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Note: Some of these references may not be on the CD-ROM.

Regional Histories
They called it Marton by Paul Melody
Our Way, a 1990 Project: The First 150 years of the Methodist Church in Lower Hutt
The Clearing: A History of Opunake by Kate Mickelson
The Day the Pub Burned down by Michael Self (Manaia, Taranaki)
The Mairs Family Tree from Lymm: A history of the family in NZ since 1880.
Manaia 1881-1981 A BNZ Century by R. H. Griffith

Faith & Toil: The Story of Tokomairiro by D.Sumpter and J. Lewis.
An Index compiled by the Hutt Branch, New Zealand Society of Genealogists.

The Birth of a City (Wellington Burgess Rolls 1842-43) by A.H. Carman
Marlborough: A Provincial History by A. D. McIntosh
The Shock of '31: The Hawkes Bay Earthquake by Geoff Conly
The Phantom Fleet by Ted Ashby - scowmen
Roll of Early Settlers & Descendants in the Auckland Province before 1852.
Early Auckland by Edward Earle Vaile
Frontier Town: A History of Te Awamutu 1884-1984 by Laurie Barber
The Hundred of Devonport; A Centennial History

Clement Kinship New Zealand (partial only)
Beginnings in God's Own by Peggy Crawford
The Every Family by Christine Allan (partial only)

Births, Deaths & Marriages
Births, Marriages, Deaths, Wellington Tribune 1874 and 1875 by M. J. Kelly
Births, Marriages, Deaths, Evening Post 1868-1869 by M. J. Kelly
Births, Marriages, Deaths "The Wakatipu Mail 1863-1900" by MJ Kelly
Births, Marriages, Deaths "The Bruce Herald 1864-1872" by MJ Kelly
Births, Marriages, Deaths "The Bruce Herald 1873-1882" by MJ Kelly
Indexes to Wills: Lands and Deeds Office Wellington by June Springer 1987.

Young New Zealand: A History of the early contact of the Maori race with the European and of the establishment of a national system of education for both races by A. G. BUTCHERS. (Dunedin, Coulls Somerville Wilkie Ltd, 1929) Appendix D.

Christs College School List 1850-1956
School List of the Dilworth Ulster Institute for Boys, Auckland, NZ 1906-1927
Wanganui Collegiate School Register 2nd Edition 1854-1939
The Schools of Albany published by the Albany School Committee in October 1976

Discharged in New Zealand: Soldiers of the Imperial Foot Regiments who took their discharge in NZ 1840-1870 by Hugh and Lyn Hughes

The Royal New Zealand Fencibles: A complete index compiled by Shirley E. Kendall

A journey in the Northern Island of New Zealand by William Richard WADE - list of subscribers (Hobart, George ROLWEGAN 1842) (Capper Reprint 1977)

Pioneer Families: The Settlers of Nineteenth-Century New Zealand by Angela Caughey