw £200 as an advance on account of his salary

1847 Jan 13 London Represents the circumstances of a New Zealander named Pirikawa who has been some time in England and is anxious to get back, his expence will be £55 the New Zealand Company will pay £25 and he recommends the Government to pay the other £30.

1847 Jan 16 London Represents the necessity of providing a Residence and Furniture at Wellington and an allowance for accommodation until the House is built, he will also require two saddle horses.

1847 Jan 30 London Recommends the appointment of a legally qualified Attorney General to be sent out from England.

March 1848

1848 Mar 4 No.1 Encloses a schedule of his Despatches to the Colonial Office during the year 1847
1848 Mar 4 No.2 Encloses the minutes of the Legislative Council for the half year ending December 31
1848 Mar 4 No.3 Encloses the returns of Troops for the month of December

1848 Mar 4 No.4 Encloses Major Bridge's report of an interview he had with the Chief Heke. He intends shortly to pay a visit to the Bay of Islands in order to hear the explanations of Heke.

1848 Mar 6 No.5 Encloses a detailed report from the Colonial Surgeon of the Hospital established at Wellington for the reception of Europeans and Natives, showing the advantages that have already attended it. Patient List 1: Return of the number of Dispensary patients treated at their Pas and the Hospital from 11 Oct 1847 to 25 Jan 1848 - Name, sex, place of residence, disease, observations. Patient List 2: A return of the number of internal patients treated in the Wellington Colonial Hospital from 15 Sep 1847 to 24 Jan 1848 - Name, tribe, place of abode, probable age in years, sex, disease or accident, admitted, discharged or died, observations.

1848 Mar 4 No.6 Encloses a report from Captain Russell on the progress going on in the construction of roads by the parties under his orders. Calls attention to the very great aptitude evinced by the native workmen towards continuous and useful labours, considers that Captain Russell deserves great credit for his perseverence. A suggestion for forming a native artificers corps is made by Captain Russell which he considers might with little expence become very valuable either in peace or war.

1848 Mar 9 No.7 Encloses a memorial to the Queen signed by the Bishop, Chief Justice and other public Officers, protesting against any infringement on the Aborigine's lands as appears to be contemplated by the new Charter contrary to the terms of the Treaty of Waitangi from which the whole of the land is claimed by the Native Tribes each of these Tribes having special boundary, there consequently exists no Waste Lands properly so called. Memorialists pray that the Native Chiefs may publicly receive renewed assurances that the spirit as well as the letter of existing arrangements will ever remain inviolate.

1848 Mar 10 No.8 Reports a circumstance which has occurred showing that the power and authority of the Officers is not sufficiently clear and defined in regard to the Corps of Pensioners and as other difficulties may occur requests that further instructions may be issued by the Secretary at War.

1848 Mar 10 No.9 Encloses a report of an investigation into the circumstances of an assault on some inhabitants of the Island of Rotuma in the Pacific Ocean committed by the crews of some British Ships and that even murder had been committed. Attempts have been made to carry inhabitants of the Islands of the Pacific to New South Wales as labourers. He intends forwarding copies of these reports &c to the Governor of New South Wales.

1848 Mar 10 No.10 Encloses his Proclamation March 10 defining the boundary lines between New Munster and New Ulster

1848 Mar 11 No.11 Encloses a comparative return of the Customs Revenue showing the total receipts to be £19,354 in 1846 and £35,673 in 1847.

1848 Mar 13 No.12 Refers to his Despatches Nos 58, 61, 62, 65, 66, 89, 95 and 110 of 1847 relative to the late disturbances at Wanganui. Encloses a report on the tranquility to which that place is now restored, encloses also a military report on the nature of the Country in the neighbourhood of Wanganui including the Trenches and positions taken up by the enemy.

1848 Mar 14 No.13 Refers to his Despatch No.9, March 10. Encloses correspondence and reports in reference to the Feejee Islands and the Friendly Islands they have expressed a desire for British Protection, outrages are still committed, instigated by Europeans. The population of the Feejee Islands amounts to 300,000 and the population of the Friendly Islands is about 18,000. Reports his views on the policy of taking them under British protection and points out the possibility of some other European power taking possession of them.

1848 Mar 16 No.14 Encloses an Ordinance No.15 granting a pension of £100 to Thomas Walker Nene for loyal services during the rebellion.

1848 Mar 16 No.15 Reports having paid a visit to the Settlement about to be formed at the Port of Otago, he never saw a locality better adapted to the purpose and he has no doubt of its success, the only inconvenience is the distance from Wellington, he therefore recommends the creation of a third province and describes the boundaries he would allot to it, the prosperity of the Settlement would be greatly promoted by such a measure, he thinks a Civil List from the Revenue of £6,000 per annum would be sufficient at first and a surplus revenue would very shortly be obtained.

1848 Mar 16 No.16 Encloses the returns of Troops for the months of January, February and March

1848 Mar 17 No.17 Encloses reports of several cases of murders committed by some Natives on individuals suspected to be guilty of witchcraft &c. Encloses the instructions given to Captain Nugent, who was sent to the spots on purpose to make enquiries into the particulars of the aforesaid murders, together with Captain Nugent's report on the result of his Mission. Complains of the conduct of Mr H. Williams of the Church Missionary Society.

1848 Mar 17 No.18 Reports that Mr D'Arch having completed the special duty of organizing the Customs Department is about to return to Van Dieman's Land. Unites with the Executive Council in bearing testimony to the great zeal and ability of Mr D'Arch in the performance of his duties.

1848 Mar 17 No.19 Encloses a statement of the Land Revenue of Northern Division shewing a balance of £1,935 with this and some land sales about to take place making up in all about £5,000, he requests emigrants to that amount may be sent out.

1848 Mar 17 No.20 Reports on the State of the Colony in general, perfect tranquility prevails, the Revenue is rapidly increasing, explains the export and import operations and their effects, great progress of the Natives in civilisation and in the construction of roads and bridges. They grow wheat to some extent and sell it for British Manufactures. Horses and cattle are also extensively reared by the Natives. Reports separately on each of the different Settlements and recommends sending more Pensioners. Considers that a few years of peace will make great improvement in everything.

1848 Mar 18 No.21 Reports having appointed Mr A. Domett to be Colonial Secretary of New Munster with a salary of £400 per annum, requires confirmation.

1848 Mar 18 No.22 Reports that in forming the Executive Council of New Ulster he has appointed the Gentlemen, that previously held the Offices of Colonial Secretary, Attorney General and Colonial Treasurer of New Zealand.

1848 Mar 20 No.23 Represents the repeated occasions for the absence of the Governor in Chief on duty in distant parts of the Colony and recommends a Commission of Lieutenant Governor being issued to General Pitt with a salary of £400 per year to be drawn by him whether administering Government or not.

1848 Mar 20 No.24 Reports his appointment of Mr W. Fox as Attorney General for New Munster, with £400 salary.

1848 Mar 22 No.25 Refers to his Despatch No.17 March 17. Encloses copies of two letters received from Mr Williams, Archdeacon of the Church Missionary Society extensively circulated by the local newspapers containing gross misstatements and false charges against the Governor.

1848 Mar 23 No.26 Encloses a memorial to the Secretary of State complaining of the abolition of the Court of Requests by the Governor. Explains the very great defects in the Ordinance for establishing the Court of Requests, to remedy which he passed the Resident Magistrate's Ordinance and established another Court which got rid of the objections and gave satisfaction to all but the ten individuals that signed the memorial.

1848 Mar 25 No.27 Encloses a statement of the supposed quantity of Powder possessed by the Natives between the Taniwha settlement at the North and Otumatua at the south a distance of seventy miles - Names listed: Otumatua, Warea, Mokutunu, Wareatea, Umuroa, Waiaua, Te Ngamu, Kurukuihato, Moutoti, Pukeha, Pungaherehere, Waitaha, Tepoka, Kapuaia, Kaihihi, Ruaotera, Ngamotu, Puketapu, Waitara, Taniwha. Compiled by Donald McLean.

1848 Mar 27 No.28 In reference to Secretary of State's Despatch Septemner 30, 1846. Reports on the way in which the Estate of the late Mr Hippesley was disposed of by the Courts.

1848 Mar 28 No.29 Encloses a statement from Mr W. H. Monk relative to an outrage committed by a party of the natives on his property situate at Oiwa, he hold this property under what is called the penny an acre Proclamation.

1848 Mar 30 No.30 Encloses an account of Crown Lands sold by public auction on 28 March amounting to £716 - parish of Waitemata - purchasers named.

3 April to 26 May 1848

1848 Apr 3 No.31 Encloses a letter from one of the Native Chiefs stating the loss of authority over their subjects which is now gradually taking place in consequence of the introduction of English Law which is not yet in a position to make good their loss of authority. The Resident Magistrate's Court will in some degree assist when it comes into more extensive operation.

1848 Apr 5 No.32 Encloses a weekly return of the number of patients in the Civil Hospital and calls attention to the great proportion of Natives over Europeans.

1848 Apr 5 No.33 Refers to his Despatch No.9, March 10. Encloses a public notice offering a reward of £200 by the British Government, for the apprehension of the person that shot the Native Chief in the Island of Rotuma in the Pacific.

1848 Apr 7 No.34 Encloses a letter to the Secretary at War, soliciting the appointment of Chaplain to the Corps of Pensioners. Reports the measures he has already adopted for providing religious instruction to the Pensioners.

1848 Apr 11 No.35 Encloses copy of his application for a passage in a Man of War for himself to the Bay of Islands and back.
1848 Apr 11 No.36 Encloses a complimentary address from the Settlers, which was presented to Captain Stanley RN previous to his quitting the Station.

1848 Apr 12 No.37 Encloses a memorial to the Secretary of State from Mr W. F. Fairburn, praying that a grant of 300a cres of land, made by him to the Missionary Society, may receive the confirmation of Government. Explains the reasons why such confirmation is necessary.

1848 Apr 13 No.38 Calls attention to the valuable services of Major Marlow RE during the rebellion and recommends the confirmation of his son, Mr J. B. Marlow, in his Office of Commissariat Clerk.

1848 Apr 13 Separate Introduces Captain Sotheby RN who is on his way home and refers to him for information on the State of the Colony. The Colony is in perfect tranquility and prosperous.

1848 May 1 No.39 Encloses the minutes of the Executive Council for the half year ending December 31.
1848 May 1 No.40 Encloses copies of the Auckland and Cook's Straits Almanac for the year 1848

1848 May 5 No.41 Acknowledges Despatch No.116, December 15, relative to the grant of Crown Lands to Messrs Whitaker and Heale. Considers that great disadvantage would result if any deviation from the existing regulations for granting lands was to take place and particularly in the case of the contemplated grant to Messrs Whitaker and Heale.

1848 May 5 No.42 Encloses the accounts of the Treasurer of New Ulster for the quarter ending March 31

1848 May 10 No.43 Refers to his Despatch No.41, May 5. Encloses the report on the proceedings of the Supreme Court in the cause of the Attorney General against Whittaker and Heale. Explains at some length his reasons for not advising any alteration from the existing land regulations particularly in the case of Whitaker & Heale. Encloses a statement of the Copper Ore exported Whitaker & Co. amounting to 469 tons, value £7,840.

1848 May 11 No.44 Encloses a memorial to the Secretary of State from Mr J. Salmon, praying for the issue to him of the land originally selected by him or compensation for the same. States in detail the facts and particulars of the claim of Mr J. Salmon.

1848 May 15 No.45 Refers to the Secretary of State's Despatch of Dec 23, 1846. Enters into a very long discussion on the subject of the Waste Lands belonging to the Crown and the Titles to the lands of the Native Tribes, together with the Royal instructions on the subject and the rules for disposing of lands to the Europeans. Suggests some modifications of the existing instructions.

1848 May 16 No.46 Acknowledges Despatch No.94, October 14. He does not believe there is any foundation for the assertion of Mr S. M. Martin, that persons of immoral character are employed in public Offices, Mr Martin should be called upon to point out any such persons.

1848 May 19 No.47 In reference to his Despatch No.43, May 5. Acknowledges Despatch No.76, June 25 containing a Memorandum on the subject of the claims of Messrs Whitaker & Heale. This memorandum constains very erroneous statements in regard to their claims, explains the real facts of the case and encloses copies of letters from Mr Grahame, Mr Bartley and Mr Taylor in contradiction of the misstatements, also correct plans of the property.

1848 May 22 No.48 Acknowledges Despatch No.86 August 10. Replies to enquiries respecting the lands of the late Mrs M. Adam bequeathed by her to Mrs J. Brown.

1848 May 26 No.49 Encloses the report of a Board of survey on the Furniture of the Government House.

30 and 31 May 1848

1848 May 30 No.50 Messrs Whittaker & Heale. In reference to his Despatch No.47, 19 May. Acknowledges Despatch No.116, 16 December, with instructions on the subject of the claims of Messrs Whittaker and Heale. Reports that if these instructions were to be carried into effect a serious injustice would ensue to innocent parties involving a loss of £3,000, and would give rise to serious claims for compensation; he has consequently decided on referring the case home again for reconsideration. Encloses a complete summary of the whole case and a plan of the Property.

1848 May 31 No.51 Encloses a letter from Mr T. Taylor, agent to the North British Australian Loan and Investment Company, claiming compensation for loss sustained on account of Grants to Messrs Whittaker & Heale in the Island of Kawau. Refers to the preceding Despatch for a general summary of the entire case, and requires to know what answer he is to give to Mr T. Taylor.

June to August 1848

1848 Jun 1 No.52 Mr T. Cowell. In reference to Secretary of State's despatch No.79 June 30, 1847. Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from some of the purchasers of land from the New Zealand Company complaining of the imputations cast upon them in Mr Cowell's report.

1848 Jun 7 No.53 Encloses a requisition for furniture for the reception Rooms of the Government House at Wellington.
1848 Jun 8 No.54 Encloses a memorial from Mr B. Turner claiming compensation for his House, destroyed by the natives in 1845.

1848 Jun 8 No.55 Reports the arrangements that have been hitherto adopted with regard to House, Rent and Forage for Lieutenant Governor Eyre and recommends the revision of the matter in conformity with Secretary of State's despatch No.30 January 30, 1847.

1848 Jun 8 No.56 Encloses a memorial from Mr H. S. Harrison claiming compensation for the destruction of his property by the Queen's Troops, the same having been necessary for the defences in the time of the rebellion.

1848 Jun 14 No.57 Encloses an account of the sale of some Crown Lands by public auction amounting to £253 6s 6d at the Pensioner Village of Howick
1848 Jun 14 No.58 Encloses a return of the Troops for the month of May

1848 Jun 27 No.59 Reports that the Government House was destroyed by fire on 23 June. Encloses the report of a board of enquiry into the causes, the House was built of wood. The Governor's Plate, Linen, Wines, China & Stores are lost, they cost about £2,000 and must be replaced, his sudden removal from South Australia to New Zealand occasioned him great loss by selling his things at a great sacrifice and to purchase a similar outfit at Auckland, he therefore requests he may have relief if the rules of the service will admit of it.

1848 Jun 27 No.60 Reports that he has received accounts from different quarters of the tranquil and prosperous State of the Colony. The confusion occasioned by the destruction of his Office by fire prevents his writing more at present.

1848 Jul 1 No.61 Refers to his Despatch No.59 June 27. Encloses letters he has received from some of the native workmen in consequence of the destruction by fire of the Government House offering to prepare the Stones and assist to build a New House free of any expense, he will of course not avail himself of this but thank them for their offers.

1848 Jul 12 No.62 Reports his inability to send the duplicates of his Despatches from No.46 to 58 in consequence of the drafts having been burnt with his Office.

