Henry Parker CHAPMAN (1836-1881)






Pandora Research

Born at Usworth and baptised at Gateshead Durham, son of John Mellar Chapman (1805-1876) and Caroline Sarah Parker (1810-1897). Married Ellen Jane Fergusson at St Paul's Church, Dunedin 21 Jan 1871. Died 09 Sep 1881 at Llano, Texas, USA. Became Ensign 38th Foot 14 Jun 1855 and was recruited in Melbourne as a Military Settler in January 1864. Served at Pipiriki July 1865 and Opotiki September 1865. Also a member of the Patea Bush Rangers and the 4th Division of the Armed Constabulary. In late December 1871 he was a Policeman in Queenstown and was appointed inspector of slaughter yards. He received a Crown Grant for 201 acres at Okutuku (Waverley, Taranaki) and received a New Zealand War Medal 24 May 1872.

Eunice Chambers collection