Opunake Genealogical and Historical Research Data
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Pandora Research

Taranaki Survey Field Books
Opunake Influenza Deaths 1918-1919
When influenza came to Coastal Taranaki in the Opunake & Coastal News 20 Dec 2018 pages 16-17

Camp Opunake 1865-1867
Camp Opunake Roll
Camp Opunake timeline
Military Diary of Thomas Tatlock G. Company, 43rd Light Infantry 1860-1871
Military Reports - Opunake & Warea Mar-May 1865
Account of Whatino Skirmish 01 Jun 1865
Robert Parris Report Opunake to Waingongoro June 1865
Captain Carthew's 58 unserviceable rifles August 1865
Opunake Roadway Construction 1865
John Wilkinson, Interpreter December 1865
Opunake Hut Construction for Troops 1865
Captains Livesay & Harris 43rd Regt report to General Chute Feb 1866
Memo re suppression of rebellion between Hungatahua & Patea rivers Mar 1866

The Northern Steamship Company
Ledger - Opunake Branch 1912-1917

Opunake Historical Notes Collection

Opunake Town Sections - Last updated: 29 September 2016
Land Purchasers Opunake & Oeo Survey Districts
Valuation Roll Opunake Town District 1914-1928

Middleton's Bay Images [18]
Opunake Beach Images [19]
Opunake Wharf / Mole Images [13]

Motorbikes 1950s Opunake riders (Robin Chambers & others)

Ngati-Tamarongo Block
Allotment Book 1917-1953

Opunake Cemetery
01 Jan 2000 Heritage Wall
01 Jan 2001 New entrance gate, Heritage Wall, Heritage Wall Plaques

Eleanor Morrison arrived in Opunake to be with her son Major Morrison (Armed Constabulary). She died on July 24th 1884, and was buried here as the Town Cemetery was flooded. This isolated grave was incorporated into this Heritage Wall in 1999. The Wall was designed and built by Ian Baker, a local volunteer.

The Opunake Shelter & Beautification Society have voluntarily designed and landscaped this area, the cliff top and developed many shelter belts within the Township since 1975. Most of the shelter trees were propagated by the society with assistance from the Opunake Lions Club and Volunteers.

Opunake Centennial February 1965
Beach Landing Party: Arrival on the beach, Beach March, Marching 2
Re-enactment Ceremonies: Speeches, Speeches 2, Conversation
Beach Landing Party: Getting ready for street parade
Street Parade: Horses, Scottish Pipe Band, Draught horse & carriage, Vintage Car
Street Parade: Beach Landing Party in boat, Bathing - Cushla Brennan & Molly Harvey
Street Parade Floats: Bank of NZ, Combined Churches 1 & 2, Harding's, Opunake Drapers
Street Parade Floats: Sale Yards - Women's Division of Federated Farmers (W.D.F.F.), 2
Other Activities: Flax Weaving, Flax weaving 2, Beard Growers, Bearded Bowlers

Opunake Co-operative Dairy Company
1949 Main Entrance, View looking south, Looking north

Opunake Cottage Hospital
Some historical notes

Opunake Fire Station - Completed 1947
In 1947 men of the Opunake Fire Brigade built a fire engine using a 4-ton truck chassis and engine, and the tank of a petrol tanker. When the new Fire Station was opened by the Mayor, Mr G. C. Clouston, and the building and new fire engine were handed over to the Borough it was a great day in Opunake's history. Source: The Clearing: A History of Opunake by Kate Mickelson (1989)

Opunake Flax
Report detailing coastal flax localities Opunake north written by P. J. Wilson 07 Feb 1870 (Item 2)

Opunake Harbour
Wreck of the Cutter 'Lizzie' 09 Jun 1870 in Opunake Bay
Marine Department Correspondence Summary 1881-1913

Opunake High School
Aerial View 1960s, Rugby Team 1960s
Centennial 1981 Aurora Pipe Band, Main Street, Opunake

Opunake Magistrate's Court
Civil Record Book 1888-1896

Opunake Mounted Rifles
Capitation Rolls 1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1905

Opunake Power District
1921 Petition

Opunake Rifle Volunteers - Accepted 28 Sep 1881 - Disbanded 06 Jun 1883
Capitation Rolls 1882 and 1883

Opunake School
Some background information
Examination Schedules 1883-1895 and 1897

Mangahume area
Tombstone of Niko Rima

Te Namu Pa
Undated, 01 Jan 2000, August 2002

Te Namu Road Chambers Family Farm
Cowshed [6], Haymaking [2], Homestead [6], Old House site [15], Stock [15]
Homestead; Robin Chambers' 12th Birthday Party 1948 Viking Ship Birthday Cake

Waiaua River Mouth
01 Jan 2001 View of nearby bays, View inland, View South
August 2002 View South, View inland

West Coast Settlement Reserves
Opunake Survey District Purchases of Leases (1894-1947)