1848 Jul 12 No.63 Reports the destruction, by the fire, of the minutes of the Executive Council of New Ulster
1848 Jul 19 No.64 Encloses the returns of Troops for the month of July
1848 Aug 1 No.65 Encloses a schedule of his Despatches to the Colonial Office for the half year ending June 30
1848 Aug 1 No.66 Encloses copy of his application for a passage to Wellington

1848 Aug 4 No.67 The whole of the Military Pensioners having arrived, he reports having personally inspected all the Vessels in which they came out and found them satisfactory

1848 Aug 4 No.68 Reports the dissatisfaction expressed by the Officers of the Military Pensioner's on their arrival at finding the villages, established for their use, more than five miles from Auckland, as they had been given to understand would be the case. Explains the positions of these Villages and the reasons for their being so located.

1848 Aug 4 No.69 Refers to his Despatch No.8 March 10. Reports having required Captain Kenny to resume his duties with his division until the instructions in respect to him from the Secretary at War should be received, all the other Officers of the Pensioners have been ordered to be quartered with the respective divisions.

1848 Aug 16 No.70 Reports on the measures he thinks it best to adopt, with regard to handing over charge of the Cottages and Land to the Corps of Military Pensioners.

1848 Aug 17 No.71 Reports his arrival at Wellington and that the various Settlements of the Colony are in a most prosperous state and he has no apprehension of the same being disturbed.

1848 Aug 17 No.72 Refers to his Despatch No.34 April 17. Having referred the above Despatch on the subject of the Religious Instruction of the Corps of Pensioners to the Bishop on his arrival, encloses a letter from the Bishop on the subject.

1848 Aug 19 No.73 Encloses a report showing that the Resident Magistrate's Courts are working satisfactorily among the Natives

1848 Aug 19 No.74 Represents the necessity of appointing a Judge for the Otago Settlements, he has offered the appointment to Mr W. Swainson, encloses his letter making the offer and Mr Swainson's reply stating his reasons for declining it.

1848 Aug 19 No.75 In reference to his Despatch No.121 Nov 12, 1846 and the reply No.73 June 18, 1847. Explains his reasons for not having communicated the reply to Mr Fitzgerald. Colonial Office precis on this case.

1848 Aug 23 No.76 Acknowledges Despatch November 30, 1847. He has communicated the contents of the above Despatch to the Bishop of New Zealand and encloses a long letter from the Bishop on the subject and stating that his protest had never been made public in the Colony. Remarks on the Bishop's letter and states that he has always been on the most friendly terms with the Bishop and received kindness and assistance from him.

1848 Aug 23 No.77 Acknowledges Despatch Military No.28 February 29. Refers to Lieutenant Symonds who is going to England for local information and also for Plans of the localities of the Pensioners Villages as also a panoramic view of the Country round Auckland.

1848 Aug 24 No.78 Encloses correspondence with Captain Stanley RN conveying the thanks of the Executive Council for his important services on the Station.

1848 Aug 24 No.79 Letter of introduction for Captain Stanley RN and referring to him for information on the State of the Colony.

1848 Aug 25 No.80 Refers to his Despatch No.20, March 17. Explains the basis of a Settlement he had entered into with the Native Chiefs in regard to their Land Claims by payment of £2,000 in four annual payments of £500 each. The settlement was entrusted to Mr H. Kemp, whose plans and reports are now enclosed.

September to December 1848

1848 Sep 2 No.81 Refers to his despatch No.76 August 23 and with regard to the Pamphlet of the Chief of Justice requests that the Postscript of that Despatch may be amended by substituting the words he now encloses.

1848 Oct 7 No.82 Acknowledges despatch No.30 March 24, respecting the expenditure of the Fencibles. Being at Wellington on receipt of that Despatch he encloses copy of his letter of application for a passage back to Auckland.

1848 Oct 7 Confidential Refers to his Despatch No.13 Mar 14. The present practice is for the Islands in the Pacific to be occasionally visited by a Vessel of War despatched for that purpose from different Stations consequently no certain line of policy is pursued. Recommend naming some particular Vessel for this duty to act on a uniform system partly under the Foreign Office, this would do much good and promote British interests. Considers Captain T. B. Maxwell RN well qualified for such a service.

1848 Oct 7 No.83 Acknowledges despatches No.19 and 20 Mar 23 & 31. Reports the result of his arbitration, in conjunction with Colonel Wakefield, of the differences between the New Zealand Company and their Settlers. Encloses correspondence and copy of the arrangement entered into for settling these differences and agreed to by all the parties, before signing this agreement Colonel Wakefield died suddenly, this however will prevent carrying out the arrangement.

1848 Oct 9 No.84 Encloses two addresses which he has received in favour of the introduction of a representative Government, with copies of his answers.

1848 Oct 4 No.85 Encloses the returns of Troops for the months of September and October.

1848 Oct 17 No.86 Encloses report of a trial the case of the Queen versus G. Clarke to try the legality of a grant of 4000 acres made by Governor Fitzroy in favouring George Clarke. Judgement was given by the Chief Justice against the Crown, incloses the report of the Attorney General in which he recommends the case to be appealed to the Queen in Council. Explains his reasons for concurring in the appeal to the Queen in Council.

1848 Oct 20 No.87 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses the Documents necessary for appealing to the Queen in Council in the case of the Queen versus G. Clarke.

1848 Oct 26 No.88 Refers to his Despatch No.86 Oct 17. Reports the particulars of the Claim to Land of Mr W. T. Lewington who originally purchased about 2000 acres of land from the Aborigines for a few trifling articles and of very little value, the Surveyor General protested against this notwithstanding which Mr Lewington obtained a Government Grant for 747 acres and the Natives refuse to give possession.

1848 Oct 28 No.89 Reports to his Despatches No.76 & 81 Aug 25 & Sep 2. Encloses a letter from the Chief Justice respecting his Pamphlet called England and the New Zealanders. Comments on the consequences of opinions being put forth from high authority.

1848 Nov 1 No.90 Encloses a Memorial to the Queen from Miss Lewis soliciting relief.

1848 Nov 2 No.91 Refers to his Despatches No.65 June 23, 1846 and No.86 Oct 17 1848. Encloses a letter from Mr T. Busby reporting an outrage upon Mr Davis a Church Missionary and another threatened one on Mr T. Busby by the Chief Heke. Mr Busby and Mr Davis have obtained exclusive grants to which they are not entitled and they have desecrated the burial places of the Natives.

1848 Nov 2 No.92 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from Mr H. St Hill claiming £148 15s 4d as a balance of the Fees guaranteed to him as Sheriff. Encloses the reply of the Auditor to this claim.

1848 Nov 3 No.93 Encloses an account of the Crown Lands sold by public auction from January 1 to October 31 amounting to £1869.
1848 Nov 3 Separate Introduces Captain Maxwell RN and refers to him for information on the Colony and on the Islands in the Pacific.

1848 Nov 13 No.94 Encloses reports of a series of shocks of Earthquakes which lasted for a considerable time and extended over a great space of Country, the only place damaged was Wellington which has been nearly destroyed, some lives lost and whole families left without a home, it has caused very great consternation.

1848 Nov 13 No.95 Return of Troops. Encloses a return of the Troops for the month of November.

1848 Nov 20 No.96 Refers to his Despatch No.94 Nov 13. Encloses further reports on the earthquakes, the shocks still continue though slight and it is thought that Wellington is the only place that damage has been sustained at. The "Subraon" left the Harbour for Sydney and was wrecked, the passengers 66 in number were all saved and part of her cargo. Encloses a report on the principal Houses injured by the earthquakes, public confidence is gradually returning. He intends to proceed to Wellington.

1848 Nov 20 No.97 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses copy of his application for a passage to Wellington where he intends to adopt measures in reference to the earthquake.

1848 Nov 20 No.98 Acknowledges Despatch No.29 March 26. Replies to enquiries respecting Mr T. B. O'Mealy.
1848 Nov 20 No.99 Acknowledges Despatch No.41 May 31. Encloses a report on the property left by the late Rev J. Dodson.

1848 Nov 20 No.100 Encloses a memorandum from Colonel Cleverty suggesting advantages to be derived from encouraging a prevailing inclination among Soldiers to obtain their discharges by means of purchase or otherwise and to become Settlers in groups of ten or twenty each.

1848 Nov 20 No.101 Acknowledges Despatch No.39 May 31. Reports that the late Mr F. Mathew had no arrears of salary due to him, on the contrary he had overdrawn his salary by £135 15s 4d while in England on leave of absence.

1848 Nov 20 No.102 Encloses an Ordinance No.4 Naturalization Ordinance.
1848 Nov 20 No.103 Encloses an Ordinance No.3 Supreme Court Ordinance.
1848 Nov 20 No.104 Encloses copy of his address to the Legislative Council on opening the same on the 16 November.

1848 Nov 27 No.105 Refers to his Despatch No.96 Nov 20. Reports that on his arrival at Wellington he found that the loss of property occasioned by the earthquakes was small in comparison to what had been anticipated and the alarm had wholly subsided and the ordinary avocations of the people was going on as usual.

1848 Nov 29 No.106 Encloses an Ordinance No.1 Establishing Provincial Legislative Councils. Enters into a long description on the nature of the Colony and its Division into Provinces, takes a prospective view of the social changes which he considers as likely to occur among the population, describes in detail the description of Constitution which he considers as best suited to the Colony as also the different kinds of Institutions which he thinks might be advantageously established together with their respective Powers and the manner in which they should be nominated or elected.

1848 Dec 6 No.107 Acknowledges Despatch No.48 June 29. The Agent for the Canterbury Association has arrived and is occupied in selecting a site for the proposed Canterbury Settlement, at present it is in contemplation to select Port Cooper which appears to be well adapted for forming a Settlement and offers no sort of objection to the formation of a Separate Province, explains his views on various points to be adjusted in the event of Port Cooper being decided on. Points out another locality possessing great advantages for the establishment of a new Settlement.

1848 Dec 19 No.108 Reports having appointed the following Gentlemen to be Members of the Legislative Council of New Munster - Messrs W. B. Pannatyne, F. D. Bele, W. Hickson, G. Hunter, A. Ludlam and G. Moore.

1848 Dec 21 No.109 Reports having opened the Session of the Legislative Council of New Munster. Encloses copy of his address on the occasion.

1848 Dec 28 No.110 Refers to his Despatch No.105 Nov 27. Reports that Wellington has completely recovered from the effects of the Earthquake and the ordinary concerns of life have been resumed. Encloses copy of his application for a passage back to Auckland.

January to February 1849

1849 Jan 8 No.1 Refers to his Despatch No.108 Dec 19. Recommends the following Gentlemen for appointment as Members of the Legislative Council of New Munster - Mr D. Munro, Mr J. D. Greenwood and Mr H. Seymour

1849 Jan 31 No.2 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from Mr C. Grace complaining that some of the land long in his occupation and for which he had received promise of a Grant, had been granted to Mr D. Scott and he therefore claimed compensation. Encloses a very long statement detailing all the circumstances connected with this claim, and several others precisely similar, involving compensation to the amount of £7000 or £8000 which will eventually have to be paid either by the Government or the New Zealand Company.

1849 Feb 1 No.3 Acknowledges Despatches No.19 and 20 March 23 & 31, 1848 and refers to his reply No.85 October 7. Explains the course he adopted with a view to the settlement of the differences between the New Zealand Company and their Settlers. Encloses copy of the agreement entered into with the Natives and Mr F. D. Bell for the purchase of the Waitohi District.

1849 Feb 2 No.4 Refers to his Despatch No.106 November 29. Encloses copy of the address of the Legislative Council on the proposed new Constitution with his reply to the same. States his reasons for considering that it would require four years to bring the new Constitution into operation, with a Representative Government and enters into a long discussion on the subject.

1849 Feb 6 No.5 Acknowledges Despatches Feb 28 and No.53 Jan 12 and refers to his No.107 December 6. Explains his views on the proper boundary line to be observed between the Provinces of New Munster and New Ulster.

1849 Feb 6 No.6 Refers to his Despatches Nos 94, 96 & 105 Nov 13, 20 & 27. Encloses a report on the earthquakes and the damages done which are not so considerable as was first reported the total damaged does not exceed £15000.

1849 Feb 9 No.7 Reports having succeeded in completing the purchase of the tract of land in the Wanganui District and that no obstacle now exists to the issue of the grant to the New Zealand Company.

1849 Feb 9 No.8 Encloses the Blue Book for 1847 and explains the causes of delay in its transmission, he will in a few days make out his general annual report.

1849 Feb 9 No.9 Encloses the minutes of proceedings of the Executive Council of New Ulster for the half year ending December 31.

1849 Feb 9 No.10 Refers to previous Despatches relative to the purchase of the Valley of Wairarapa for the New Zealand Company. Encloses reports on the negotiations that have been carried on with a view to that object and explains the nature of the difficulties that have arisen.

1849 Feb 10 No.11 Refers to his Despatch No.80 August 25. Reports the completion of the purchase from the Natives the tract of land situate in the Middle Island which settles the entire land question in that district.

1849 Feb 10 No.12 Encloses a long letter to the Secretary of State, accompanied by voluminous correspondence and documents from the Rev H. Williams with complaints against Sir G. Grey on the proceedings arising out of the very large tracts of land purchased from the Natives many years ago by the Missionaries of the Church of England which circumstance has given rise to litigation. Comments at considerable length on the nature of these complaints.

1849 Feb 12 No.13 Refers to his Despatch No.88 October 26. Explains the arrangement made with Mr W. T. Lewington for the surrender of the Grants of land illegally purchased by him from the Natives and requests to be informed if it would be advisable to adopt the same course in similar cases.

1849 Feb 12 No.14 Refers to his Despatch No.65 June 23, 1846. Reports that the 86 land grants, signed by his Predecessor, but not issued, being considered illegal he caused them to be referred to the Attorney General. Encloses copies of the lists of these Grants with the Attorney General's report.

1849 Feb 12 No.15 Encloses a schedule of his despatches to the Colonial Office during 1848.

1849 Feb 12 No.16 Refers to his Despatch No.91 November 2. Encloses letters from Mr T. Busby and other documents respecting outrages by the Natives which he contemplates in consequence of part of the land granted to him being on the Burial Ground of the Heki Tribe and the prejudices of the Natives being against the use intended to be made of it. Reports on the particulars of the case, and requests he may receive instructions.

March 1849

1849 Mar 7 No.17 Reports that hostilities having broken out between the Waikato and other native tribes about claims to land, he proceeded to the spot to effect a reconciliation and was much surprised at the progress of civilisation during the last two years, they have constructed two flour mills, and are erecting a water mill, orchards planted with trees grafted and budded, very extensive growth of wheat, Indian Corn, potatoes &c, they have a number of horses and horned stock, they express great anxiety to have some European Settlers amongst them, this progress has been greatly promoted by the Missionaries whose means are however limited.

1849 Mar 7 No.18 Acknowledges Despatch No.70 August 18. Explains the nature of the passage money incurred by Governor Eyre and his suite £78 18s.

1849 Mar 7 No.19 Acknowledges Despatch No.68 August 7. There is not in the Colony any authorised agent of the Nanto Bordelaise Company so that the instructions contained in Despatches of July 7 and August 15 No.7 and 26 cannot be carried out.

1849 Mar 10 No.20 Encloses the report on the Colonial Hospital of Auckland for 1848 during which 534 cases of native patients have been treated in it and much good has been effected. Three of these hospitals are in full operation and another is in course of construction.

1849 Mar 15 No.21 Encloses a printed journal of the exploring expedition of the Middle Island by Mr T. Brunner occupying a period of 550 days and embraces several interesting discoveries.

