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Nominal rolls of Industrial Schools
Archives New Zealand references: CW 14/1 and CW 14/2 [and page numbers]

CW = Child Welfare branch of the Education Department.

Information from "Family History at National Archives (1990)"
Industrial and reform schools provided for neglected and delinquent children under the age of 15 and the managers were the legal guardians of children admitted until they reached the age of 21. The main documentation on individual children is in the nominal rolls of industrial schools, which give the name, age, date of admission, and arrangements made for the inmates of each school. They generally cover the years 1882 to 1910.

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Agency = CW
Series = 14
Item Reference = 1 or 2
Item Description = Industrial School nominal roll

Note: the page number references as given on the CD-ROM do not exist in the original archive. They are an imaginary guide only. Page 1 will be the first page containing names; count forward from there.