Pandora's Box - Trademark Application/Registration





Pandora's Box


Trademark Application/Registration 1868-1906
This volume used to be held at the Trademark Library in Lower Hutt. As of 11 Jul 2005 staff at the Intellectual Property Office were unable to locate this volume. Lookup requests are welcome.

Entries in Pandora's Box were taken from a 128 page "Name Index to Trade Marks." Each entry contains the following: Name, Class, No., Date, Gazette No. and date. A separate sheet listing trademark classes is available at the Trademark Library.

Names followed by an asterix are those of subsequent proprietors, the former proprietor being inserted thereafter in brackets. Trading-names are distinguished by inverted commas. Names followed by a cross-reference in brackets are either trading-names or names of subsequent proprietors.

Trade marks without numbers are those registered before 1890, when no special number was assigned to a mark. Marks applied for since 1889 are numbered, the first number being that of the application, and the second that on the Register. Where the second number is not given, the mark has not been placed on the Register.

Examples		  	Class	No.		Date		Gazette
CHAMBERS, J. and Son, Ltd   	6	3491-2715	14/8/01 	78: 22/8/01
CHAPLIN, T. B.			43	..		11/2/85		130: 11/12/84
CHEW CHONG			42	1883		7/1/97		7: 21/1/97
CONSTABLE, F.* (W. PHILLIPS)    47,48	..		27/10/84	98: 28/8/84