1849 Mar 15 No.22 Acknowledges Despatch No.67 August 5. Encloses a report on the estate of the late Mr W. E. Humble. The amount realised is £157 15s 10d which will be remitted forthwith. Explains the causes of delay in transmitting the money.

1849 Mar 15 No.23 Refers to his Despatch No.106 November 29. Explains at some length the reasons which induce him to recommend a very low rate of franchise, describes the description of persons that will as a matter of course have to exercise the franchise.

1849 Mar 17 No.24 Encloses the Almanacs for 1849.

1849 Mar 18 No.25 Encloses the returns of the strength of the Garrison for the quarter of January, February and March.

1849 Mar 17 No.26 Enlcoses an account of a sale of Crown Lands on the 1st March by public auction amounting to £2034 4s 4d of which sum £1630 14s 4d has been paid into the Treasury in cash.

1849 Mar 22 No.27 He has been informed that a Memorial has been sent home to Parliament urging an immediate representative Government but he has not seen this Memorial. Refers to his Despatch No.106 November 4 for his views on the necessity of delay and adduces very strong reasons for the necessity of such delay. Encloses a return of the population showing the very limited numbers of the Europeans including all the Civilians the Government employs, the Military and the Navy. Recommends a very serious consideration of the subject it being of vast importance.

1849 Mar 22 No.28 Requires authority to make loans from Native Funds to certain Native Chiefs under the following circumstances by which means to create a coasting trade and other advantages where no roads exist. About 200 or 300 miles from Auckland are some powerful tribes that produce large quantities of wheat, Indian Corn, Flax, Potatoes, Peaches, Pigs &c. The loans proposed are to purchase small coasting vessels to enable them to send their produce to the Auckland market for sale by which means the loans will be repaid.

1849 Mar 22 No.29 Encloses a joint letter, addressed to the Queen, expressing loyalty by several Native Chiefs accompanied by an English translation of the same.

1849 Mar 22 No.30 Refers to his Despatch No.107 December. Encloses Commodore Berard's chart of the survey of Port Cooper and other harbours in Bank's Peninsula and Canterbury Settlement with the Country in its vicinity.

1849 Mar 22 No.31 Encloses letter from Mr R. Sutcliffe respecting wages due to a half caste Sailor Boy who died on board HM Ship "Dido".

1849 Mar 22 No.32 Encloses returns of the Revenue of New Ulster for the years 1846, 1847 and 1848.

1849 Mar 22 No.33 Acknowledges Despatch No.47 June 27. Reports on the progress of Education and the desire of the Natives to send their children to the schools, recommends reserves of land being made for the use of the different schools and explains the conditions on which they might eventually be purchased by the Institutions.

1849 Mar 24 No.34 Encloses a correspondence with the New Zealand Company relative to extensive tracts of waste lands which under the existing arrangements have been bought from the Natives for the Company by the Local Government and the objections of the Company to pay the necessary travelling expenses and other charges attending the negotiations with the natives for the said purchases. Explains at considerable length the nature of the existing waste land regulations in the Colony and the impolicy of the present state of affairs between the Government and the New Zealand Company also the nature of the control of the Legislature over the waste lands and the way the present system works.

1849 Mar 24 No.35 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses further correspondence with the New Zealand Company on their objections to pay for the travelling expenses and other charges attending the extensive purchases of waste lands purchased from the natives in New Munster by the Local Government on account of the New Zealand Company. Encloses his reply to the Lieutenant Governor showing the instructions he has given, his reasons for so doing and his general views on the question.

1849 Mar 26 No.36 Encloses the reports of Mr H. T. Kemp on his endeavouring to purchase the Wairarapa District as a site for the Canterbury Settlement. The New Zealand Company have applied for permission to employ a private agent to treat with the Natives for the above purchase and when the terms are agreed upon for a Government officer to step in and complete the purchase. Encloses his reply to this application.

1849 Mar 26 No.37 Encloses correspondence with the New Zealand Company respecting the purchases of land from the Natives, made by the Government on their account in the Wairau and Porirua districts. One of the instalments of which £1100 falls due on the 1st of April which they refuse to pay. Requests he may be informed from what fund the Local Government is to meet these payments.

1849 Mar 26 No.38 Encloses reports on the negotiations of Mr W. Mantell for the purchase of very extensive tracts of land from the Natives for account of the New Zealand Company as referred to in his Despatches No.80, 89 & 11 - Aug 25, Sep 5 and Feb 10. The aforesaid purchases have been completed.

1849 Mar 27 No.39 Encloses three proclamations two dated November 2nd and one January 20 regulating the mode of administering the waste lands and licences for depasturing cattle in New Ulster. Calls attention to an innovation he has introduced in one of the regulations which gives the inhabitants a voice in administration of the waste lands, explains his reasons for having adopted this system and the advantages he expects from it.

1849 Mar 28 No.40 Acknowledges Despatch No.72 Sep 19 and refers to his Despatch No.48 May 22, 1848. Reports on the Will of the late Mrs Adam, bequeathing property to her Sister.

1849 Mar 28 No.41 Refers to his Despatch No.12 Feb 10. Encloses a document in reference to the large tracts of land purchased by the Rev H. Williams from the natives and their vague and undefined boundaries.

1849 Mar 28 No.42 Reports on the improving state of the Colony and the prospect of reducing the amount of the Parliamentary Grant. From 1845 the Revenue has increased from £12,500 to £40,000.

April to June 1849

1849 Apr 5 No.43 Encloses a report of a Court Martial on Captain Smith for charges of embezzlement &c brought against him by Lieutenant Gray. Captain Smith was most fully and honourably acquitted and his conduct pronounced to be honorable and creditable.

1849 Apr 5 No.44 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses copy of certain charges against Lieutenant Gray on which he is to be tried by a Court Martial, the circumstances, these charges arise out of the trial of Captain Smith.

1849 Apr 5 No.45 Representative Government - encloses a Memorial from a Committee appointed by a General meeting praying to be allowed at once a representative Government. States his reasons for objecting to a compliance with this request.

1849 Apr 7 No.46 New Zealand Company. Refers to his Despatch No.3 Feb 1. Reports the completion of the purchase of the Waitohi District to enable the New Zealand Company to arrange with their Nelson Settlers.

1849 Apr 11 No.47 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr W. Brown containing charges against the local Government. Refutes many of the charges brought forward in this Letter and pronounces it to be a regular series of misrepresentations.

1849 Apr 12 No.48 Encloses a return of articles exported from Auckland (the produce of New Zealand) during the years 1844 and 1848 inclusive.
1849 Apr 13 No.49 Encloses the returns of immigration and emigration for 1848

1849 Apr 13 No.50 New Zealand Company. Refers to his Despatch No.38 March 26. Encloses a further report on the tract of land between Nelson and Otago, purchased for the New Zealand Company. The second instalment due on the purchase has been distributed.

1849 Apr 19 No.51 Encloses minutes of the Executive Council of New Munster for the half year ending December 31

1849 Apr 20 No.52 Acknowledges despatch No.74 October 10. The instructions for limiting the Parliamentary Grant to £20,000 did not arrive until April 8 being too late to be acted upon. Encloses the estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 1850 and comments on them, refers to his Despatches No.46 May 12, 1846 and No.42 Mar 28, 1849 for his views on the future financial prospects of the Colony which he considers satisfactory.

1849 Apr 24 No.53 Encloses a list of applications from settlers in or near Auckland for passages to be granted to relatives and others from Great Britain to this Colony according to the Notice in the Government Gazette of 3 December 1847. Recommends the encouragement of this kind of emigration if there are any funds that could be applied to it. Names of applicants, names of individuals for whom passages are sought, address of intended emigrants, remarks.

1849 Apr 27 No.54 Enclosing a return of Troops for April

1849 Apr 30 No.55 New Zealand Company. Refers to his Despatches Nos 34, 35 & 37 March 24. Reports having received from the New Zealand Company repayment of £3,800 which had been advanced by the Government for lands purchased from the Natives for the Company with an assurance that the payment of all future purchases will be provided for. Encloses the correspondence on these arrangements.

1849 Apr 30 No.56 Encloses the Treasury Accounts from Wellington to December 31 and from Nelson to March 31, 1848

1849 May 3 No.57 Lieutenant Gray. Refers to his Despatch No.44 April 5. Encloses reports on the result of the Court Martial on Lieutenant Gray who was found guilty of the charges against him and he has in consequence been suspended from his appointment in the Pensioner Corps.

1849 May 5 Separate Transmits a box for the British Museum containing the specimen of a Mamalian Animal, indigenous to the Colony but supposed to be extinct.

1849 May 8 No.58 Exiles. Acknowledges Despatch No.68 August 5. Adduces very strong reasons for not introducing exiles with Tickets of leave into New Zealand

1849 May 5 No.59 Canterbury Settlement. Encloses correspondence with the New Zealand Company on the selecting a site suitably adapted for the Canterbury Settlement and they have selected Port Cooper as the only one adapted for the purpose. The Nante Bordelaise Company having no authorised agent in the Colony (vide his Despatch No.19 March 7) occasioned a difficulty which is proposed to be overcome by the Government in the manner pointed out in the foregoing correspondence herewith enclosed.

1849 May 8 No.60 Nanto Bordelaise Company. Acknowledges Despatch No.83 November 30. Refers to the preceding Despatch which will show that he has anticipated the instruction regarding the way in which the claims of the Nanto Bordelaise Company should be dealt with.

1849 May 11 No.61 Parliamentary Grant. Encloses a Despatch from Lieutenant Governor Eyre soliciting a supplementary vote to the Parliamentary Grant for the service of New Munster, in order to enable them to replace the Public Buildings damaged or destroyed by the earthquake. Refers to his Despatches No.42 and 52, March 28 and April 20 on the finances of the Colony and explains his reasons for not supporting this application.

1849 May 15 No.62 Encloses a Memorial from Lieutenant Seaver RN praying to be allowed an extension of his grant of land in conformity with the last new land regulations.

1849 May 15 No.63 Port Cooper. In reference to Despatch No.59 May 5. Encloses two interesting reports on the Country in the vicinity of Port Cooper which has been selected for the Canterbury Settlement. These reports are accompanied by plans and descriptions of that part of the Colony which is represented as possessing every requisite as to fertility, climate, harbours with easy approaches, anchorage, well watered country and much more extensive that was supposed.

1849 May 19 No.64 Rev R. Davis. Encloses correspondence relative to a controversy with a Native Chief by the Rev R. Davis respecting a large tract of land bought by Mr Davis from one of the Natives in 1834.

1849 May 23 No.65 Exiles. Refers to his Despatch No.58, May 8. Encloses proceedings of a public meeting held at New Plymouth against the introduction of exiles.

1849 May 23 Separate Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr T. S. Forsaith complaining of one of the Governor's Despatches printed for Parliament, containing expressions injurious to his character and totally untrue. Encloses the correspondence in reference to this and requests that publicity may be given to the correction of the error.

1849 May 25 No.66 Encloses a requisition for a supply of stationery
1849 May 28 No.67 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c for the quarter ending March 31 - New Ulster
1849 May 29 No.68 Encloses a return of Troops for May
1849 Jun 8 No.69 Encloses a return of sales of Crown Lands for three months ending May 31

1849 Jun 9 No.70 Encloses letter to the Secretary of State from Mr A. Kennedy, Manager of the New Zealand Bank, on the Government paper currency Act, pointing out certain objections to it and showing that it can be of no advantage to the Community and a loss instead of any profit to the Government.

1849 Jun 18 No.71 New Zealand Company. Refers to his Despatches Nos 34, 35 & 37 March 24 & 26. Encloses a correspondence with Mr W. Fox in explanation of a misconstruction put by that Gentleman (as Agent for the New Zealand Company) on one of the Governor's Despatches relative to the Government purchases of land from Natives for the use of the Company.

1849 Jun 10 No.72 Encloses a letter addressed to the Queen by two Native Chiefs, expressive of their loyalty and attachment, with translations into English, they have also sent Her Majesty a present of some flour, from wheat of their own growing and ground by their own Water Mill being the first Water Mill the sole property of the Natives.

1849 Jun 21 No.73 Encloses a return of Troops for June
1849 Jun 21 No.74 Acknowledges Despatch No.89 December. Encloses copy of a letter from the Bishop of New Zealand

1849 Jun 22 No.75 Native Militia. Encloses a copy of an agreement he has made with nine Native Chiefs by allowing them and their followers to occupy land near a Pensioner Village on condition of performing Military Duty when required. 81 Natives are to be drilled with the Pensioners twelve days in the year. States his objects in this arrangement and the advantages he expects from extending it to other Districts.

1849 Jun 22 No.76 Recommends that in all Acts of the Legislature, power should be reserved for Her Majesty, to assent or to disallow any such Act as may affect existing Laws for protecting the interests of the Natives.

1849 Jun 22 Private Aborigines. In reference to the preceding Despatch. Recommends that a reserved Civil List should be made for Native purposes.
1849 Jun 27 Separate Acknowledges Despatch No.1 January 1. Encloses a report on the claim to land made by Mr C. Hector

July 1849

1849 Jul 2 No.77 Encloses a schedule of the Despatches addressed to the Colonial Office during the half year ending June 30
1849 Jul 3 No.78 Encloses a return of the produce of New Zealand exported from the Port of Auckland for the quarter ending April 5
1849 Jul 4 No.79 Encloses returns of immigration and emigration for the quarter ending June 30

1849 Jul 4 No.80 Kawau Island. Refers to his Despatch No.50 May 30, 1848. Encloses another Memorial to the Secretary of State from Messrs Whitaker & Heale on the subject of their claim to land in Kawau Island, accompanied by correspondence on the subject. Reports on the present state of the question and the difficulties attending it.

1849 Jul 5 No.81 In reference to the provisions of the Passengers Act and their application, enclosed Proclamation June 29 for regulating the carriage of Passengers by Sea from New Zealand to all places between the 70th and 175th degrees of Longitude west of Greenwich.

1849 Jul 5 No.82 Government House destroyed by fire. Acknowledges Despatch No.91 December 26. Encloses an estimate of the amount of damage he has sustained in his private property by the Fire at Government House amounting to £2,354 2s 6d.

1849 Jul 6 No.83 Encloses the minutes of the Executive Council of New Ulster for the half year ending June 30

1849 Jul 7 No.84 Encloses two Memorials (one from the inhabitants of Auckland district and one from the Chiefs of New Zealand - hundreds of signatories) to the Queen praying that Exiles may not be sent to New Zealand which they consider would be a breach of engagements with them. Refers to his Despatch No.58 May 8 for his sentiments on this subject.

1849 Jul 7 No.85 Reports the meeting of the Legislative Council of New Munster, encloses opening speech of the Lieutenant Governor on the occasion
1849 Jul 7 No.86 Reports the appointment of Mr W. O. Cautley as a Member of the Legislative Council of New Munster and recommends his confirmation.
1849 Jul 7 No.87 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c for New Ulster, for the quarter ending June 30

1849 Jul 7 No.88 Refers to his Despatch No.72 June 18. Encloses Bill of lading of the Cask of Flour sent to the Queen by Native Chiefs, the Wheat having been grown by themselves and ground at their own Water Mill.

1849 Jul 7 No.89 Encloses an application to the Secretary at War from Lieutenant Servantes for the appointment of Staff Officer of Pensioners. Considers Lieutenant Servantes eminently qualified for the Office from his knowledge of the Native Language, his services &c, strongly recommends him.

1849 Jul 7 No.90 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State signed by 168 inhabitants setting forth a great variety of grievances and complaints against the Governor, with their suggestion for a remedy by means of a reformed Constitution. Replies specifically to a great many of their complaints and generally to the motives of the parties themselves. Encloses a letter from Mr Andrew Rooney requesting that his signature may be erased from the Memorial.

