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Pandora's Box


Archives NZ Wellington Reference: E16/1 Native School Teachers Service Schedule
This is listed in Archway as "Staff Register" ACIG 17629 E16/1 c1878-1954.

It is a single volume that contains an alphabetical index at the front. Most of the information in the volume concerns staff at Native, Industrial, and Special Schools in the period before 1906. There are also entries for Head Office cadets, clerks, and inspectors, and for six staff appointed after 1906. Details include name, dates of birth and appointment, office, and location. In some cases there is also information about salary, employment history, and relevant file numbers. A transcription of the index is at the end of this page.

Further information can be found in the Appendices to the Journal of the House of Representatives - the following examples give an indication of some of the content...

[1] 1880 Session I Section H-01F Education: Native Schools
Includes paragraphs on the establishment of new schools, teachers, native school standards of education, scholarships & prizes, material for sewing, girls may board with teachers, periodicals supplied, classification of teachers, salaries of teachers, school register, the use of the school room, text books and material, holidays, school hours, school committees, falling-off in the attendance, native schools may become board schools, European children at Native Schools, Fencing, Inspector, District Superintendent, Who are to be considered "natives", code comes into force and directions for teachers of Native Schools.

[2] 1881 Session I Section E-07 Education: Native Schools
Includes an extract from the 4th Annual report of the Minister of Education; Report of the Organizing Inspector with references to school buildings, furniture, discipline, records, organization, examinations, methods, instruction, assistance given by resident magistrates and local officers, committees, boarding schools; Table No.1 List of the Native Village Schools, boarding schools and other schools attended by Native children maintained by or receiving Aid from the Government of New Zealand with the Expenditure on each and on General Management during the year 1880 and the Names, Status and Emoluments of the Teachers; Table No.2 List of the Native Village Schools, with the Attendance of the Pupils for the Year 1880 and the Staff at the End of the Year; Table No.3 Results of Inspection; Table No.4 Ages of the Children on the Books of the Native Village Schools at 31st December 1880; Table No.5 Race of the Children attending the Native Village Schools on the 31st December 1881.

[3] 1884 Session 1 Section E-2 Education: Native Schools
Similar return to 1881 organised by region

[4] 1885 Session 1 Secion E-01 Eight Annual Report of the Minister of Education
Native Schools report pages XX-XXIII: The interesting and exhaustive report of the Organising Inspector (Mr Pope), and very full statistical information concerning the Native schools, are printed in a separate parliamentary paper (E-2 1885)...

Transcript of E16/1 Index:

Charles William Ablett
Samuel Stephen Abwin
James Adamson
Edward Henry Micklethwait Alford
John Charles Allan
David Dow Anderson
Alexander Anderson
E. Anderson (Mrs)
Thomas Archey
Sarah Archey
Leonard Percy Arthur
John Avent

Frances Bertha Baigent
Frances Elizabeth Eling Baker
W. Baker
Edward Corrigill Banks
Clara Nelins Barnett (Mrs)
Herbert James Barrett
H. J. Bathgate
Frederick Thomas William Batson
James Beattie (Mrs)
Thomas Beattie
John Beck
Alfred James Havelock Benge
William Watson Bird
George Calvert John Blathwaite
Henry Arthur Wynter Blathwayte
Edwin Claude Bolton
David Bone
Gerald Heatley Boult
Alexander Bow
H. W. Brabant
Ellen Theresa Branting (Mrs)
G. B. Breton (Capt)
Henry Warren Broderick
John Harrison Broughton
Charles Crisp Brown
Charles Hawkesworth Brown
Isabella Brown
W. F. Browne
Montague Haddon Browne
Margaret Bryers
L. Buckingham
Henry William Burgoyne
Annette Burgoyne
George Melville Burlinson
Alicia Griffith Burlinson (Mrs)
David William M. Burn
Andrew Burns
Dr Burns
R. Burns (Dr)
Helen Burr
Henry Buttle
Matilda Catherine Buttle (Mrs)

Samuel Calkin
John F. Capper
H. M. Carlyle
Thomas Frederick Chambers
Catherine Wallace Christie
S. Christophers
John Cumming Clark (Maj)
M. S. Clarke
L. Cleary
Philip Henry Clemance
Helen Diana Clyde
Susannah Cockroft (Mrs)
J. Cockroft
W. H. Comerford
Jessie Flower Cooper
Roland Pendergrass Cooper
John Corlett
Edmund C. Cornes
David Cosgrove
A. Hadley Cotton
William Nixon Coughlan
Albert Edward Cowley
Anna Blachford Cox
Cecilia Craig
James Melville Bulfour Crawford
William Creeke
Percival Crene
Percival Crene (Junr)
Herbert Valentine Croxton
Horace Cecil Cummins
J. Curling (Capt)

Thomas J. Danaher
Ivor Davey
Frederick Knox De Castro
Ella Stuart Dick (Mrs)
Robert Alexander Douglas
Michael Downey
Armine George Drake
C. Duff
J. W. Duffus
Robert H. Dunn
J. Durreen
William Ogilvy Duthie

Peter Scott Finlayson
Robert Patrick Flood
Alexander Mouat Foster
William Frazer

Hermann Waldemar Geissler
Edward Osborne Bart Gibbes (Sir)
Ellen Gibbs
Alfred Gibson
Thomas George Gilbert
Horace Penn Evans Godwin
Janet Gordon-Jones
John M. Grace
Charles Woodhouse Grace
J. L. Grahame
Agnes Lilian Grant
J. Grant
Margaret Grace Donaldson Grant
F. A. Green
Susan Martha Catherine Greensill (Mrs)
Edwin Greensmith
Harry Marshall Greenwood
Braybrooke Featherstone Griffin

