Pandora's Box - Nelson Town Section Holders





Pandora's Box


Nelson Town Section Holders
FN 449456 = LDS Film Number 449456. There are five items on this film. Items 1,2,4 and 5 are copied from manuscripts held at the Alexander Turnbull Library.

1. The Colony of Nelson from 1841
It gives detail of its organisation, logs of emigrant ships, register of original land holders and a population summary

2. Nelson town section holders lists about 1850
This consists of 19 pages of names and appears in Pandora's Box as FN 449456 page [x]. The page number given is most likely to equate to the first, second, third frame etc of the film.

3. The Story of Nelson compiled by Charles Moyes
Gives details of founding of Nelson and early stories in series of news cuttings

4. and 5. Nelson Criminal Charges Book 1842-1849
Gives date, names complaint, occupation, witnesses and adjudication etc.