1849 Jul 9 No.91 Refers to his Despatch No.47 April 11 and to the preceding one No.90 July 7. Reports that Mr W. Brown is the Editor of a very violent newspaper and one of the parties that drew up the grievance memorial. Encloses correspondence with the Military Authorities relative to libels in his newspapers and suggesting his dismissal from the Commission of the Peace.

1849 Jul 9 No.92 Encloses a Memorial from the Settlers of Nelson soliciting the assistance of Her Majesty's Government in obtaining a settlement of their Trust Fund with the New Zealand Company and representing the great disadvantages they have experienced from the long delay that has occurred in the adjustment of this business.

1849 Jul 9 No.93 Encloses the Blue Books of New Ulster and New Munster accompanied by a very interesting and voluminous report retrospectively and prospectively on the State of the Colony describing at considerable length the general character of the Natives, their Warlike qualities and other remarkable capabilities for civilization and their aptitude for mechanical labour, agriculture &c. Explains the nature of the policy he has pursued and the system of Government he has adopted also the success that appears to have attended such a course.

1849 Jul 12 No.94 Refers to the preceding Despatch. The Blue Book returns are principally on Europeans. The population of the Natives it is as yet difficult to arrive at, means will be taken to arrive correctly at this as also the quantity of their land under cultivation and the different articles they produce.

1849 Jul 14 No.95 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr W. Brown complaining of the Governor relative to a letter published by Mr Brown in his newspaper. Explains the circumstances which arose from the fact of Mr Brown having surreptitiously obtained possession of the letter.

1849 Jul 14 No.96 Refers to his Despatch No.90 Jul 7. Encloses an advertisement put forward by Mr T. S. Polack respecting his right of pre-emption to the purchase of certain lands from the Natives. Mr Polack's claim has been disallowed as illegal.

1849 Jul 16 No.97 Encloses a report of a Native at New Munster having been executed for murder, a question arose to the Governor or the Judge being the proper authority to sign the Warrant to the Sheriff.

1849 Jul 16 No.98 Encloses correspondence with Lieutenant Governor of New Munster relative to the proposed new Constitution
1849 Jul 16 No.99 Encloses a Presentment of the Grand Jury and other Documents from New Munster against the introduction of exiles into New Zealand
1849 Jul 16 No.100 Encloses a Letter to the Queen from a Native named Matcham with reports on his character

1849 Jul 17 Private Enters into a discussion of the subject of Depasturing Lands in extensive tracts and the regulations in practice for the sale of lands generally. Considers the established upset price of £1 per acre as too high and explains his reasons for arriving at that conclusion.

1849 Jul 24 No.101 In reference to his Despatch No.80 July 4. Encloses the judgement of the Supreme Court on the long pending question of the land granted to the Kawau Mining Company and conflicting claims of Messrs Whitaker & Heale to a portion of the same land. Reports his views on the difficulty of bringing these important cases to a settlement and the different courses open for the accomplishment of this object. Encloses the draft of a Bill he intends to bring forward for regulating the Titles to land and _ the same in the Province of New Ulster.

1849 Jul 26 No.102 Encloses a return of Troops for the month of July

1849 Jul 28 No.103 Encloses a letter to the Queen from the Native Chief J. W. Heke with a translation of the same. Suggests the tenor of the answer which he considers should be sent to this letter.

1849 Jul 31 Military Chest Letter from General Pitt announcing his having sanctioned an advance of £20,000 from the Military Chest in anticipation of the Parliamentary Grant. Encloses copy of the application of the Govern in Chief for the same.

August to September 1849

1849 Aug 3 No.104 Encloses an address to the Queen from the Natives of Cooks Straits praying that there may be no Exiles sent to New Zealand. The address (in Maori) includes lists of signatories - Ngati Raukawa, The Paneiri and Ngatitoa (48 signatures); Otaki (60), Manawatu (123), Wainui (11), Porirua (7) and Pitone (56) - all very readable.

1849 Aug 3 No.105 Encloses the minutes for the half year ending June 30

1849 Aug 3 No.106 Reports the suspension of Mr P. D. Hogg, Collector of Customs at Wellington. Encloses the minutes of the Executive Council and correspondence of enquiry into the charges of repeated intoxication &c

1849 Aug 4 No.107 Refers to his Despatch No.46 April 7. Encloses reports on the satisfactory and final settlement for the purchase from the Natives of the Valley of the Waitohi and that there is nothing now to prevent the New Zealand Company from completing their affairs with the Nelson Settlers; encloses Plan of Native Reserve at Waikawa and of suburban land between Waikawa and Waitohi - shows public reserve, proposed line of road to Waitohi; Plan of proposed road from Waitohi to Wairau - shows Tua Marina and Waitohi town site. Also Census of the Native Population at Waitohi Queen Charlotte Sound taken on the 5th day of March 1849 - gives names of adults, males and females and numbers of children male and female - signed by John Tinline, Native Interpreter.

1849 Aug 4 No.108 Encloses the minutes of the Legislative Council of New Munster for the half year ending June 30
1849 Aug 4 No.109 Encloses returns of the Revenue and Expenditure of New Munster for the quarter ending June 30

1849 Aug 11 No.110 Encloses memorial to the Secretary of State from the individuals that have suffered by the earthquakes at Wellington praying for a parliamentary grant to replace the losses they have sustained. Enclosing a Schedule of Claimants losses by the late earthquakes March 1849 - gives names of claimants and the value of their losses amounting in all to £14,478 19s. Also a copy of the Government Gazette (New Munster) 6 Dec 1848

1849 Aug 15 No.111 Acknowledges despatch No.85 December 9. Encloses reports on the Estate of the late Mr W. F. Hippesley. The affairs were wound up and the proceeds remitted to England in August 1848.

1849 Aug 15 No.112 Acknowledges despatch No.79 November 10. Encloses replies to the enquiries respecting the number of School Masters required for New Zealand

1849 Aug 22 No.113 Encloses returns of the number of Water Mills in one District, the Exclusive Property of Natives, in New Ulster. There are six water mills in operation and nine more in course of construction.

1849 Aug 22 No.114 Refers to his Despatch No.93 July 9 with the Blue Books and report on the State of the Colony. Encloses duplicates of the Blue Books which could not be got ready sooner.

1849 Aug 29 No.115 Encloses a long correspondence relative to a controversy between Major Gray and Major Kenny. Recommends the interference of the Secretary of War as these controversies impede the progress of public business materially.

1849 Aug 29 No.116 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr G. Clarke complaining of expressions in Sir G. Grey's despatch of November 15, 1847 relative to a practice that did prevail of taking fees from Europeans for negotiating with the Natives for the sale of their lands. Explains the circumstances referred to.

1849 Aug 29 No.117 Acknowledges Despatch Circular September 28. Encloses the required Post Office returns.

1849 Aug 30 No.118 Reports that his new outfit of Plate & China has arrived to replace that which was destroyed by fire, the Customs duty on this he has paid amounting to £89 12s 4d but he considers that under the circumstances he should be reimbursed.

1849 Aug 30 No.119 Encloses his speech to the Legislative Council on opening the Session August 1st.

1849 Sep 24 No.120 Encloses a newspaper containing copy of a letter to the Secretary of State from Mr T. Dorset with a series of Resolutions of the Constitutional Association the whole of which are about to be sent home without going through the Governor. Points out numerous inaccuracies in their Documents and complains of the conduct of Mr Fox, in his capacity of principal of the New Zealand Company, throwing the weight of his influence to thwart the measures of Government.

1849 Sep 24 No.121 Encloses a return of Troops for September

1849 Sep 24 No.122 Refers to his Despatch No.115 August 29. Encloses a document, from Major Gray, which he is desirous of having added to the former correspondence

1849 Sep 24 No.123 As a proof of the Natives having confidence in the Magistrates and their administration of justice, reports the case of one of the Native Chiefs, instead of the old practice by taking the life of an adulterer he appealed for redress to the English Law.

1849 Sep 24 No.124 Refers to his Despatches Nos 58, 65, 84, 99 and 104 on the subject of Exiles. Encloses a classified statement of the Prisoners tried and convicted at Wellington during five years ending December 31.

1849 Sep 25 No.125 Encloses a long and interesting report on the Geological formation of the locality, which has been selected and purchased from the Natives for the purpose of the Canterbury Settlement by Mr W. Mantell.

1849 Sep 25 No.126 Referring to his Despatch No.120 September 24. Encloses copy of letter to the Secretary of State from Mr T. Dorset with the Resolutions of the Constitutional Association on the New Constitution as proposed by the Government. Comments on the changes proposed by the Association.

1849 Sep 26 No.127 Asknowledging Despatch Circular January 26. Encloses a Table of the Customs Duties exacted in New Zealand
1849 Sep 29 No.128 Encloses an Ordinance relative to granting Pensions for War wounds

1849 Sep 29 No.129 Refers to Secretary of State's Despatch No.83 July 7, 1847. Reports the measures adopted on the claim of Mr T. S. Polack for compensation for the destruction of his House during the war - the claim was submitted to the Legislative Council for discussion and unanimously rejected.

October 1849

1849 Oct 1 No.130 Refers to his Despatch No.39 March 27. Encloses an Ordinance for regulating the occupation of the waste lands for the depasturing of cattle. Explains the objects of this Ordinance being to carry out the measures adopted by his Proclamations of January 20 and giving the Settlers a voice in the administration of these lands in New Ulster.

1849 Oct 3 No.131 Refers to his Despatch No.101 July 24. Encloses an Ordinance to quiet Crown Titles to Land, with copy of his Speech, on its introduction to the Legislative Council, it passed unanimously. Explains the object of this Ordinance being to set at rest the long pending controversies on individual claims to very large tracts of land purchased from the Natives, also some Grants of land made at various times by different Governors under doubtful circumstances. Recapitulates all the particular circumstances connected with these claims and all the existing laws and regulations bearing on them.

1849 Oct 4 No.132 Refers to his Despatch No.52 April 20. Encloses the estimates of Revenue and Expenditure for 1850 accompanied by his Speech to the Legislature on presenting them. Reports his views on the estimates and explains the difference between them and those sent home in his Despatch No.52.

1849 Oct 4 No.133 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses an Ordinance for the appropriation of the Revenue of 1850.
1849 Oct 4 No.134 Requires instructions regarding the expenditure incurred for the removal of convicts under sentences of Courts Martial.

1849 Oct 6 No.135 Refers to his Despatches No.101 & 134 July 24 and Oct 3. In the decision of the Supreme Court on the land claim of the Kawan Company some points were raised with regard to the Powers of Governors in certain cases of land grants and it became a question whether it might not be advisable to appeal the sentence to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. Encloses a statement of the Attorney General on the subject.

1849 Oct 6 No.136 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses the requisite papers and documents for the appeal of the sentence of the Supreme Court to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

1849 Oct 8 No.137 Refers to his Despatch No.61 May 11. Encloses correspondence with Lieutenant Governor Eyre respecting his application for a special Grant from Parliament.

1849 Oct 8 No.138 Acknowledging Despatch No.98 December 27. Encloses a return of disbursements made by the Colonial Treasurer in New Zealand on account of Immigration: [1] Half year ending 30 Jun 1842- Jane Gifford R. Paul, Commander - 29 Immigrants; Duchess of Argyle R. Taitt, Commander - 60 Immigrants, [2] Half year ending 30 Jun 1843 - Westminster J. Forbes Michie - 29 Immigrants.

1849 Oct 13 No.139 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from the Evangelical Alliance against introducing Exiles into New Zealand. Pages of signatures - seems to be mostly Wellington and Hutt Valley; includes Methodists; Thomas Crowther, but not Thomas John Drake or Hugh Sinclair

1849 Oct 13 No.140 Encloses a Memorial from the inhabitants of Wanganui praying that a Port of Entry may be established at Petre, where they will erect bonded warehouses which are rendered necessary by the increasing trade and population, the particulars of which they enumerate, as also the progress in native civilisation, in their Agricultural pursuits in the extension of their trading operations and their consumption of British Goods.

1849 Oct 13 No.141 Encloses two Ordinances passed by the Legislature of New Munster. N2 Medical Practitioners. N4 Diseases in Sheep and Lambs.

1849 Oct 13 No.142 Refers to his Despatch No.97 July 16. Encloses reports of circumstances, arising out of the execution of Maroro belonging to the Ngatekahuhunu for murder of four Europeans near Wellington which it is apprehended may end in serious disturbances among the native tribes and exciting them against the Europeans.

1849 Oct 13 No.143 Refers to his Despatches No.101 & 131 July 24 & Oct 3. Reports that further law proceedings had taken place in Messrs Whitaker & Heales claim to land in Kawan Island, under a Crown grant, and the Supreme Court have now revoked their former decision, by this means confirming two grants to the same land, thus leaving one of the parties a claim to compensation.

1849 Oct 13 No.144 Reports that a large number of the different tribes of natives were assembled in the Bay of Islands to celebrate a Native feast and the Europeans were apprehensive of outrages being committed. States the precautions he adopted and that he proceeded himself to the spot, but every thing passed off quietly.

1849 Oct 14 No.145 Encloses his correspondence with the General Commanding relative to a reduction of the Garrison by allowing 200 or 300 soldiers to purchase their discharge on condition of their remaining in the Colony as Settlers thus keeping up the number of European inhabitants. Considers such a measure would be advantageous.

1849 Oct 15 No.146 Encloses the return of Troops for the month of October.

1849 Oct 18 No.147 Encloses a return of the quantity and value of the produce of New Zealand exported during the quarter ending October 10 - total value £8,593 5s.

1849 Oct 18 No.148 Encloses returns of immigration and emigration during the quarter ending September 30.

1849 Oct 22 No.149 Acknowledges Despatch No.54 July 13, 1848. States his reasons for not founding a third province in the Middle Island and reports his views generally on the creation of new Provinces, which render necessary alteration in the royal instructions and also in the New Zealand Charter.

1849 Oct 25 No.150 Refers to his Despatch No.142 October 13. The report of the expected disturbances among the Native tribes is without foundation.

1849 Oct 26 No.151 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State, accompanied by various documents, from Mr E. Meurant (who is married to a Native Woman and has a family of children by her) respecting his claims to land in consequence of his wife being a native &c. Explains the grounds on which Mr Meurant sets up his claims - and gives his own views on the nature of them.

November to December 1849

1849 Nov 6 Separate Refers to his Despatches Nos 9 and 13 March 10 and 14, 1848 also to his Confidential 7 Oct 1848. Encloses a letter from Captain T. E. Erskine RN communicating, at the request of the King or Chief of the Friendly Islands, complaints against a French citizen established there as a merchant and soliciting advice and protection from the British Government.

1849 Nov 8 No.152 Refers to his Despatch June 27, 1848 in which he reported the destruction by fire of the Government House at Auckland. He has incurred great expense in finding a temporary Residence but has hitherto drawn no allowance for the same. He requests to know what house rent will be allowed to him by the Treasury until a new Government House can be provided.

1849 Nov 9 Separate Recommends Mr H. Seymour, Member of the Legislative Council of New Munster, who is proceeding to England on the business of the Nelson Settlement with a view to the promotion of emigration and on immediate settlement of the Trust Fund question. Encloses a letter from Mr H. Seymour.

1849 Nov 9 No.153 Acknowledges Despatch No.51 March 31. Explains the various reasons which induced him to sanction so large an outlay as £16,140 18s 3d on the Military Works at Wellington. It was estimated that a saving of £3,000 per annum would be effected and the defences of Wellington and security of the Military Stores rendered the expenditure necessary.

