Baxter Family originating from Randwick, Gloucestershire, England
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Older Files for Reference
The Story of Daniel BAXTER of Avening, Gloucestershire (2018)
John BAXTER (1754-1832)
Daniel BAXTER (1792-1881) m 1815 Elizabeth SPEARING
George BAXTER (1819-1905) m 1847 Emma PROUSE
Fanny Olive BAXTER (1848-1903) m 1875 Thomas Prouse EVANS
William Thomas EVANS (1877-1920) m 1908 Amy Louisa BREWSTER
Edward Charles BAXTER (1850-1895) m 1873 Emma WARD
Olive BAXTER (1873-1953) m 1898 Edward George BROWN
Edward Sydney BAXTER (1882-1961) m 1904 Rosalie BROOKER
Emma Bissett BAXTER (1859-1938) m Joseph Peel BANGHAM
Nellie Amelia BAXTER (1866-1946) m 1893 Harry Joseph LAWRENCE