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Pandora's Box


1. Early Settlers (Discoverers, Visitors, Whalers, Traders and Early Residents)
see Bretts Historical Series "Early New Zealand" There are two listings of early settlers; pre 1840 & 1840-1845

2. Evening Post entries (A Wellington Newspaper)

3. Internal Affairs Departmental Index 1844-1847 SQUATT
These are references to [land] squatters and can be found in the Indexes to the Correspondence Registers of the Colonial Secretary's Office [later known as Internal Affairs] in the Register Room at Archives NZ Wellington.

4. List of Ships Masters
From the Comber Index which includes an alphabetical list of ships captain's.

5. Register of men killed at Gallipoli
Taken from a list published in the Dominion Sunday Times 22 April 1990.

6. Ship "Douglas" (1874) - ships papers
There are 972 entries under this category. Only 58 are for the ship "Douglas". Those which include an ES in the additional info column actually refer to Early Settlers listed in Brett's Historical Series as mentioned above. The reference at Archives NZ for the papers relating to the Douglas is IM (Immigration) 5/4/10 No.115. The passenger list can be viewed in Family Search - Archives NZ Reference IM 15/141.

7. NZM = the newspaper "New Zealand Mail"