1849 Nov 13 No.154 Encloses the returns of Troops for the month of November

1849 Nov 15 No.155 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Dr Weekes accompanied by a Petition signed by 443 persons (pages of signatures), the "Southern Cross" newspapers and other documents. This Letter and Petition contain accusations against the Governor in Chief, Sir G. Grey, for his extravagance, want of Official veracity &c praying for his recall. Comments on the Letter of Dr Weekes and points out several of his accusations which are absolutely contrary to truth.

1849 Nov 22 No.156 Refers to the preceding Despatch. Encloses a letter from Dr Weekes with some additional signatures (2 more pages) for the above Petition. Explains the improper means adopted for procuring the signatures to the Petition.

1849 Nov 24 No.157 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c for the quarter ending September 30. Encloses also a list of the Stipendiary Magistrates for the same period.

1849 Nov 27 Separate Acknowledges Despatch Confidential July 16 and refers to his No.145 October 14. Concurs in the proposal of reducing the strength of the Garrison to two Regiments of 540 men each. Reports his views on the subject and suggests that in addition to the 300 men already allowed to purchase their discharges an additional 420 men should be permitted to do so which might be accomplished in 12 or 18 months. A steam boat for the use of the Colony which he considers could enable a further reduction of one half of the Military force or of 540 more men.

1849 Nov 28 No.158 Refers to his Despatches Nos 101 & 131 July 24 and Oct 3. Encloses a quantity of printed returns of Grants to land in New Ulster, which have occasioned the passing of the Ordinance for quieting the Titles to same. There are further papers.

1849 Nov 28 No.159 Acknowledges Despatch No.18 March 1. Reports the estimated value of the unserviceable slop clothing supplied in 1840, to be £52 3s 6d and recommends its being paid by the Colony.

1849 Nov 28 No.160 Acknowledges Despatch No.39 June 30. Encloses correspondence with Governor Eyre respecting his salary and allowances, he being of opinion that he is entitled to more than he receives.

1849 Nov 30 No.161 Refers to his Despatch No.4 Feb 2. The perfect tranquility of the Colony, the rapid advances of native civilisation, the increase of European population and other circumstances induce him to suggest that an Act of Parliament authorizing the new Constitution should be passed, and it would not admit of its coming into operation until 1851, by which time all difficulties might be removed. Recommends however that the boundaries of the Northern and Southern Provinces should be first finally settled.

1849 Dec 1 No.162 Refers to his Despatches Nos 155 & 156 Nov 15 & 22. Encloses a letter from Mr J. Henry requesting that the name of his son (a boy of 15) may be struck out from the Memorial.

1849 Dec 1 Private Encloses several addresses from natives (with translations) and others all expressive of satisfaction with his administration
Enclosure No.1: Natives of Kawhia School 22 Oct 1849 - requests a plough, Mr Whitely is our Minister, Mr Vause is our teacher - signed by Bumby and seventeen others (these are not shown in these copies)

Enclosure No.2: Tohi, Te Uru Rangi, Maketu 15 Oct 1849 - quarrel about Rachael wife of Te Hura. Kari of Ngati Moko, protestant Christian disciples of Zachariah took her away without just cause. Mentions the vessel Charlotte which belonged to Ngati Moko

Enclosure No.3: Ngati Kereru Tribe 3 Sep 1849 - We have taken a great oath because we are a tribe who have no friends. We are like the owl in the solitary place - our chiefs gave their consent - WaiHarakeke, Huttiputti, Wiremu Kawana, Aperahama, Whakamonawa, Horomanga - we shall die before you come. Oakura, one of our number, has died already...

Enclosure No.4: William Young, Collector of Customs, Custom House, Auckland 14 Nov 1849 - the number of Natives owning Vessels and employed in the coasting trade is so much on the increase that it is important they should be made acquainted with the obligation of a "License" and the forms of entry and clearance at the Custom House...

Enclosure No.5: Rev John Morgan, Otawhao 20 Nov 1849 - I am happy in being able to inform you that the natives of Rangiawahia continue to take very great interest in their farming operations... the amount received for flour will be chiefly expended in horses and ploughs.. PS I omitted to mention the proposed mill at Mohoanui on the Waipa... the Chief person is Tipa, step-son of Wara Wara... mentions Mr McMullan... natives of Te Hiki on the Waipa also propose erecting a mill... I also omitted to mention that our school is supplied every day with new milk by an Otawhao native who milks his own cow every morning... I am sorry to hear that migration to California has caused many to desert their half cast children...

1849 Dec 3 No.163 Requests that he may be allowed in future to draw his salary as Governor General through his agent in London. Encloses the address of his agent and a Certificate of the date to which he has drawn his salary.

1849 Dec 4 No.164 Refers to his Despatch No.153 Nov 9. Encloses a letter from General George D. Pitt in reference to the Military Works sanctioned at Wellington

Lieutenant Governor Eyre
1849 Mar 1 Represents the inadequacy of his salary £800 per annum. Explains the nature of his allowances and a variety of heavy items of expenditure to which he is subject. Solicits an increase of salary and enumerates many reasons in support of an increase.

1849 Jun 19 Refers to the Secretary of State's Despatch to the Governor in Chief No.61 May 11. Reports on the public buildings in New Munster and the circumstances that prevented the construction of the Hospital at Wanganui, though every exertion was made in order to accomplish that object. Encloses his correspondence with Sir G. Grey - includes references to 1848 earthquake.

1849 Aug 27 Barracks and stores
1849 Sep 28 Barracks and stores

1849 Dec 30 Encloses a quantity of statistical returns (printed) showing the increase in New Munster for a series of years on the Population, Immigration, Land in Cultivation, Shipping, Buildings, Mines, Revenue and Expenditure, Schools, Clergy, Imports and Exports, &c

No.1 Return showing the whole of the Cases heard by the Original Commissioners and the Nature of their Awards in each case

No.2 Return of Cases Heard and Reported on by the Original Commissioners of Land Claims, and which were afterwards referred to a New Commissioner, who reversed the decision of the former Commissioners, and made a New Report without having heard the case; showing the nature of the several Reports, and how the Claims were finally disposed of.

No.3 Return of Grants which have been issued, in the recital of which it is stated that such Grant is made in consequence of the recommendation of the Commissioners who heard the claim, whilst in fact the Commissioners recommended that no Grant should be made to the claimant.

No.4 Return of Grants which state in the recital that a Commissioner had awarded to the claimant the quantity of land conveyed by the Grant, whilst in fact the quantity of land conveyed to the claimant exceeds the extent awarded by the Commissioner.

No.5 Return of Grants which have been Issued, which convey to the Grantee a larger quantity of Land, than was originally claimed.

No.7 Return of cases in which Grants containing exactly the same description and boundaries, have been issued to two or more individuals

No.9 Return of Grants which have been issued for Lands the claims to which have never been investigated or reported on by a Commissioner of Land Claims, but which state in the recital that such recommendation was made - William Brown, 150a, Island of Motukorea

Return of Scrip Credits authorized in extension of, or oppostion to, the Awards of the Commissioners, also without any Claim being preferred or Award made by any Commissioner

Alphabetical Return of Land Claimants shewing the Number of Grants and the Extent of Land, or the Amount of Scrip Credit in lieu thereof granted to each

Return of Claims 39 pages - gives Claim No., Name of Claimant, Extent claimed, Position of the Claim, Nature of the Report by the First Commissioners, Extent awarded under Ord. Session 1, No.2 confirmed by he Queen, How disposed of, Award in favour of, Date of Report, By whom originally reported on and remarks - Cloudy Bay: Thomas Bateman, John Cole, Cooper Holt & Rhodes, John Guard, Guard & Wynen, Daniel Rogers, D. P. Okeden; Port Underwood: Neil & Bateman; Port Nicholson: Thomas Barker, NZ Company per W. Wakefield, Wesleyan Missionary Society per J. Whitely; Queen Charlotte's Sound: J. Jackson, Joseph Thoms, Coulson & Coombs; James Haberlin - Port Nicholson, Waikanae, Taranaki and other places

January to May 1850

1850 Jan 24 No.1 Reports his return from a visit of seven weeks in the interior where everything is going on satisfactorily, the natives are every where making great improvements their modes of Agriculture, assisted and superintended by the Missionaries, they are erecting water mills among the different kinds of improvements in progress.

1850 Jan 24 No.2 Encloses returns of all appointments alterations of Salaries &c also lists of Stipendiary Magistrates and Members of Council for the Province of New Munster for the quarter ending September 30.

1850 Jan 24 No.3 Refers to his Despatch No.147 Oct 18. Encloses a return of the produce exported from the Port of Auckland during the quarter ending January 5, amounting to £11,079

1850 Jan 24 No.4 Encloses the emigration returns from the Port of Auckland for the quarter ending December 31.

1850 Jan 24 No.5 Encloses a very detailed report from Dr Wilson of the Hospital at New Plymouth for the Year ending December 31 specifiying the different diseases of the patients, being principally Natives. Considers the Hospital to be admirably conducted and very beneficial. Includes a return of named in-patients treated during 1849 - mostly Maori - states disease, admission and discharge dates and includes three deaths.

1850 Jan 24 No.6 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from the Trustees of the Wellington Savings Bank claiming interest on certain Debentures. Encloses minutes of the Executive Council of New Munster rejecting this claim, he concurs in this decision.

1850 Jan 26 No.7 Encloses copies of seven Ordinances of the Province of New Munster. N5 Powers of the Lieutenant Governor. N6 Proceeding against occupiers of land. N7 Rates for making roads. N8 Appropriation of Revenue. N9 Constabulary Force. N10 Collection of Tolls on roads. N11 To abate the dog nuisance.

1850 Jan 26 No.8 Refers to his Despatches Nos 120 and 126 Sept 24 & 25. Encloses correspondence in explanation of charges brought against the Government in a letter addressed to the Secretary of State by Mr J. Dorset in regard to the Native Reserves and to the amount of Commission charged by the Agent Mr St Hill.

1850 Feb 6 No.9 Encloses a collection of interesting printed Statistical documents of New Munster compiled by Mr A. Domett, Colonial Secretary. Enclosed a printed volume titled Statistics of New Munster, New Zealand from 1841 to 1848 compiled from official records in the Colonial Secretary's Office and laid upon the table of the Provincial Council by the Lieutenant-Governor and ordered by the council to be printed, June, 1849 - Returns on the subjects of population, occupation, production, imports and exports, revenue and expenditure, and moral condition.

1850 Feb 6 No.10 Refers to his former Despatches relative to two very important roads at Wellington in course of construction. Encloses the report of Captain H. Russell announcing the completion of one of them from which great advantages are expected.

1850 Feb 9 No.11 Encloses a Tabular statement shewing every interesting detail relative to all the Military Pensioners shewing very satisfactory results, accompanied by a Map showing the location of the different villages &c.

1850 Feb 11 No.12 Encloses a Memorial to the Secretary of State from Captain M. Campbell praying for the usual amount of remission on land, reports on his claims which are very strong, but the Government is not in possession of any land in his vicinity.

1850 Apr 1 No.13 Encloses a Schedule of his Despatches to the Colonial Office during 1849.
1850 Apr 2 No.14 Encloses a return of the Military Force for the month of March.
1850 Apr 1 No.15 Encloses minutes of the Executive Council of New Ulster for the half year ending December 31.
1850 Apr 2 No.16 Encloses estimates of the Military Works carried on by the Royal Engineer Department at Auckland for 1850-51.
1850 Apr 6 No.17 Encloses returns of the Military Force for December, January and February.

1850 Apr 6 No.18 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c, also list of stipendiary magistrates for New Ulster, the quarter ending December 31.

1850 Apr 11 No.19 Encloses the reports of the Military efficiency of both Battalions of the enrolled Military Pensioners.

1850 Apr 12 No.20 Encloses his Proclamations announcing H. M. assent to the Ordinances for paper currency and banks of issues.

1850 Apr 18 No.21 Acknowledges despatch No.64 October 18. Encloses a return of the Warders elected in the neighbourhood of Auckland for the management of Waste Lands.

1850 Apr 18 No.22 Encloses estimates of certain Ordnance works amounting to £119. 15s 4 1/2d which being much required he has authorised.

1850 Apr 18 No.23 Encloses a return of the produce exported from the Port of Auckland for the quarter ending March 31 amounting to £20,475 17s 6d.

1850 Apr 19 No.24 Encloses a return of the Military force for the month of April.

1850 Apr 22 No.25 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c, also list of Stipendiary Magistrates for New Ulster quarter ending March 31.

1850 Apr 23 No.26 Encloses the emigration returns of the Port of Auckland for the year 1849.

1850 Apr 29 No.27 Represents the circumstances under which he had withheld the allowances of Lieutenant Hickson, Staff Officer of Military Pensioners, for refusing to reside with his men, which he considers to be essentially necessary.

1850 May 1 No.28 Encloses the emigration returns of the Port of Auckland for the quarter ending March 31.

1850 May 2 No.29 Acknowledges Despatch Circular August 7. There are no Quarantine Establishments or expenses.

1850 May 2 No.30 Encloses a return of the Revenue and Expenditure of New Ulster for the quarter ending March 31 showing a comparison of the same quarter of 1849.

1850 May 4 No.31 Acknowledges Despatch Circular July 20. Replies to the enquiries respecting the crimes liable to capital punishment in the Colony.

1850 May 6 No.32 Acknowledges Despatch No.67 October 24. Reports having given a power of Attorney to his Banker to receive such amount as may be awarded to him as compensation for his loss by the fire at Government House.

1850 May 9 No.33 Encloses the accounts of the Treasurer of New Ulster for the quarter ending December 31 with the auditor's certificate.

1850 May 13 No.34 Reports the regularity with which the Mails are conveyed by Native Messengers between Auckland and Wellington every fortnight, the distance is 437 miles, expense about £2 each trip and the time of transit 25 1/2 days on the average.

1850 May 15 No.35 Encloses a return of the sales of Crown Lands at New Ulster for the quarter ending March 31.

1850 May 15 No.36 Encloses a letter to the Secretary of State from Mrs M. Forbes urging her claim to certain land near Auckland with other documents and correspondence on the subject. The land claimed is in the vicinity of a very valuable harbour named Manukau and the land forms the site for a town, the whole of which is claimed by different individuals. Explains the circumstances under which these claims have become invalid.

1850 May 18 No.37 Encloses correspondence with the New Zealand Company respecting the appointment of Trustees for the conveyance of their lands, requires instructions on the subject.

1850 May 20 No.38 Encloses a return of the Military force for the month of May.

1850 May 21 No.39 Reports the conditions on which he has sanctioned the discharge of certain of the Military Pensioners and making provision for sending out others in succession, the discharged men would still be liable to be enrolled.

1850 May 22 No.40 Acknowledges Despatch No.87 December 18. States his views on the powers of the New Zealand Company for granting pasturage licences of lands, and explains a misconception that occurred in consequence of their Agent having acted on an incorrect report of a verbal communication.

1850 May 23 No.41 Acknowledges Despatch No.50 August 21 1849. He does not consider that widows and orphans, qualified for Governesses and Housekeepers, would find employment in the Colony without very considerable difficulty, encloses reports from each of the Members of the Executive Council on the subject.

1850 May 25 No.42 Encloses the accounts of the Treasurer of New Ulster for the quarter ending March 31 with the auditor's certificate.

1850 May 29 No.43 Encloses returns of all appointments, alterations of salaries &c, also lists of Stipendiary Magistrates, members of the Executive and Legislative Councils &c for the quarter ending 31 December 1849 Province of New Munster.