Wm. James Habens (Rev)
David Frail Hailey
Alfred Gaspar Hamilton
Hans Alexander Hamilton
Hugh Richard Wm. Hamilton
Thomas D'Arcy Hamilton
Alfred R. Harris
Joseph Harrison
Ada Harrison
Henry Harrison
Patrick Harvey
Evelyn Alfred Hastings
Charles A. Haszard
Robert Haszard
Frances Haultain
Thomas Bratt Hawkins
Frederick James Hayman
Frederick Joseph Heatley
William Francis Henderson
Patrick Herlihy
E. Hickson (Mrs)
Charles P. Hill
Roger Hill
John Hislop
George Hogben
William Ewart Holden
M. E. Hooper (Mrs)
John Hope
Thomas Horan
Mary Horsley (Mrs)
John T. Hosking
Edward George Hyde

A. M. Inge
James Ireland
Lucy Maudlin Irvine
George Irwin (Maj)
Edmund Charles Isaac

Sarah Elizabeth Jackson
Susannah Hawkins Johnson
Ivy Maitland Johnstone
E. H. Jones
M. Jones
James Garfield Jordan
Anne Judkins (Mrs)

Annie Maria Kelly
Sarah Kendall
Harry Borrer Kirk
Henry Robert Kirkman

Henry Archibald Lawson
Herbert Wesley Lawton
John Bateman Lee
William Ansdell Leech
Minnie Lucy Levert
R. J. Lindsay
K. B. Lloyd
Andrew John Logan
Louis Philip Longuet
Isabella Louch
L. W. Loveday (Maj)
W. S. Lucas
Cecilia Honor Lundon
Clara Josephine Lundon
Christopher Anderson Lyon

John Duncan George Macdonald
Alexander Mackenzie (Rev)
S. G. Maddison
George Henry Malcolm
F. Marryatt
A. H. Mason
C. M. Masters
George Masters
Ernest William Davis Matthews
Frederick Herbert Selwyn Matthews
James John Maxwell
James Robert Mcclune
Charles Thos. Mcfarlane
Jessie Mcgavin (Mrs)
John Mcintyre
Kenneth Mckenzie
Allan Ernest Mckinnon
Richard Mcroberts
Frank Winford Millar
Thomas Mahon Minchin
J. Mitchell
Michael Moloney
John Moore
Alice Moorhouse (Dr)
Berkeley Digby Morton
Alfred Muir
John Mulhern
E. Muspratt
J. Myers

Charles Nicholls
James Nicholson
H. W. Nickless
Robert John Nisbet
R. S. Nixon

John Alexander Orr
John Ovens

Mary Ellen Palethorpe (Mrs)
Thomas Palethorpe
Alice Mary Palmer
J. R. C. Parker
S. A. Parker
Andrew Parlane
Joseph Kedward Patrick
Frederick Edward Paul
Norman Wilfred Pavitt
N. Peat
George William Smith Phillips
Alfred Pinker
J. H. Pope
Roland Henry Pope
W. R. Pope
John Porteous
George Pollard Prichard

Claude Woodford Rapley
Henry H. Rayner
Eliza M. Reeves (Mrs)
Henry S. Reeves
William Henry Reeves
Jane Reid
Isabel Robertson
Charles William Robinson
T. J. Robinson
Frederick Charles Ronyard
Alan Dakin Rowse
L. Russell
W. H. Russell

William Simon Saunders
Charlotte Fanny Scale (Mrs)
Francis Leigh Severne
Jessie Sievwright
Henry Charles Sigley
J. B. Simpson
Donald Wm. Edward Sinclair
Editha Smallwood (Mrs)
A. M. Smith
Moses South
Tom Campbell Stanton
Peter Gillies Steel
Joseph Edward Stevens
Mary Stewart (Mrs)
R. D. Stewart
Jessie Stewart
W. H. Symes

M. Tantari (Mrs)
E. Tattersall
H. Tattersall (Mrs)
Wiremu Koani Taua
Arthur Philip Wellesley Tennent
Margaret Isabel Tennent (Mrs)
Harold Tanton Thompson
James Henry Thompson
Richard Henry Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Albert Henry William Thomson
Frank David Thomson
Henry D. Thurston
Thomas Chamberlin Tims
E. Titchener
William Henry John Tobin
Arthur Wm. Traill
Jane Turner

Gerrit Van Asch
E. Van Asch
James Victor
John Emmanuel Von Tunzelmann

Thomas Alexander Walker
Anna Elizabeth Walmsley (Mrs)
Henry George Walmsley
Charles Alfred William Walter
Robert Warner
E. W. Watling (Mrs)
Donald Watson
Alfred Ernest Welsh
Hamilton Hedley White
Mary Bulwer Wicks (Mrs)
William Henry Wicks
Cyril Thomas Wild
Charles Benjamin Wilding
Joseph Walter Williams
Albert Wilson
Katharine Wilson
Chas. Peter Winklemann
J. J. Wood
Ambler Woodhead
George Edward Woods
Frederick Read Wykes
Joseph Wylie
Thomas Wylie

Henry Young
Annie Mcfarlane Young (Mrs)

John AVENT - Bay of Plenty Times 17 May 1881 - Native School
The Teacher of the Native School at Waiotahi, Mr John Avent, has received from the Under Secretary of the Education Department a letter expressing the satisfaction of the Minister of Education at the report lately furnished to Mr Pope, Inspector of Natives Schools, on his recent visit to the school. Mr Pope found the progress of the pupils very satisfactory, and spoke in high terms of the good order and cleanliness of the school. This school was built about a year ago by the natives, and is large and lofty, with a comfortable room attached for the teacher, and altogether the school and attendance of the children are a satisfactory evidence of the desire for improvement on the part of the natives.