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Pandora Research


This website aims to provide new resources and share research findings and images. Most of the information is in the form of PDF documents. Links are provided to family group sheets, evidence timelines and manuscript transcripts. Projects covers subjects that are either genealogically linked or highlight relationship networks associated with communities or individuals, eg. the Hutt Valley; Opunake; John Morrison, NZ Government agent in London 1858-1875.

Pandora Research is a collection of abridged transcripts of 19th Century NZ documents. Included is information about Pandora's Box, an index contained within the New Zealand Society of Genealogists "Kiwi Collection." Pandora's Box has 'known dataset issues' and these are outlined and explained where known. Images cover a variety of topics and timeframes and includes World War I images taken by Laurence Dudley Chambers 56745 while on service.

A single research volunteer is behind the development and delivery of content for this website and research services are available on a Koha basis ie. any contribution will be acceptable.

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