1850 May 29 No.44 Encloses minutes of the Executive Council of New Munster for the half year ending December 31, 1849.

January to May 1854 Acting Governor Wynyard

1854 Jan 1 No.1 Governor Grey's departure reported - assumption of the Government announced
1854 Jan 5 No.2 Detention of Royal Artillery
1854 Jan 6 No.3 Annual Schedule of Despatches for 1853
1854 Jan 8 No.4 Troop Return
1854 Jan 12 No.5 Drill of Enrolled Pensioners
1854 Jan 14 No.6 Report on the claims of the Manakau and Waitamamata Company
1854 Jan 16 No.7 Detention of Royal Artillery
1854 Jan 17 No.8 Report of Board of Survey 3 Jan 1854 of the Treasurer's Chest, Auckland
1854 Jan 19 No.9 Proclamation for the meeting of the General Assembly 24 May 1854 transmitted
1854 Jan 19 No.10 Proclamation on the assumption of the Government by the Acting Governor transmitted
1854 Jan 31 No.11 Mr Walter Brodie's letter of complaint against Colonel Wynyard
1854 Feb 1 No.12 Troop Return
1854 Feb 2 No.13 Captain Denham's Report on the French occupation of New Caledonia
1854 Feb 3 No.14 Prosperity of the Colony - Profitable occupation of the Natives in collecting Kauri Gum
1854 Feb 14 No.15 Further information re New Zealand Company's claims will be forwarded
1854 Feb 14 No.16 Mr Percival Berry, Sheriff of Auckland - documents respecting his leave of absence forwarded
1854 Feb 16 No.17 Appointments etc - Quarterly returns of Stipendiary Magistrates to 30 Sep 1853

1854 Feb 17 No.18 Lists of applicants for assisted passages - List 1 of Applicants for Immigration of Friends to the Province of Auckland from 20 Dec 1853 - Gives name of applicant, residence, numbers of adults and children to be brought out, their names and where they would be coming from. Applicant names: William Hunter, Papakura; Elizabeth Webber, Auckland; L. O'Brien for Maurice Kelly, Auckland; David Hay, Auckland; Charlotte Carter, Auckland; William Sharp, Auckland; Ellen McAleer, Auckland; William J. Speight, Auckland; William McIntosh, Auckland; Robert Meikle, Auckland

1854 Feb 20 No.19 Troop Return
1854 Feb 27 No.20 Intestate Estates - Northern District - Schedule for quarter ending 31 Dec 1853 - Nil

1854 Feb 28 No.21 Intestate Estates - Southern District - Schedule for quarter ending 31 Dec 1853 - gives name of deceased, colonial residence, supposed British residence of family, money received, payments made, money paid into the hands of Treasurer, money in hands of Colonial Treasurur, money in hands of receiver, money in hands of sub-treasurer Otago, date of order to administer, date on which account was closed, remarks - Names: Thomas Ellison (Coalheaven-Unknown 1843); Archibald Milne (Wellington-Scotland 1843); Henry Martineau (Wellington-Norwich 1844); Harold J. McLeod (Wellington-Scotland 1846); George Smith (Wanganui-England 1847); Andrew Rowand (Otago-Paisly 1848); William Gulley (Nelson-Birmingham 1845); Alexander Perry (Nelson-Glasgow 1847); John Branks (Wellington-Lanarkshire 1849); Edward J. Abbott (Otago-London 1849); John Ellis (Wellington-London 1850); Andrew Wylie (Otago-Orkney Isles 1850); Robert Fairweather (Wellington-Scotland 1852); William Brown (Wellington - formerly of New South Wales 1852); Samuel Shelly (Wellington-Staffordshire 1847); Thomas Craven (Wellington-England 1853); Joseph Toms (Queen Charlotte's Sound-Weymouth 1852); George Perkins (Wellington-Somersetshire 1853); Adam Waddell (Turakina-Glasgow 1853)

1854 Feb 28 No.22 Naval Protection
1854 Feb 20 No.23 Address to Major Richmond from inhabitants of Nelson on his retiring from office of Superintendent of Nelson
1854 Mar 25 No.24 Funds for Immigration paid over to Provincial Government of Auckland
1854 Mar 30 No.25 Troop Return

1854 Apr 4 No.26 Contracts of the New Zealand Company - Mr Bell, Land Commissioner, has been instructed to give effect to them by the reimbursement of the advance of £7,620 8s 8d

1854 Apr 5 No.27 Transfer of the Customs Department to Colonial Government

1854 Apr 5 No.28 Repairs of Government House - detailed statement will be furnished - salary of Officer commanding Colonial Brig will be fixed on return of the vessel to Port

1854 Apr 6 No.29 New Zealand Company - £18,418 18s 11d has been paid into Commissariat Chest to the credit of the Company from Auckland
1854 Apr 17 No.30 General Assembly - Memorial to the Queen from Wellington Provincial Council on account of delay in calling that Body together
1854 Apr 29 No.31 Blue Book for New Ulster for 1852
1854 May 1 No.32 Lieutenant Governor's house allowance - reconsideration of the Treasury Order for disallowing requested
1854 May 2 No.33 Troop Return
1854 May 3 No.34 Suspension of Mr John Guilding, First Landing Waiter

1854 May 4 No.35 Land grants issued to Military Pensioners who have completed their period of service. Includes a Nominal Return of Pensioners of No.1 Division (NZ Fencibles) whose period of service will expire in the month of April 1854 and of the allotments now in their occupation which together with the Cottages standing thereon will then become their absolute property; Gives Rank, Regiment, Rate of Pension, Number of section and name of Settlement. Men of Onehunga Settlement: William Turner, William Cossey, Thomas McSherry, John Bates, Charles Moore, William Barr, Henry Lavery, Thomas O'Brien, Edward Gunning, John McPike, Richard Friend, John Douglas, Thomas Odlum, John McGhee, Acheson Price, Francis Northwood, Patrick Kelly, Hamilton Gillespie, Alexander Sutherland, Peter Healy, Adam Nixon, William McCutcheon, Michael Rafferty, Joseph Windsor, Edward Palmer, Charles Beswick, John Arnold, James Mooney, Peter Burns, William Butler, Denis Bowes, James Kearns, Bernard Tymond, James Dickie, Alexander McCombie, John Alexander, John Kerr, Thomas Pegum, Thomas Beer, Robert Grant, Michael Kelly, Martin Purcell, James Davies, William Owen, William McReynolds, George Addison, William Boyt, William Filmer, Timothy Hyde, John Mander, Patrick Revell, William Reece; Panmure Settlement: Charles Durbridge. Return No.2 01 Apr 1854 Same men - gives date of enrolment for service in New Zealand and the date of embarkation for New Zealand.

1854 May 5 No.36 Major Kenny's Land Grant
1854 May 10 No.37 Colonial Bank of Issue at Wellington - remittance of £5,000 for investment, making in all £20,000
1854 May 16 No.38 Speaker of the Legislative Council - Attorney General appointed
1854 May 22 No.39 Requisition for Stationery for 1855
1854 May 25 No.40 Issue of Colonial Allowance to Troops
1854 May 30 No.41 Meeting of the General Assembly - Acting Governor's address forwarded

January to May 1854 Governor Sir G. Grey

1854 May 18 Defence against charges of indefinitely postponing the Meeting of the General Assembly and directing the appointment of General Revenue amongst the Provincial Governments in a manner contrary to Law. Mr Brandon's speech on the latter subject forwarded.

1854 May 20 Mrs Meurant's Land Claim - Mr Carleton's complaint. Disputed rights of the Canterbury Association under their Mortgage Deed. Correspondence with Lord Lyttelton on the subject transmitted.

1854 May 25 Meeting of the General Assembly - further in defence of his proceedings relative to postponement of

June 1854 Acting Governor Wynyard

1854 Jun 2 No.42 Meeting of the General Assembly - reply to Governor's address transmitted
1854 Jun 3 No.43 Troop Return
1854 Jun 3 No.44 Legislative Council - list of Members forwarded
1854 Jun 5 No.45 French Subjects - Protection to
1854 Jun 8 No.46 Nelson Provincial Council - Memorial from complaining of its not being called together
1854 Jun 8 No.47 General Assembly - Report of Debate on Answer to Address forwarded

1854 Jun 9 No.48 Responsible Government - Proposition for adding three Members from the Assembly to the Executive Council. Includes copies of the Auckland Newspaper The New Zealander 7 Jun 1854 and 10 Jun 1854

1854 Jun 12 No.49 Executive Council - Appointment of Mr F. E. Fitzgerald, Mr F. A. Weld and Mr H. Sewell to be Members reported

1854 Jun 16 No.50 Mr G. Hempleman's Land Claim - Reconsideration of decision prayed for. Includes: Memorial to the Duke of Newcastle dated 1 May 1854 by G. Hempleman of Akaroa - has copy of agreement dated 2 Nov 1839 listing 11 signatories and European witnesses Simon Crawley, Jack Miller, Alfred Roberts and James Creed (an interpreter); Memorial to Captain Robert Fitzroy RN

1854 Jun 16 No.51 Executive Council - Mr F. E. Fitzgerald, Mr F. A. Weld and Mr H. Sewell appointed Members
1854 Jun 17 No.52 Reply of Executive Council to Acting Governor's Address on opening the Session
1854 Jun 18 No.53 Death of four Native Chiefs from Measles reported - Kawiti, Moko, Warerahi and Timotei brother of Tamati Waka Nene

1854 Jun 20 No.54 Colonel James Campbell's transfer from office of Commissioner of Crown Lands to that of Registrar of Deeds - letter of complaint forwarded - includes his Statement of Service - late of the 45th and 50th Regiments; Listing of entitled Akaroa land claimants

1854 Jun 30 No.55 Executive Council - Mr Dillon Bell appointed as Member

June 1854 Governor Sir G. Grey

1854 Jun 1 Land Fund - Auckland Portion - New Zealand Company's Claim - defends his non-remittance to England of it
1854 Jun 12 Walter Brodie's Land Claim and complaint, explanation respecting
1854 Jun 13 Mr Enderby's case - can afford no further information respecting

1854 Jun 23 The Bishop's half salary has been heretofore granted out of Imperial Funds. Suggests provision for the payments should the Grant be stopped, be made by the General Assembly.

1854 Jun 29 Land Grievances - Charges against the Governor by Mr J. E. Fitzgerald - Canterbury Land Claims - Mr Hempleman's case - Removal of Captain Campbell - observations and explanations respecting

1854 Jun 29 Civil List Appropriation - further report on

1854 Jun 29 Mrs Smith of George Inn, Battle, Sussex enquires after her husband George Smith who she believes went to Wellington some years since and has since removed to Otago.

July to September 1854 Acting Governor Wynyard

1854 Jul 1 No.56 Schedule of Despatches for half year to 30 June 1854
1854 Jul 3 No.57 Troop Return
1854 Jul 3 No.58 Executive Council Minutes of Proceedings for half year to 30 Jun 1854
1854 Jul 6 No.59 Legislative Council and House of Representatives Standing Rules and Orders
1854 Jul 8 No.60 Constitutional Rights - Address from Legislative Council to Her Majesty expressing gratitude for the restoration of them.
1854 Jul 8 No.61 Constitutional Rights - Address from House of Representatives expressing gratitude for the Grant.
1854 Jul 12 No.62 General State of the Economy
1854 Jul 12 No.63 Mr Bartley appointed a Member of the Executive Council vice Bell resigned
1854 Jul 12 No.64 Mr Bartley appointed a Member of the Legislative Council
1854 Jul 14 No.65 Colonial Bank of Issue - Remittance of £5,000 for investment
1854 Jul 17 No.66 War with Russia - Loyal Address to Her Majesty from the Legislative Council
1854 Jul 18 No.67 War with Russia - From House of Representatives
1854 Jul 19 No.68 Treasurer's Chest - Survey of to 1 July 1855
1854 Aug 2 No.69 Troop Return

1854 Aug 7 No.70 Port of Auckland. Defences of Battery erected. Correspondence with Colonial Military Authorities transmitted.
Includes a Plan of Fort Britomart.

1854 Aug 8 No.71 Proclamation respecting departure of Russian Ships
1854 Aug 9 No.72 £200 remitted on account of assisted passages
1854 Aug 10 No.73 Responsible Government: Correspondence relative to the resignation of the Legislative Members of the Executive Council transmitted.
1854 Aug 11 No.74 Responsible Government: Address from Legislative Council on the subject
1854 Aug 14 No.75 Major Lloyd's resignation of Seat in Legislative Council reported

1854 Aug 15 No.76 Affray between the natives at New Plymouth. Correspondence relative to transmitted
Enclosure 1a List of men comprising Rawiri's party killed, wounded and uninjured
Enclosure 1b List of men comprising Whaitere's party
Enclosure 2 Plan showing Devon Road, Bell Block, the site of the Affray and graves

1854 Aug 17
No.77 Responsible Government: Further correspondence respecting transmitted
1854 Sep 1 No.78 Troop Return
1854 Sep 4 No.79 Responsible Government: Further particulars relative to the demand for transmitted
1854 Sep 5 No.80 Colonial Bank of Issue: Remittance of £4,000 for investment

1854 Sep 6 Responsible Government: Address to The Queen from House of Representatives praying for the removal of certain Government Officers - and that the Governor may be instructed to assent to a Bill passed by the Assembly for establishing the Executable Government on the basis of Ministerial responsibility. Forwarded by Mr Clifford, the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

1854 Sep 7 No.81 Responsible Government: Address to Her Majesty from the House of Assembly in favor of
1854 Sep 18 No.82 Prorogation of the Legislature announced. Speech &c forwarded
1854 Sep 18 No.83 Additional Standing Rules of the Legislature forwarded
1854 Sep 20 No.84 Colonial Allowance for Troops - Resolution of Assembly expressing inability of Colony to grant such
1854 Sep 21 No.85 New Zealand Company's Debt - Resolutions relative to from Legislative Council and House of Representatives transmitted
1854 Sep 21 No.86 New Zealand Company's Debt - Addresses to The Queen and Imperial Government on the subject forwarded
1854 Sep 22 No.87 Mr Adderley appointed Parliamentary Agent by Resolution of Executive Council and House of Assembly
1854 Sep 22 No.88 Supply - Resolution of Legislative Council on the subject of its Constitutional right of acceptance or rejection of measures of Supply
1854 Sep 23 No.89 Porirua Barracks - payment to Military Authorities of £250 on account of
1854 Sep 29 No.90 Act No.1 Operation of Imperial Acts
1854 Sep 29 No.91 Act No.2 Naturalization
1854 Sep 29 No.92 Re 58th Clause of the New Zealand Consitution
1854 Sep 29 No.93 Act No.3 Law of Dower

July to September 1854 Governor Sir George Grey

1854 Jul 3 Disputed land rights of Canterbury Association - information furnished
1854 Jul 18 Mr Cowell's letters on New Zealand affairs forwarded
1854 Jul 27 Auckland Islands Register of Births &c - report as to most convenient place of deposit &c
1854 Jul 28 Taranaki - Purchase of lands from the Natives of - observations on
1854 Aug 4 The Bishop's Salary - explanation as to from what source it may be defrayed
1854 Sep 9 Auckland Islands. Natives of New Zealand at. Hopes that Ship of War will occassionally visit there
1854 Sep 9 Endowment of Bishoprick - not aware of the value of the land
1854 Sep 9 Appointments to Legislative Council reported

October to December 1854

1854 Oct 2 No.93 Loyal Address to the Queen from the Otago Church and Church Court
1854 Oct 3 Separate Reply to attack on Colonel Wynyard in Morning Herald of 27 Jun 1854 on his appointment as Superintendent of Auckland Province
1854 Oct 4 No.94 Memorial from the Provincial Council of Nelson against land grants to the Bishop and Protestant Episcopal Church
1854 Oct 4 No.95 Troop Return
1854 Oct 4 No.96 Space required by Colony 500 feet at the French Exhibition of 1855
1854 Oct 6 Separate Resignation tendered of the Office of Superintendent of Auckland Province
1854 Oct 7 No.97 Application for 200 copies of Imperial Acts
1854 Oct 9 No.98 £500 voted by Assembly for the Offices and men of HMS Pandora
1854 Oct 10 No.99 Further respecting affray of the Natives at New Plymouth
1854 Oct 12 No.100 Oriental Bank - observations on the extension of their business to Colony
1854 Oct 13 No.101 Colonial Bank of Issue - Requisition for books and forms of £5 notes
1854 Oct 14 No.102 Return of Executions (nil)
1854 Oct 14 No.103 Requisition from House of Representatives for 200 copies of "Jurvis" Acts
1854 Oct 20 No.104 Act No.4 Nelson Trust Funds
1854 Oct 20 No.105 Act No.5 Licensing Amendment
1854 Oct 20 No.106 Act No.6 Waste Lands Regulations
1854 Oct 20 No.107 Act No.7 Public Reserves
1854 Oct 20 No.108 Act No.8 Law Practitioners
1854 Oct 20 No.109 Act No.9 Secondary Punishment
1854 Oct 20 No.110 Act No.12 Marriage Regulations
1854 Oct 21 No.111 Act No.11 Appropriation 1854
1854 Oct 23 No.112 Act No.10 Powers of Attorney
1854 Oct 23 No.113 Act No.13 Provincial Waste Lands
1854 Oct 27 No.114 Scale of salaries in the Customs and Survey Department
1854 Oct 30 No.115 Loyal letter of Native Chief Taraia

1854 Oct 31 No.116 Charge against a Church Missionary - of circulating among the Natives a Printed Document against disposing of land to the Government

1854 Nov 1 No.117 North British Australian Company - Memorial for a Legislative measure to enforce its labor contracts - explanation relative to the application

1854 Nov 1 No.118 Troop Return
1854 Nov 2 No.119 New Plymouth - Affray of Natives at - Prospect of tranquility being preserved
1854 Nov 2 No.120 Assurances of loyalty from Native Chief Mailie Kawiti
1854 Nov 14 No.121 New Zealand Company - compensation arrangements reported
1854 Nov 15 No.122 The Bishop's Salary - explanation relative to the delay in bringing the question before the General Assembly
1854 Nov 20 No.123 Loyalty of the Natives - letter from a Chief at the Bay of Islands transmitted
1854 Nov 22 No.124 Mr W. Brodie's complaint of plurality of offices held by Acting Governor Wynyard
1854 Nov 29 No.125 Colonial Treasure Chest - report on to 1 Oct 1854
1854 Nov 29 No.126 New Zealand Company's Debt - return of amount paid into Commissariate Chest at Auckland on account of
1854 Dec 1 No.127 Native Flax (Phormium tenax) - letter from Baron de Thierry enclosing specimens of card-board &c made from it
1854 Dec 2 No.128 Troop Return
1854 Dec 4 No.129 Secret Signals - Mr Rough to have charge of at Auckland
1854 Dec 4 No.130 Book Post between India and Australia - will render every assistance for carrying out the project
1854 Dec 11 No.131 State of the Colony - Report for 1854
1854 Dec 12 Major Cockcroft - letter of introduction

1854 Dec 14 No.132 New Zealand Company's land contracts - report from Crown Land Commissioner respecting an item of £10,520 charged in their account for the Wellington Settlement

1854 Dec 16 No.133 New Zealand Company's Debt - Further remittance of £2,969 18s 7d
1854 Dec 16 No.134 Presence of a Ship of War - letter to Senior Naval Officer on the subject
1854 Dec 21 No.135 Canterbury Association - lands reserved by them for Public purposes - observations and suggestions relatve to

1854 Dec 22 No.136 Mr W. Brown's letter of complaint relative to proceedings taken against him in the Court of the Resident Magistrates at Onehunga or Howick transmitted

1854 Dec 27 No.137 Command of the 58th Regiment - application relative to Acting Governor Wynyard resuming the command
1854 Dec 27 Separate Address of Acting Governor on resigning the Superintendency of Auckland
1854 Dec 28 No.138 New Plymouth - native feud at - further particulars forwarded
1854 Dec 30 No.139 Native Chiefs - interview with, of a satisfactory nature

January to March 1855

1855 Jan 4 No.1 Schedule of Despatches for the year 1854
1855 Jan 4 No.2 Legislative Council Minutes for Half year to 31 Dec 1854
1855 Jan 4 No.3 Troop Return
1855 Jan 5 No.4 Land purchases in Auckland for 1854 - Return of number of acres for which Mr Commissioner McLean is in treaty
1855 Jan 6 No.5 Native Chiefs second interview with - Report of proceedings transmitted
1855 Jan 6 No.6 Supreme Court Ordinance will be taken into consideration by the Legislature on their re-assembling
1855 Jan 13 No.7 Murder of a Native on Christmas Day - Report of an interview with a Native Chief on the subject
1855 Jan 18 No.8 Executions - Return of from January 1853 (Nil)
1855 Jan 18 No.9 New Plymouth - Termination of Native feud at reported
1855 Jan 24 Separate Superintendent of Auckland - Acting Governor's resignation of the Office - Resolution of Provincial Council and reply forwarded
1855 Jan 24 No.10 Secret signals - Mr H. S. Hill appointed to the custory of at Wellington
1855 Feb 1 Separate Application of Acting Governor for mark of approbation of his Services
1855 Feb 5 No.11 Troop return
1855 Feb 5 No.12 New Plymouth - Native disturbances at - Report of Native Secretary on their termination
1855 Feb 6 No.13 Salary of Lieutenant Governor of New Ulster was raised by a voluntary act of the Legislative Council on account of its inadequacy
1855 Feb 8 No.14 Judge Stephen - Resignation of, reported - Inadequacy of salary pointed out
1855 Feb 8 No.15 New Zealand Company at Auckland £297 14s 1d paid into Commissariat Chest on account of
1855 Feb 9 No.16 New Zealand Company at Auckland £723 13s 10d
1855 Feb 9 No.17 Patriotic Fund 1855 £441 1s 8d remitted to [P. P. July 1856]
1855 Feb 13 No.18 Provincial Land Regulations under authority of Waste Lands Act forwarded
1855 Feb 14 No.19 Confidential report on the Pensioner Force
1855 Feb 22 No.20 Native Chiefs - Further interview with - satisfactory termination of

1855 Feb 24 No.21 Acting Governor's Salary - Minute of Auditor General on Colonel Wynyard's claim of full salary from the time of Sir G. Grey ceasing to draw half salary till the embarkation of his successor

1855 Feb 26 No.22 Earthquake at Wellington on 23 Jan 1855 - particulars forwarded
1855 Feb 28 No.23 Mr Hempleman's Land Claim - further instructions respecting requested
1855 Feb 28 No.24 Troop Return
1855 Mar 2 No.25 Earthquake at Wellington - Captain Drury's narrative forwarded
1855 Mar 3 No.26 Major Nugent's services as Native Secretary - recommendation of the Acting Governor in his favor transmitted
1855 Mar 3 No.27 Colonel McCleverty's disagreement with the Provincial Council of Wellington - correspondence relative to forwarded
1855 Mar 3 No.28 Mr Swainson, Attorney General - leave of absence for 18 months granted - Mr F. Whitaker will act for him
1855 Mar 5 No.29 Lieutenant J. F. Symonds appointed Native Secretary
1855 Mar 5 No.30 Captain Travers appointed Private Secretary
1855 Mar 6 No.31 Mr G. Smith, Otago - letter for returned not known
1855 Mar 6 No.32 Murder of a Native by a European on Christmas Day - copy of the proceedings at the trial transmitted
1855 Mar 10 No.33 Mr F. Whittaker, Acting Attorney General appointed a Member of the Executive Council
1855 Mar 14 No.34 Financial Returns for Quarter ending 30 Sep 1853
1855 Mar 14 No.35 Postmaster General - Abolition of office of - Mr Petre's claims for compensation
1855 Mar 14 No.36 Mr W. Brown's election as Superintendent of Auckland reported
1855 Mar 16 No.37 New Zealand Company - £17,001 4s paid into Commissariat Chest on account of the Company
1855 Mar 16 No.38 Repair &c of buildings damaged by the Earthquake - a special service for sanctioned
1855 Mar 17 No.39 New Plymouth - Acting Governor's proposed visit to announced

April to June 1855

1855 Apr 17 No.40 Troop Return

1855 Apr 18 No.41 Acting Governor's visit to Taranaki. Great excitement and unsatisfactory state of the Maori population. Precautionary measures taken in consequence. Correspondence with Superintendent and Military authorities transmitted.

1855 Apr 19 No.42 Naval Defence. Correspondence with the Senior Naval Officer on the station on the subject. Letter of thanks to Captain Drury for affording a passage to the Acting Governor to Taranaki.

1855 Apr 19 No.43 Taranaki. Memorial from inhabitants praying for the establishment of an efficient garrison for their protection. Defence of the Acting Governor against allegations reflecting on his conduct.

1855 Apr 19 No.44 Colonial Bank of Issue. £5,000 remitted for investment
1855 Apr 20 No.45 Clerk to the Executive Council - explanation relative to his salary
1855 Apr 20 No.46 Report of Board of Survey on Treasure Chest to 31 Mar 1855
1855 Apr 21 No.47 New Zealand Company - £644 12s 7d paid into Commissariat Chest on account of
1855 Apr 21 No.48 Legislative Council - Votes and Proceedings for 1854 transmitted
1855 Apr 23 No.49 Colonel McCleverty's disagreement with Provincial Council of Wellington - further correspondence respecting
1855 Apr 26 No.50 Colonial Bank of Issue - Remittance of £1,000 for investment
1855 Apr 28 No.51 Judge Stephen. Leave of absence for six months granted. Mr Daniel Wakefield will act in the meantime
1855 Apr 28 No.52 Treasure Chest. Report of Board of survey to 2 Jan 1855
1855 May 11 No.53 Blue Book for 1853 transmitted
1855 May 11 No.54 Naval Force at New Zealand. Application of Captain Drury that they may be placed on the same pecuniary footing as at New South Wales.
1855 May 12 No.55 Mr Cooper's defalcations as Collector of Customs at Auckland - proceedings in consequence
1855 May 15 No.56 New Zealand Company. Explanation of the circumstances attending the payment of the two sums of £843 15s 9d and £1,476 9s 10d
1855 May 16 No.57 State of the Colony. General condition very favourable except at Taranaki. Harmonious working of the Constitution
1855 May 16 No.58 Troop Return
1855 May 18 No.59 Affairs at Taranaki. Reports of Superintendent and Inspector of Police
1855 May 18 No.60 Provincial Council of Auckland. Memorial from to Her Majesty praying separation of Auckland from the rest of the Colony.
1855 May 22 No.61 Troop Return
1855 May 25 No.62 New Zealand Company. Remittance of £670 3s 11d from Auckland Province; on account of
1855 May 25 No.63 Precedence of Superintendents - instructions requested relative to
1855 May 28 No.64 New Zealand Company. Remittances of £466 5s from Wellington and £4,382 18s 8d from Nelson, on account of
1855 May 30 No.65 Mr W. Mantell, Crown Lands Commissioner Otago. Leave of absence for ten months granted. Mr P. Proudfoot to act in the interval.
1855 May 31 No.66 Responsible Government. Steps taken for adoption of

1855 Jun 5 No.67 Mr J. E. FitzGerald, Superintendent of Canterbury. Letter of remonstrance against Regulation not allowing Superintendents to correspond with Secretary of State direct, transmitted

1855 Jun 5 No.68 Gaston Charron - information respecting forwarded
1855 Jun 9 No.69 New Zealand Company - Remittance of £876 12s 1d from Province of Auckland, on account of
1855 Jun 16 No.70 Mr W. Mantell, Commissioner of Crown Lands, Otago. Certificate relative to his half salary forwarded

1855 Jun 16 No.71 Native Feud at Taranaki. Report of the Superintendent of the Province on the disposition of the friendly Natives to cooperate in endeavouring to obtain a peaceful conclusion to the dispute.

1855 Jun 16 Separate Acting Governor. Charges against, published in local newspapers. Refutation of them by the late Native Secretary and the Commissioner of the Land Purchase Department

1855 Jun 26 No.72 House of Representatives. Votes and Proceedings for Session 1 and 2 of 1854 forwarded

1855 Jun 30 No.73 Passages of Governor's Suite in Ships of war on tours of inspection. Aide de Camp and Interpreter taken in ignorance of instructions to the contrary. Trusts the Colony will not be called on to pay the additional expenditure

October to December 1855

1855 Oct 2 No.20 Dissolution of the Provincial Councils of Auckland and Otago
1855 Oct 6 No.21 Sir S. O. Gibbes appointed a Member of the Legislative Council
1855 Oct 6 No.22 Remittance of £164 4s 2d from Auckland on account of the New Zealand Company
1855 Oct 8 No.23 No.4 Appropriation Act 1855
1855 Oct 8 Sale of Commission as Colonel in the Army, relative to - Appointment to Military Command - Political crisis - Intended tour

1855 Oct 10 No.24 Non arrival of Despatch Bag with English Mail of 4 Jul 1855 - Mails for New Zealand should be addressed Auckland via Melbourne and Sydney

1855 Oct 11 No.25 Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell's alleged grievances - removal from Offices - arrears of salary &c &c
1855 Oct 11 No.26 New Zealand Company - remittance on account o, of £2,493 9s 3d from the Province of Wellington
1855 Oct 11 No.27 Missing Public Documents Otago - Mr Proudfoot's complaint against Mr Mantell in reference to transmitted
1855 Oct 12 No.28 Taranaki. Native funds at - Colonel Wynyard's Report. Non-interference with quarrels recommended
1855 Oct 16 No.29 Lieutenant-Colonel Campbell - further complaints from forwarded
1855 Oct 16 No.30 Arrival of articles by the Egmont acknowledged
1855 Oct 17 No.31 Patriotic Fund - £1,040 13s 6d remitted by second of Exchange - first sent... by Superintendent of Nelson 10 Oct
1855 Oct 17 No.32 Colonial Treasurer's Chest - Report of Board of Survey to 1 Oct 1855
1855 Oct 18 No.33 Troop Return
1855 Oct 19 No.34 Taranaki - Native funds at - further report from Colonel Wynyard
1855 Oct 19 No.35 Murder of a Native Woman by one of her Tribe at Taranga - Archdeacon William's Report
1855 Oct 19 No.36 Chief Justice Martin - leave of absence for 18 months granted
1855 Oct 19 No.37 Mr Outhwaite, Registrar of Supreme Court - leave of absence for 18 months granted
1855 Nov 19 No.38 Governor's report on Taranaki affairs after a visit
1855 Nov 19 No.39 Congratulatory address to the Governor from Taranaki, Nelson and Wellington
1855 Nov 22 No.40 New Zealand Company's debt - Secretary of State's Despatch No.23 of 4 July will be submitted to the General Assembly when it meets
1855 Nov 23 No.41 The Bishop's salary - Secretary of State's Despatch respecting will be laid before the General Assembly
1855 Dec 4 No.42 Return of 58th Regiment - correspondence with Colonel Wynyard on the subject transmitted

January to June 1858

1858 Jan 4 No.1 Schedule of despatches for year 1857
1858 Jan 9 No.2 Twelve copies of Acts of General Assembly
1858 Jan 12 No.3 Return of Troops for December 1857

1858 Jan 16 No.4 Robert Kelly, Registrar of Deeds to Secretary of State and Lord Palmerston - presents a numerical registration system. Seems to mirror the way information is recorded in the Deeds Indexes.

1858 Jan 22 No.5 Reporting murder of Katatore and Rawiri Karira by an ambush party from the Ikamoana headed by Tamati Tiraurau, Ihaia's brother at New Plymouth - includes letters from Robert Parris 11 Jan; Henry Halse 11 Jan; Colonel Wynyard 21 & 11 Jan; The Governor 22 Jan

1858 Jan 23 No.6 Reporting having directed troops to be sent to Hawke's Bay
1858 Jan 23 No.7 Reporting death of Mr Justice Sidney Stephen who died 13 Jan. Recommends E. W. Stafford in his place
1858 Feb 5 No.8 Detailed report of visit to Bay of Islands in HMS Iris
1858 Feb 9 No.9 Respecting appointment of Lieutenant Governor for Province of Auckland
1858 Feb 10 No.10 Information respecting sale of Brig Glencoe at Wellington
1858 Feb 12 No.11 Return of troops for January 1858

1858 Feb 15 No.12 Reporting the adoption of measures to enforce obedience by natives at New Plymouth to the Civil Authorities. Encloses documents: [1] Mr Whitely 15 Jan; [2] Memorial from Superintendent and Provincial Council 28 Jan; [3] Address from the Provincial Council to the Superintendent re calling out the Militia 3 Feb; [4] Mr Halse 6 Feb and Superintendant 9 Feb; [5] Minutes of Executive Council 12 Feb; [6] Proclamation NZ Gazette 12 Feb; [7] Governor to Colonel Wynyard with Memo of Instruction

1858 Feb 18 No.13 General report on natives - estimated population; influence of Christianity, living conditions, land ownership and the franchise; establishment of league to prevent sale of land & Maori King movement; schools; The Maori Messenger Auckland 15 Feb 1858

1858 Feb 25 No.14 Requesting an augmentation of the Military Force
1858 Feb 26 No.15 Reports &c respecting the ships Strathearne and Sir E. Paget at Otago
1858 Feb 27 No.16 Return of gold exported to 31 Dec 1857
1858 Feb 27 No.17 Memo from responsible advisers on Inter Colonial Steam Communication
1858 Mar 18 No.18 Forwarding two Commissariat receipts for £32 15s 9d and £34 1s 10d
1858 Mar 19 No.19 Giving latest intelligence from New Plymouth and relative to Militia there
1858 Mar 20 No.20 Suggesting that a Royal Maori Corps should be raised in New Zealand
1858 Mar 20 No.21 Reporting that notice has been given to Union Bank that £30,000 will be required on account of New Zealand Loan
1858 Mar 20 No.22 Return of Troops for February
1858 Apr 6 No.23 Reporting adoption of measures to put a stop to hostilities at New Plymouth
1858 Apr 8 No.24 Respecting the detention for postage of letters in the London General Post Office
1858 Apr 8 No.25 Reporting the arrival of US Consul Mr George B. West
1858 Apr 9 No.26 Reporting termination of native hostilities at Hawke's Bay
1858 Apr 14 No.27 Recommending Archdeacon Abraham for Bishopric of Wellington
1858 Apr 17 No.28 Address from Provincial Council of Auckland for some trophy of the Crimean Campaign
1858 Apr 17 No.29 Return of Troops for March 1858
1858 Apr 20 No.30 Letter and Memorial from Mr George B. G. Robertson residing at Melbourne
1858 Apr 21 No.31 Copy of speech on opening 6th Session of General Assembly 1858
1858 May 10 No.32 Return of Troops for April
1858 May 11 No.33 Return of Provincial Loans
1858 May 11 No.34 A Bill of Sale of Pensioners'cottages is now before the Assembly
1858 May 13 No.35 Statistics of New Zealand for the years 1853 to 1856
1858 May 13 No.36 Reporting on Provincial Affairs at Wellington
1858 May 14 No.37 As to the necessity for the Governor's attendance at Meetings of the Executive Council
1858 May 17 No.38 Further report on native affairs at New Plymouth
1858 May 24 No.39 Respecting augmentation of the Royal Artillery in New Zealand
1858 Jun 5 No.40 Return of Troops for May
1858 Jun 5 No.41 Appointment of eight members to the Legislative Council for approval
1858 Jun 7 No.42 Three copies of Acts of Auckland Provincial Council Sessions VI and VIII 1857 and 1858
1858 Jun 7 No.43 Speech in House of Representatives by Colonial Treasurer on introducing Native Bills
1858 Jun 8 No.44 Mr Clifford will pay the necessary fees for Knighthood
1858 Jun 9 No.45 Memorial from inhabitants of New Plymouth on policy of Government towards the natives of that district
1858 Jun 10 No.46 Letter from Colonel Wynyard on departure of Lt-Col Patience from New Zealand
1858 Jun 11 No.47 Petitions from settlers of Hawke's Bay and Murihiku for separation from the Provinces of Wellington and Otago
1858 Jun 14 No.48 Abstract of English law translated into the Maori language
1858 Jun 17 No.49 Reporting election of Potatau as Native King on the Waikato
1858 Jun 24 No.50 Reporting suspension of native hostilities at New Plymouth
1858 Jun 26 No.51 Addresses to Her Majesty and the Governor relative to the reduction of the troops
1858 Jun 26 No.52 Memo by responsible advisers relative to the expence to be borne by the Colony for Military accommodation

1858 Jun 26 No.53 Congratulatory address from the General Assembly to Her Majesty on the marriage of their Royal Highness the Prince & Princess Frederick William of Prussia

July to September 1858

1858 Jul 2 No.54 Return of Executions to 31 Mar 1858
1858 Jul 5 No.55 Schedule of Despatches to 30 Jun 1858
1858 Jul 9 No.56 Act No.9 Sale of Pensioners Cottages
1858 Jul 15 No.57 Military and Naval Protection - Debates in House of Representatives on the subject
1858 Jul 15 No.58 Return of troops for June 1858
1858 Jul 16 No.59 Friendly letter from Potatau the Native King to the Governor
1858 Jul 17 No.60 Commissariat receipt for £9,000
1858 Jul 19 No.61 Acts Nos 1 to 26 of 5 Session of General Assembly transmitted for HM approval
1858 Jul 29 No.62 Calling attention to the services of Major Murray 65th Regiment
1858 Aug 2 No.63 Reporting wreck of the French Whaling Ship Elizabeth at the Chatham Islands
1858 Aug 4 No.64 Forwarding application for books &c for Nelson Schools
1858 Aug 5 No.65 Forwarding reports on the Native Schools
1858 Aug 7 No.66 Return of troops for July 1858
1858 Aug 9 No.67 Resolution of House of Representatives respecting books and printed papers for library of General Assembly
1858 Aug 11 No.68 Address to Her Majesty and Resolutions by General Assembly respecting lighthouses
1858 Aug 13 No.69 Respecting the establishment of a Military Sanatorium in New Zealand
1858 Aug 19 No.70 Further reports respecting the Native King movement
1858 Aug 23 No.71 Suggesting that the expence to be borne by the Colony for Barrack accommodation should be commuted to a fixed annual sum
1858 Aug 26 No.72 Forwarding Customs Duties Act, Waste Funds Act and Land Claims Settlement Act Session 5, 1858 reserved for HM approval
1858 Aug 27 No.73 Information as to the rates charged in New Zealand for letters, books &c for United Kingdom and Europe

1858 Sep 7 No.74 Submitting for decision of Secretary of State as to whether the cost of inspection of Native Schools should be paid for out of Annual Grant or from General Contingencies

1858 Sep 8 No.75 Reporting that instructions have been received for withdrawal of 58th Regiment
1858 Sep 9 No.76 Respecting payment by Colonial Government of expences for Military accommodation
1858 Sep 11 No.77 Relative to the appointment of a Resident during the Governor's absence from Auckland
1858 Sep 13 No.78 Return of Gold exported to 30 June
1858 Sep 14 No.79 The Native Districts Regulation Act and Native Circuit Courts Act, Session 5 transmitted and recommended
1858 Sep 15 No.80 Land orders and scrip Amendment Act, Session 5, 1858
1858 Sep 15 No.81 Relative to transferring powers and estates vested in Officers of Ordnance to Secretary of State for War
1858 Sep 16 No.82 Crown Costs Act 1858
1858 Sep 17 No.83 Returns of land purchased from Natives and resold to Europeans from 1 Jul 1856 to 31 Mar 1858
1858 Sep 20 No.84 Respecting payment by Colonial Government for Iron Barracks at New Plymouth
1858 Sep 21 No.85 Return of troops for August
1858 Sep 22 No.86 Relative to advance of £25,000 to Contractors for New Zealand Mail Service
1858 Sep 22 No.87 Recommending that the powers reserved to the Admiralty by the New Zealand Mail Service contract should be delegated to the Governor
1858 Sep 23 No.88 Commissariat receipt for £9,030
1858 Sep 24 No.89 Request for Lords of Treasury to borrow £25,000
1858 Sep 27 No.90 Relative to English Divorce Bill 1857
1858 Sep 28 No.91 Report of Committee of House of Representatives respecting sale and importation of arms and ammunition
1858 Sep 30 No.92 Information respecting wrecks

March to June 1862

1862 Mar 6 No.19 Specimens of Plans executed by a young Native Surveyor
1862 Mar 7 No.20 Rotorua District - Report of Commissioner

1862 Mar 7 No.21 Forwarding letter from Chiefs at Hokianga detailing attempts of Southern Natives to obtain Arms &c and organise a Plot against the Europeans and commenting on articles published in the newspapers.

1862 Mar 8 No.22 Forwarding report of Resident Magistrate of Taupo on state of tribes there.

1862 Mar 8 No.23 Reporting difficulties arising from the withdrawal of Her Majesty's Ships from the Station and requesting that provision may be made to enable the Governor to move with rapidity from one part of the Coast to another.

1862 Mar 8 No.24 Forwarding report from Mr Fenton on state of Tribes in Lower Waikato
1862 Mar 8 No.25 Forwarding extract of letter from Mr Fox detailing his proceedings during overland Journey from Auckland to Hawke's Bay
1862 Mar 8 No.26 Forwarding letters on Native matters from various parts of the Island
1862 Mar 15 No.27 Forwarding report from the Resident Magistrate on Lower Waikato respecting the apparent breaking up of the King party
1862 Mar 17 No.28 Reporting payment of portion of subsidy for quarter ended 31 January 1862 to Intercolonial Mail Steam Packet Company
1862 Mar 28 No.29 Forwarding copy of letter from Mr Ashwell on peculiar transition state of native population

1862 Apr 1 No.30 Reporting the embarrassment arising from orders issued to Naval Officers by the Commodore commanding on the Station and submitting that former custom of instructions should be reverted to

1862 Apr 1 No.31 Forwarding Memorandum by Ministers requesting the transmission of Imperial Statutes
1862 Apr 5 No.32 Forwarding address of condolence to Her Majesty from Provincial Council on death of the Prince Consort
1862 Apr 5 No.33 Forwarding Commissariat receipt for interest and sinking fund for half year ending 30 June 1862
1862 Apr 5 No.34 Forwarding duplicate receipt for £5,000 on account of Steam Postal service between Great Britain and Australian Colonies
1862 Apr 5 No.35 Reporting visit to Coromandel to make arrangements for Gold Diggers
1862 Apr 8 No.36 Forwarding Petition of Provincial Council of Auckland for a separate Government for that Province
1862 Apr 8 No.37 Regarding the positions to be occupied by the Troops near Auckland during ensuing winter
1862 Apr 8 No.38 Forwarding return of amount of gold exported from New Zealand for quarter ending 31 Dec 1861

1862 Apr 9 No.39 Forwarding Memorandum of Ministers requesting that an Act of Imperial Parliament may be procured giving increased powers to the General Assembly for making laws for dealing with Native Lands

1862 Apr 15 No.40 Relative to return of Troops to Sydney and Melbourne

1862 Apr 8 Separate Forwarding address of certain Inhabitants of Auckland praying Her Majesty's acceptance of a Cabinet of Native Woods (Duplicate - the original forwarded with the Cabinet from Auckland)

1862 Apr 15 Separate Recommending Military Storekeeper Hamley for promotion

1862 May 7 No.41 Forwarding address of Condolence to Her Majesty on the death of the Prince Consort from the Natives of the lower Whangani River
1862 May 8 No.42 Reporting visit to Southern Portions of Colony
1862 May 8 No.43 Reporting state of Native feeling in District of Hawke's Bay and Wellington

1862 May 20 No.44 Reporting that Natives at Napier and Otaki had placed the symbols of a widely spread conspiracy against the Europeans in the hands of Government

1862 May 20 No.45 Progress of the Road from Auckland to the Waikato River
1862 May 26 No.46 Contradicting false reports spread by the Melbourne "Argus"

1862 May 26 No.47 Requesting a reconsideration of the circumstances under which Bishop Patteson has been called upon to pay for a passage in HMS "Cordelia"

1862 May 27 No.48 On allegations made by Commodore Commanding as to remissness of Colonial authorities in apprehending deserters

1862 May 27 No.49 Forwarding copies of correspondence with Commodore Commanding on embarrassments arising from withdrawal of ships of war from Station

1862 May 27 No.50 In reply to Despatch No.14 of 26 Feb 1862 - cannot say to what extent Colony will bear expenses of new policy until meeting of General Assembly

1862 May 29 No.51 Transmitting address of condolence from Ministers and Elders of Presbyterian Church at Otago to Her Majesty
1862 May 29 No.52 Transmitting Ministerial memorandum on discussion in Imperial Parliament on New Zealand affairs
1862 May 29 No.53 Transmitting copies of Native letters indicative of Native feeling
1862 May 30 No.54 Transmitting copy of letter addressed to senior Naval Officer requesting passage to Auckland
1862 May 30 No.55 Reporting disturbances to the north of Auckland; state of affairs at Coromandel Gold diggings and return to Auckland
1862 Jun 7 No.56 Transmitting address of condolence from Provincial Council of Otago to Her Majesty
1862 Jun 8 No.57 Adverting to Despatch No.49 of 27th ult; orders issued by Commodore Commanding
1862 Jun 8 No.58 Forwarding copy of letter addressed to Lieut-General Cameron on Native Affairs
1862 Jun 10 No.59 Forwarding Mr Gorst's report on state of Native affairs in Upper Waikato
1862 Jun 10 No.60 Forwarding return of quantity of Gold exported from New Zealand between April 1857 and March 1861
1862 Jun 10 No.61 Forwarding letter from Taranaki showing the miseries entailed in European settlers by Native wars
1862 Jun 11 No.62 Transmitting address of condolence from Native people of Aotea to Her Majesty
1862 Jun 20 No.63 Forwarding Commissariat receipt for interest and sinking fund for half year ending 30 September 1862
1862 Jun 20 No.64 Transmitting address of condolence from Provincial Council of Wellington
1862 Jun 21 No.65 Forwarding return of Duties levied under Customs Duties Act 1858. Reply to Despatch (Circular) 15 Mar 1862
1862 Jun 21 No.66 Reporting visit to seat of disturbances in Northern Province and terms of peace proposed to, and adopted by contending tribes
1862 Jun 26 No.67 Forwarding correspondence with Lieut-General Commanding regarding maintenance of force in readiness for immediate action
1862 Jun 29 No.68 Announcing immediate return to Wellington
1862 Jun 29 No.69 Reporting satisfactory arrangement of affairs at Coromandel Gold diggings
1862 Jun 29 No.70 Contradicting false statements published in the Hobart Town newspapers
1862 Jun 29 No.71 Forwarding copy of letter to senior naval officer requesting passage to Wellington
1862 Jun 30 No.72 Reporting completion of Military Road as far as Pokeno
1862 Jun 30 No.73 Forwarding address of condolence to Her Majesty from Provincial Council of Nelson